Soldier Part 1: Just Passing Through

Teen Titan Fanfic / Spin off of a character of my own creation in the book I am writing. As you can probably tell, I've got bored and need to do something fun ha-ha.

When you're just passing through places and you never really plan on stopping but you do end up stopping, for whatever reason that maybe, 9 times out of 10 it will be one of the best times you'll ever have in your life, this was just one such occasion for me. I have no name, no place to call home, no friends, no family. I have one purpose; to find the man that you took them all away from me and make him pay.

Now before we go any further, I'm not your average 18 year old. Unlike most people my age who have either been in the Army for 2 years or are just starting their training as an officer or gone into a specialised role like an engineer or a medic as a private and none will have even tried to go into the special forces, I however have been serving since I was 13 and in a branch of the special forces, we called ourselves; The Ghosts. I'd seen front line combat all over the world and was one of the best soldiers they had ever produced.

But that isn't the tale here; the reasons for me hunting the man I'm hunting are part of a different story. It doesn't matter how I ended up in Jump City, not for the purpose of this story, it's what happened whilst I was there that is important.

So I'm on a rooftop of a building that overlooks the main centre of the city, like Times Square in New York. Hundreds of people are milling around going about their usual business on a Friday night, normally taking in a large quantity of alcohol, but I was only interested in one man. And he was due to roll through here in about 6minutes time.

My plan was simple; remotely make the traffic lights turn to stop, then line him up in my scope, a little squeeze on the trigger and boom! Problem solved. Revenge would be mine. Now you're thinking but what if his windows are tinted and bullet proof how you going to get him then eh? Easy, there is no such thing as a fully 'bullet proof' window, especially when you factor in the power of a .50calibure round into the maths. At this sort of range and I was a few hundred feet off the ground it would still make the toughened window look like paper. As for the tinting, well my eyes and combat helmet can counteract that with ease.

This guy whom I was planning to assassinate had created me into the person I am today, only thing is he made me too good, far too good and then got arrogant thinking I'd never turn on him. What a fool he was.

So everything was going nice and smoothly, no police were down there and traffic was heavy so no chance of him slipping through, I slotted the magazine into the Barrett sniper rifle I had erm... acquired and heaved the cocking handle back and let it go, I had a full magazine of 10rounds and another 4 in reserve but I would only need one. The sound of the massive round sliding into the chamber with a metallic clank was satisfying to say the least. I flicked out the bi-pod and the lens covers on the scope and settled into my position hiding next to the Y of the Wayne sign on the Wayne Industries building and looked down into the open streets below; 2minutes to contact and I was set.

1 minute to contact, I could just see his motorcade moving along the main street into to open area. It was moving slowly, only about 150m left until it was out in the open. I started to slow my breathing and heart rate down as much as I could, the Nano tech running through my body started to take over, I wasn't running on oxygen and food anymore I was running on battery power now, my breathing had all but stopped and my heart was down to a beat or two a minute. No other sniper in the world could do this. The icy, snow filled November wind was blowing quite strongly now. The sensors in my helmet told me where to aim to compensate for distance, angle and the cold atmospheric conditions.

Then an explosion rocked the square, the road way erupted, spewing smoke, tarmac, snow and over debris into the night sky. The motorcade was almost spotted the trouble ahead and took a sharp right down another street and out of sight. 'Bollocks' I shouted out loud. I turned to see what had caused the explosion.

There was a massive fight in progress, a blue bolt of energy blasted just above my head destroying part of the A and Y letters. I spotted the source and was ready to open fire but, he'd turned and was firing in another direction, it must have been a stray shot, he wasn't aiming for me.

The guy looked oddly familiar, he was half clad in blue and grey armour, but you could clearly see his dark skin in other places. I looked at the next person, she wasn't wearing much. Her red hair and glowing green eyes shone through the snow storm, as well as the green energy bolts that flew from her hands, oh and she was flying.

The next geezer that popped into my line of sight was short and green too, then he changed into an elephant and started tossing the attackers around like rag dolls, then he changed again into a gorilla and continued the ass kicking. Next a bolt of red caught my eye.

