Danny makes a big discovery named Maddie, Vlad's cat.

One Shot by: NeverEnough15

I let out a groan. This is stupid. Why am I here anyway? I didn't do anything! Well, aside from calling him a Froot Loop over a hundred times and ruining his plans, I didn't do anything.

I could feel the new chains resting on my wrists. And another pair on my ankles. But those aren't new, I could see some tiny freckles of rust sitting on it.

Oh, and let's not forget the stupid bracelet that does not allow me to go ghost.

"This is stupid." I muttered, talking to empty air. Plasmius was gone, I don't even know why he left me alone here. Normally he stays here and gives away his plans about how he is going to make out with Mom and kill Dad.

It kinda gets cliché after a while.

But then my heart missed a beat. What if he didn't say anything and didn't stuck around because he knew that this was the best way to obtain his goals?

To let me here alone, wondering where he is and-


I blinked. What was that? It sounded like a… cat? I snickered. No. That's impossible. No way that the Froot Loop followed my advice and got himself a cat.


I looked around me. I was in his not-so-secret ghost lab, beeping machines everywhere around me and God knows what was in those beakers on that shelf.

I stared at them, narrowing my eyes and forgetting the cat that maybe didn't even excited.

What was that stuff?

It was green. That's for sure. I frowned. Maybe it's ectoplasm? What would he want to do with ectoplasm?

Duh. If my hands were free, I'd slap myself for my head. Instead, I did it mentally. Ectoplasm in a beaker. In a ghost lab. He'd do probably experiments with it.

No wonder why Sam called me clueless.


There it is again. I grinned widely. He really did got a cat.

"Oh, man. This is the best day ever."

Then the thought struck me. Why is that cat in the ghost lab?

Oh no. Did he used it for experiments? I bit my lip. No, he wouldn't do that. He couldn't do that. This is Vlad I'm talking about. Not some mad scientist.

…Although he gets close to it.

Now, where is that cat?

"Uhm. Kitty?"

"Mew!" Well, at least it's happy.

Suddenly I heard vague sounds coming from my left. I figured the cat must be coming to me. I guess that solves my 'finding the cat' issue.

In the corner of my left eye I saw a white spot moving.

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." I paused. I must be looking like a idiot, talking that way. I scowled. If Vlad was here he'd probably said something how much I look like Dad.

I shrugged. Honestly, I didn't care.

The cat slowly walked to me and I saw that she had a blue collar around her neck. It paused and tilted his or her neck to the right. "Mew?"

"Yeah. Hi. How'd you get in?" I wondered. Was the door open? I felt my lips curve into a wide grin. Of course the door was open. Otherwise the cat wouldn't be here.

"What's your name?" I muttered, trying to look at her collar. It's nameplate was hidden in her white fur. "Huh. I really wonder what it's name is."

Maybe if I'd move the collar with my feet… I slowly reached for the collar, trying not to scare him or her.

The cat stiffed. "Meow!" Obviously, it didn't like what I was doing.

Too bad. I wanted to know how the Froot Loop named it.

The cat sniffed my shoes. Apparently it liked my smell or something because it started purring.

There. I move the collar a bit.

"Kitty. Come a little closer so I can read your-

Maddie?" I exclaimed.

Vlad named her Maddie?

I couldn't help but smile a bit. Vlad really was a Froot Loop.

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