Chapter 8

"Hi Bella!" Alice sang as I collided with her arms in the house. I tried to get my breath back but couldn't help wheezing out my reply of "Hey Alice." Edward glared. "Oh, sorry, Bella." She muttered. I felt her loosen her grip. I straightened up. Edward put his arm around me. "Bella wanted to come over and have some time to talk with you Alice, while I…go take care of some things…" I looked up at him, one eyebrow raised. He caught my eye, he looked down and quickly gave me his crooked smile. "Don't worry." He kissed me quickly then he disappeared. I huffed. "I hate it when he does that!" Alice giggled like a child. "Come on Bella! Let's go have girl time!" She squealed. I raised my eyebrows at her. "Has Rose been holding out on you? You're acting like a puppy who hasn't had its treats in days." Her face darkened. "Rose, well, she's just been kind of down lately." Her face quickly brightened. "But don't worry about it Bella! We are going to have so much fun! I'm just ecstatic about being back and getting to be with you again!" I smiled as much as I could. "me too."


I parked on the edge of the line. The line that no human could see, but was still so powerful that crossing it could destroy so many lives. I got out of the car and walked to the middle of the road. I patiently waited. I listened to the silence of the woods around me. The birds in the air. The footsteps of a Doe nearby, the breeze flowing through the trees. The bees in the air. The faint drizzle of rain. I waited.

I heard the growls before I saw him. A native American boy appeared with hair black as a crow. He stepped towards me. "Hello Edward" He sneered my name. "Hello Jacob." I said as politely as I could. "Why are you here? You think it's smart to come near me right now. When you've taken everything away from me, just like you always do?" I winced but recovered quickly. "I haven't taken anything from you Jacob." He roared. "Are you kidding me?!" "Jacob, Bella left you because she wanted to. Now, I know that my coming back did stop your wedding, but I couldn't let her go." I winced. "Why not?" He asked me. "Why not? Jacob, why did you continue to go after her, when I was still here, even when she chose me. She's impossible to let go of." He smiled grimly, which, for Jacob, was quite an accomplishment, Bella was right about one thing, he glowed happiness, which made him all the more terrifying when he was angry, he radiated his emotions, not like me, the brooding and dark one. I tried to get him to look at me. Bella was even more special to him now, and she still needed him in some way, I could tell that if she was constantly with him, and she was still okay, maybe there was a small chance that Jacob could be trusted. I wanted to make some sort of peace between us. I just needed him to look at me, to see the reasons in my face…