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They were held together by tenuous threads, and the stitches were rapidly unraveling. Frayed and worn, the material knitting them together was weakening.

And there wasn't a thing he could do to stop it.

The first hole had already rent the fabric. JJ was leaving. And there was no repair for that kind of patch to fill the void left behind.

Not on the team's heart. And definitely not on his soul.

Watching as she'd walked out those double glass doors of the unit had stripped him bare. And too late, he'd realized how vital she was to the seam of their metaphorical cloak.

Her integral stitch was irreplaceable, its absence marring the fabric.

But there was an even worse consequence. Because with the tear her departure created, the other strings had no anchor.

Already Emily's eyes held that distant faraway look, her mind no longer on the job at hand. Garcia's always cheerful inner light had rapidly dimmed, shadows now surrounding her on all sides.

And that was just the beginning, he knew.

Shaking his head as he stared into her now empty office, he realized that someone would soon arrive in an effort to mend the rip her absence had left behind.

But in his heart, he knew, nothing could fill the chasm.

The BAU he knew...he loved...was no more. The weave of each individual strand of thread had been forever altered.

And some strings were so vital to the final product, that they could never be replicated.

And Jennifer Jareau, she had been a unique cord, holding them all together.

And that yarn was gone.


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