He was defiantly dishing out the ass kicking, clearly a martial arts expert, being out numbered didn't seem to bother him much. Mind you it didn't bother me either. His staff and cape cut through the air, the snow billowing in the air current.

I of course by now 99% sure of knew who I was watching fight after they had cocked up my ambush, but I was convinced when the final member cast a dark shadow over the battle field. Her dark powers made light work of the enemy around her. But she missed one; now normally I'd have let things be and done a runner but I was pissed off and needed to shoot something and this poor bugger just happened to get it. I took aim and fired; the boom echoed around the walls of the buildings around me and the bullet punched a hole through the snowy air, the muzzle flash melted what snow hung in the air around it. A mixture of steam and smoke rose from the barrel. I could see the round all the way to its target hitting him just below his left eye. He did a back flip and slammed into the snow covered ground.

Well one wasn't enough so I fired again and again. Hitting one in the neck, decapitating the poor sod, the other I hit square in chest ripping a huge chunk of it away. At that point I stopped as I had been spotted by those on the ground and I didn't fancy getting involved in a chase with the Titans. I fired one more round just above whom I believed to be Robin's head. They all ducked and headed for cover, I emptied the rest of the magazine to keep them hidden in cover. I packed the Barrett up and took the video scope off it, as it was a good one and wanted to keep it. I armed the detonator in the case and went to my rappel line off the back of the rooftop. I hooked myself up and got ready to rappel off said rooftop. An eagle's screech pierced the air, I saw it circling around, and green in colour there was only one person it could be. I gave a mock salute and pressed the detonator switch; the Barrett case exploded with a nice bang, the shockwave took out the rest of the Wayne Industries sign, blew all the snow off the roof and put out a few windows, not to mention caught the eagle by surprise. Amazing what a few ounces of Semtex could do.

I jumped off the edge letting the rope slide though the belay gear and my hands; I dropped in bounds of about 75-100ft it only took about 45seconds to descend the some 500ft to the ground. I started to run through the back allies, if I'd pulled off the job I'd planned this would have been such an issue but now I'd been spotted by the Teen Titans they would be after me for sure, They clear hadn't taken to me lending a hand with the Barrett and would defiantly be pissed off at detonating a bomb on their turf, I had to move quickly if I was to get away.

I was running as hard as I could; my G36K was still on my back, and the adaptive camouflage was constantly changing to my surroundings in the dark alleyways, I needed to get to my car fast but it wasn't much further away. I rounded the last corner and could see it parked in a supermarket car park, unlocked the car the orange indicators flashed on and off signalling that the alarms had been deactivated. Then it vanished in a bright flash of blue light.

The burnt and twisted carcass flew across the car park. I dived for cover as the next blast of energy was aimed at me, it missed my by fractions of an inch. The giant rubbish bin wasn't going to give me much cover at all. Two sets of bright lights illuminated where I was hiding, one from a car powered by a V6 maybe a V8 buy the sound of it and a motorbike, Its engine note I couldn't place. A voice shouted out over the noise of my burning ride.

'Throw your weapons aside and come out peacefully.' It was most likely Robin

Like hell was that going to happen. I pulled out to flashbang grenades and pulled the pins, and tossed them into the air over his head out into the main car park, quickly followed by a smoke grenade. All three exploded with a few seconds of each other and I took off down a different alley in the midst of the confusion. Now I had to find another vehicle and quick otherwise I might not get away a second time.

I burst out into an open street, my rifle into me shoulder. Bystanders screamed in fear and ran off. I spotted a car that would be perfect; a high performance saloon car, but it was sitting in traffic. I cut into the traffic and sped towards the car, I leapt over bonnets and onto roofs to reach it. I started shouting at him and aimed at him tell the drive to exit his car.

'Get out of the vehicle! Get out now or I will fire on you!' I bellowed, he froze with fear. I flung the door open almost taking it off its hinges and dragged him out on to the floor. I jumped into the driver's seat and spun the car around heading back the way it had just come, but at a far greater speed. I sped through the streets, I thought I'd managed to get away but the sound of that V8 came rumbling up from behind the headlights shone in the rear view mirror. Laser fire across my front made me snap back to looking forward, the bike had put in an appearance and was trying to cut me off. I swerved and felt the car slide on the slippery tarmac and turned it into a long sweeping drift right down another street, massive rooster tails of snow flew from the rear wheels.

