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Chapter 1: The Road To War

10, August, 3847—Ruins of an ancient, advanced civilization discovered on Rakhana, the Drell Homeworld. Cybran and Drell archaeologists and scientists investigate.

15 August, 3847—Coalition of Species formally established, the UEF, Cybran Nation, Aeon Illuminate, Seraphim Republic and United Nations of Drell form the organization.

25 November, 3848—Once excavations, cataloguing, and analysis of the ruins is complete, Element Zero Technology released. The Drell embrace it, for although it is inferior to larger scale quantum manipulation tech, employed by the other four factions, it is still superior to the tech the Drell had before, and it has a slight advantage in small-scale, independently operating objects (no Nodes, administrative structures, or command units required)

15 March, 3849—Templar Fran, lover of Elite Commander Hannah Shepard, is killed in action on Altair II, taking five Order Commanders with him. On the same day, Hannah, supervising a new Element Zero processing facility, is caught in an Element Zero containment breach incident.

12 August, 3849—John and James Shepard are born.

3852—With the advice of the Republic, the Coalition leaders decide to investigate the use of space-based warships once more, in the event that other sentient species in the galaxy prove hostile and be inaccessible to gating by commanders. This is especially critical in light of the discovery of the Mass Relays, though travel times from relays are on average just over thirty minutes (Earth to Charon Relay), the Quantum Ion Storms that have plagued Coalition space since the Seraphim War make it difficult for a commander to gate in and establish planetary defences fast enough on border planets (Core Worlds of each faction are surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of orbital battle stations, in addition to having commanders on-station at all times, usually two or three per planet is enough, along with several heavily shielded Nodes and Control Centers.)

3859—The first non-prototype space-based warships are commissioned by the Coalition. The Seraphim contributed shields, Quantum Impulse engines, and Ultra-chromatic beam generators (Essentially Uttaushala point defence guns). The Cybrans contributed the basic frame design, Proton cannons, Loa Tactical Missiles, Heavy Microwave Lasers and Zapper TMDs. The Aeon contributed Will-O-the-Wisp TMDs, various classes of Oblivion Cannons, Quantum cannons, Zealot Space Interception Missiles (a souped-up version of the Anti-Air Missile by the same name), Phason Lasers, Paragon Resource Generator (for the carriers) and Sonance Artillery. The UEF contributed the Ravager Point Defence Gun, Dual Ionized Plasma Beam Cannon, Triple Gauss Cannon, Mavor Mass Accelerator, and Plasma Accelerator.

5 September, 3865—The first of the Coalition Battlecruisers begin to be planned out, all Coalition ships are crewed by a small crew of no more than 50 people, controlling the systems, Cybrans dominate the crews, as their direct interface ability gives input speeds several times faster than any UEF, Aeon, or Seraphim citizen.

8 September, 3865—Present Day


I may or may not eventually get a Deviant Art account and post CAD images of the ships (blueprint format)

All build times are counted as IN-SPACEDOCK at a rate of 360/second, in other words, for a T3 engineer to try to build one in the field would take 24 times as long. All ships up to Light Cruiser including Escort Carriers can land on any planet. Heavy Cruisers only on low-gravity planets, Battlecruisers cannot land effectively. Battleships will not be introduced until later in the story. WARNING: Anchorage Clamps can be used to transport land or air units. Clamps are positioned 10 meters apart. T3 units take up 4, T2 2 and T1 1. Aircraft anchorage numbers may vary (T3 typically take up 3 rows, T2 typically 2, T1 1, if columns of clamps are close together, an aircraft may take up the spaces for both columns.)

One ME dreadnought slug does 8000/hit to shields, 16000 to Structural Fields (against ground-based structural fields, 8000 as well)

Corvette (appears like a brick with 2 wings near rear, hence the width)

150 x 100 x 30 Dimensions, 3m Armour

No internal ACU bay

5 minutes build

8,000 Shield points, 15000 Structural Integrity (aka HP)

"Light" weapons:

3 Zealot SIM Launchers

1 Dual Proton Cannon (same as Salem/Siren-class ships)

2 Dual Quantum Cannons

3 Zapper TMDs

2 rows of 8 clamps on bottom hull.


