written for the p/r drabble meme on livejournal ^^

So, okay. One of the things that Puck will never, ever admit, not even under torture or threat of death and dismemberment is that every summer for two and a half week he goes to camp. And not like that American cliche of summer camp, where you canoe and learn archery and climb trees and other shit like that, but Jewish musical theater camp. As in, if anyone finds out about it, even the people from Glee, he is deader than roadkill.

It's a retreat thing, hosted by the JCC and for years when he was younger and had much less of a reputation it was great because they would afford it, because the Rabbi would help them out if they were skint that summer, and it got him out of the house so his sister could watch Disney movies without him saying rude things about Snow White. Plus, it meant he didn't have to answer her freaky questions about why none of the princesses were Jewish.

Of course, the other thing? The other thing is that Berry goes there. Every. Fucking. Summer. Even though she has fancy dance tutors and a voice coach and all that other crap that makes her the best singer in glee (whatever, he'll admit it; he got her to admit he was a stronger singer than Finn so booyah), she goes because she and her fathers want to "support the Jewish Community of the greater Lima area!" Which she always chirps in this little perky voice that seems to be designed to get on his nerves.

But this is Jew camp, where in addition to singing and dancing, there's also Shabbat dinner each week, and they have to all wear their Stars of David to it if they're going to wear jewelry (his Star of David nipple ring idea was so unfairly vetoed) and shit like that. But then Puck finds out that for the of-age counselors, there's red wine at Shabbat dinner.

It only takes him a few days to convince Rachel to steal it. He goads her by saying she isn't badass enough and that Ellie Lukomnik, who is a year older than Rachel, has boobs out to there, and goes to some fancy-ass private performing arts school a hour away and who is also Rachel's mortal enemy, would klepto that wine and drink it under the stars with him, and yeah, he's got Rachel totally hooked.

So Monday night, after the counselors have restocked their supply of kosher drinks, Rachel sneaks her way into the kitchen and makes off with two bottles. He finds red plastic cups somewhere, and they both sneak out of their cabins and down to the lake, and seriously, they have a lake but they're not supposed to kayak on it because it's an arts camp, but the point is that Puck manages to get Rachel to loosen up and drink.

And that's how he and Berry get to third base.