300 x 60 x 50 Dimensions, 3m Armour

1 SCU carryable internally

15 minute build time

20,000 shields, 25000 HP

"Light" weapons

2 Ravager Point Defence Guns (built into nose)

2 Loa Tactical Missile Racks (each 2x3=6 missiles, total 12)

1 Dual Proton Cannon

1 Light Oblivion Cannon (same as on Exodus-class T2 Destroyers and Oblivion T2 PDs)

2 Dual Quantum Cannons

6 Zealot SIM Launchers

4 Zapper TMDs

2x8 clamp rows up front, 2x6 in rear (of ACU bay)


400 x 80 x 50 Dimensions, 5m Armour

1 ACU Carryable

40 min build time

60,000 shields, 50,000 HP

This is the best among medium vessels in anti-capital firepower, and is the mainstay of Hunter Groups.

"Medium" Weapons

2 Dual Plasma Beam

2 Heavy Proton Cannons (dual guns, not like the clusters of 3 on Galaxy-class T3 battleships)

3 Medium Oblivion Cannons (Same as on Omen-class T3 Battleships)

2 Ravagers (just under the nose, fixed mounts)

4 Zealot SIM Launchers

4 Zapper TMDs

2x16 clamp rows up front, 2x8 in rear (relative to ACU bay)

Light Cruiser

400 x 100 x 60, 4m Armour

1 ACU Carryable

30 min build

40,000 shield, 40,000 HP

Provides Aerospace Staging and local anti-fighter firepower in Hunter Groups (as well as TMD support against surface targets)

"Medium" Weapons

3 Light Oblivion Cannons

1 Dual Proton Cannon

2 Ravagers (actually turreted, surprise!)

4 Loa Tactical Missile Racks (6 each)

10 Zealot SIM Launchers

8 Space Flak Batteries

5 Will-O-The-Wisp TMDs

6 Zapper TMDs

2 x 24 clamp rows

Heavy Cruiser

500 x 120 x 150 Dimensions, 5m Armour

2 ACUs carryable, 1 Onboard Quantum Gate

120 Minute Build Time

55,000 Shields, 40,000 HP

Air/Space Staging, Provides Artillery Support to Hunter Groups

"Heavy" Weapons

1 Sonance Artillery Gun (Same as on T3 Emissary Heavy Artillery Installation, comparable strength to Mavor round but slower round and rate of fire, therefore less effective)

1 Triple Gauss Cannon (Same as Summit-class T3 Battleship, very powerful but take a long time to reload)

2 Dual Plasma Beam Cannon

4 Light Oblivion Cannon

2 Loa Tactical Missile Racks (3x4=12 format)

2 Ravager Point Defence (Turreted)

11 Zealot SIM Launchers

9 Space Flak Batteries

7 Will-O-The-Wisp TMDs

8 Zapper TMDs

2 x 24 clamp rows on bottom hull. 24 clamps/side for aircraft if needed.

Escort Carrier

550 x 200 x 300 Dimensions, 5m Armour

Does not carry ACUs, internal build rate = 250 (A Restorer takes 19.2 seconds, a Gemini 12 at this rate)

180 minutes build time, mini-Paragon onboard

50,000 Shield, 20,000 HP

Each Rack of craft is 5 long, 1 tall. The ship carries 2 stacks of such racks. Each stack holds 8 Aircraft. Racks cycle when launching, The ones on top discharge their aircraft from the Launch doors, then fold into the ceiling, the next one moves up and discharges, then folds, then the next, then the fourth and final. Space/Aircraft spew from both sides' slits (Launch bays) at the same time. Thus it launches in waves of 10 to 40 (depending on Tier of units). Landing is the reverse procedure, fly in, anchor, rack drops into floor, next racks filled, drops, next racks, etc.

Carries up to 40 T3, 80 T2 or 160 T1 Aircraft, when in battle, it will usually rapidly fabricate more aircraft than it could ever hope to carry to overwhelm the enemy Aerospace defences. Aircraft can, like land units, anchor to the anchorage points every ship has on its hull. Carriers usually have an absurd number of such anchor points.

"Light" weapons

2 Light Oblivion Cannons

1 Dual Proton Cannon

2 Ravagers

8 Zealot SIM Launchers

8 Space Flak Batteries

10 Will-O-The-Wisp TMDs

8 Zapper TMDs

Quantum Jammer Onboard

4x30 clamps on bottom hull. 2x30 along each side (side clamps are always aircraft-exclusive)

All transport clamps include light engineering suites (T3 Engineer-level) to slowly repair/refuel the units anchored there. However, bear in mind that Air Staging Suites are much faster for air units and that resource generation of ships, even at high output, is very low indeed, only one mass (two tons) per second and a hundred energy points for Corvettes, Frigates fare little better. Destroyers and Light Cruisers, however, have higher energy OR mass generation (toggle to meet demand) to fuel their activities. Heavy Cruisers can manage the large amounts of energy required to Gate an ACU onto a planet from the edge of a planetary system, a distance of several light-hours, or alternatively keep a Sonance Artillery firing at its maximum rate of one shot per twenty seconds in addition to manoeuvring. Escort Carriers use their onboard mini-Paragons to power a Quantum Jammer able to cover several thousand kilometres in every direction, allow their incredible build rates of Air Units, and sometimes to take temporary control of a small ground-side army via the Network Node onboard, able to support up to 200 units. Escort Carriers have a crew of 10 people.

A/N: Other, heavier ships will come out as they are developed (I have plans, just need to finish up the layouts for efficient descriptions of battle sequences…). Right now, John and his brother James are 16…

Supreme Commander Tech has been moving ahead incrementally, the interests of most of the young researchers and many of the older ones drawn to Mass Effect Tech instead, even though it is less powerful. Suffice it to say that though everything's gotten better since 3847, the balance is still more or less the same, though ACUs are now tougher, and the Mavor mistake (it does 12000 damage, not 10000 per shell!) will be corrected.

Remember, Structural Integrity Field Tech and Weapons Tech both rising at comparable rates means no net relative change…

Unit Roster:

UEF—United Earth Federation

CN—Cybran Nation

AI—Aeon Illuminate

SR—Seraphim Republic

Hovering units are amphibious and cannot be hit by torpedoes when over water.

Coalition standard, for Aeon, Cybran, UEF, and Seraphim Commanders alike, the Drell are more or less a client state at this time. Each commander can modify their roster to suit their own tastes, and many add a few non-standard (and usually more like Tech 3.8, considering Armoured Assault Bots are said to be Tech 3.5) experimentals or units to suit their style of war.

The Command Interface now has two rows for unit choices, primary choices and secondary choices. They each have their pluses and minuses but the Secondary is generally less flexible and/or powerful than the Primary. Tertiary choices are displayed next to tehe primaries in the same box (each unit type has a "box" in the control panel which it is displayed in)

Tech 1 Land:

T1 Engineer: Cybran (using Aeon hover tech, wheels faster on land) or submersible UEF

Scout: Spirit (AI, hovers) or Selen Combat Scout (SR, Stealth and Cloak when not moving, has a weapon between that of a LAB and Scout)

Light Assault Bot: Mech Marine (UEF) or Hunter (CN)

Light Armour: Mantis (CN) or Striker (UEF)

Light Mobile Artillery: Zthuee (SR) or Medusa (CN)

Light AA: Sky Slammer (CN) or Thistle (AI)

T2 Land:

T2 Engineer: UEF Combat Engineer or Cybran T2 (with hover)

Medium Armour: Rhino (CN, now 3 gun barrels) or Obsidian (AI)

Amphibious Tank: Riptide (UEF) or Wagner (CN)

Mobile Missile Launcher: Viper (CN) or Flapjack (UEF)

AA Flak: Banger (CN) or Ascendant (AI)

Support: Asylum (AI) or Deceiver (CN)

Assault Bot: Mongoose (UEF) or Ilshavoh (SR)

T3 Land:

T3 Engineer: Cybran T3 Combat Engineer (fitted with a Two-barrel Rhino tank Turret), Aeon Engineer

Heavy armour: Othuum (SR) or Harbinger (AI)

Siege Assault Bot: Loyalist (CN) or Titan (UEF)

Armoured Assault Bot: Brick (CN) or Percival (UEF, though more powerful than the Brick, it is very vulnerable to lower-tech swarms, unlike the Brick)

Sniper Bot: Usha-ah (SR) only

Mobile Heavy Artillery: Serenity (AI) and Spearhead (UEF, launches 3 Tactical Missiles in each volley to overwhelm TMDs)

Support: Athanah (SR, Heavy Mobile Shield)

Naval Units:

T1 Frigate: Trident (CN) or Thunderhead (UEF)

T1 Attack Sub: Silver (Cybran) or Tigershark (UEF)

T1 Attack Boat: Shard (AI, specialized AA boat)

T2 Sub Hunter: Uashavoh (SR Destroyer, submersible) or Barracuda (CN, has personal stealth)

T2 Destroyer: Salem (CN) or Exodus (AI)

T2 Cruiser: Siren (CN) or Ithalua (SR) or Exodus (AI)

T2 Support: CI-18 Mermaid (CN, Stealth field emitter) or Bulwark (UEF Shield Boat)

T3 Tactical Missile Ship: Plan B (CN Strategic Missile Sub, has powerful torpedoes and Tactical Missiles in addition to Strategic Missiles) or Torrent (AI Missile Ship, fires 10 missiles per volley, now uses Loa Tactical Missile Racks instead of Serpentine Tactical Missiles from before)

T3 Battlecruiser: Galaxy (CN, was a Battleship in the Infinite War but is now cheaper and since it's got torpedoes therefore classes as a BC, not BB) or Neptune (UEF)

T3 Battleship: Summit (UEF), Hauthuum (SR)

T3 Carrier: Keefer (AI), Command (CN)

Air Units:

T1 Scout: Flying eyes (CN) or Hummingbird (UEF)

T1 Interceptor: Prowler (CN) or Conservator (AI)

T1 Attack Bomber: Zeus (CN) or Scorcher (UEF)

T1 Transport: Vish (SR) or Courier (UEF)

T2 Fighter/Bomber: Janus (UEF) or Corsair (CN)

T2 Torpedo Bomber: Cormorant (CN) or Stork (UEF)

T2 Gunship: Renegade (CN) or Stinger (UEF)

T2 Transport: Vishala (SR) or Star Lifter (UEF)

T2 Other: Swift Wind (AI, Combat Fighter, better than Fighter/Bombers, not as good as ASFs) or Mercy (AI, T2 Guided Missile, it's like the Fire Beetle but much faster)

T3 Spy Plane: Spook (CN) or Blackbird (UEF)

T3 Air-Superiority Fighter: Gemini (CN) or Wasp (UEF)

T3 Strategic Bomber: Revenant (CN) or Ambassador (UEF)

T3 Gunship: Broadsword (UEF) or Restorer (AI)

Experimentals: (Divided into following categories, like how buildings are divided in FA into factories, economy, direct fire, indirect fire, and Intel in the construction bar)

Land Assault: Monkeylord (CN) or Galactic Colossus (AI) or Ythotha (SR)

Support: Fatboy (UEF) or Megalith (CN)

Air: Soul Ripper (CN) or CZAR (AI)

Sea: Atlantis (UEF) or Tempest (AI)

Strike Aircraft: Ahwassa (SR) or Novax (UEF, a hovering satellite far above the battlefield, very poor against shielded targets)

Super Artillery: Scathis (CN) or Salvation (AI)

Endgame Artillery: Yolona Oss (SR) or Mavor (UEF)

Resources: Paragon (AI)

This is just some background info on how the Supreme Commander Tech line has adjusted after the union of all the factions.

Structure-wise, commanders are allowed to pick and choose what they themselves prefer. Most lean toward the same combinations as the Elite Four used near the end of the Seraphim War, as the combination has proven its worth time and time again.

A/N: The Relay 282 Incident is soon to come, just had to lay out the ships and units that will most likely be seen in the Great Turian Shoot (forget Turian Turkey Shoot, it's Tu-something either way…)

Something I gotta say, the ships in the Space Wars mod for FA seem absurdly weak.

Also, shields are in bubble form for all ships unless otherwise stated (how else would the transported units be protected?)