The car started to turn and slide in the other direction, I again let it turn into another drift this time to the left and into a side road. There was no one behind me. I must have lost them but best not to slow up, I needed to put as much distance between me and them as possible. I came out of the side street onto the main roadway and decided to continue on across it into another side street.

But it wasn't meant to be, something slammed into my backend and I lost control of the car; it spun violently and rolled onto its roof. I won't lie, it hurt. A lot. Bus vs. Car; bus wins. The V8 rounded a corner and I opened fire, aiming for the tyres. The driver skidded to a stop and I flicked the safety catch off the grenade launcher and popped it off at the car. The 40mm grenade landed right on the engine, it was never going to run again.

'Dude fucked my car!' was all I heard after ducking back into cover, obviously Cyborg. Then I spotted the motorbike. It had to have been Robin, I fired again and made him dive into cover before shooting out a shop window and dashing inside. I was hurt but the Nano-bots inside me were fixing me up quickly, I reloaded and headed for the back entrance and slammed into the back door sending it flying off its hinges. I was immediately hit by a crunching tackle that wiped me out and knocked my rifle from my hands. I skidded across the floor covered with a few inches of snow. I looked up to see a cloaked figure standing in front of me. I drew my pistol and had it shout out my hand by dark blast of energy. I smiled; face to face with Raven this could be fun. The blades that where concealed within my armoured gloves sprang out and I lunged forward lashing out at her. She easily parried it away but I followed with a quick sweep to her legs and tripped her up. She clattered to the ground, I quickly tied her up in her own cape giving me valuable seconds to think, I heard another noise and dived for my pistol then the world went black.

He was awoken with a start. 'What's your name?' was asked to him coldly.

'Sorry say again?' He replied still a little dazed.

'Your name, tell me your name.' It was Robin.

'Erm ok. Bob.' Bob replied.



'Is that really your name?' Robin pressed.

'Nope, but that's what you can call me if you're so obsessed with me having one.' He replied smugly giggling to himself. Bob (we'll just say this for ease) noticed he was in an interview room, his hands clasped to the table in front of him and his legs to the legs of the chair; that was bolted to the floor.

'I'm taking your helmet off.' Robin stated reaching for Bob's neck.

'Bad idea sunshine, you take my helmet off without me wanting it to come off we both go BOOM! And I think your pretty little girlfriend in there would be very upset. Oh you might want to put something on the other side of that mirrored glass because I can see right through it. Hello Raven, sorry about the slashing at you with the knives, but wiping me out was really no way of thanking me for saving your very sexy behind and I was very grumpy about that.' Bob smirked.

'Ok, Bob. Why are you in Jump City, shooting things with illegal weapons and setting off bombs?' Robin stared straight into his visor.

'Simple; I'm here to assassinate someone.' He answered.


'That is of no concern to you. Anyway I failed thanks to you lot deciding to have a punch up in the middle of the city! I had it all planned, I would have been and gone without you even knowing I was there. You then go and fuck up my plan and instead of leaving you to get fucked over I save your sorry asses by dropping those guys that otherwise would have hurt you. You're lucky I was pissed off and wanted to blow off some frustration.'

'You expect me to believe that? That you're just passing through? You had enough ammunition on you to start a small war, live ammunition I'll add, 11 40mm High Explosive grenades, 4 pounds of Semtex and 8 throwing knives, 8 for god sake. No you're an assassin and I'm turning you over to the authorities in the morning. Good night.' Robin said and stormed out the interview room.

'Cyborg have you ran his bloods and finger prints through the system yet?'

'I'm not an assassin,' Bob shouted, 'just because I want to kill that bastard doesn't make me one. And your computer is about to say my fingerprints don't match any on any database anywhere and my DNA is in some highly restricted CIA, NSA, FBI or some lot like that database and that all files are classified. You're in a battle that way over your heads and beyond comprehension. So give me god damn guns and let me out of here. I'm starting to get pissed off' Bob waffled on.

'I don't give a toss buddy and we destroyed your guns. How you like them apples? Call it even for totalling my car.' Cyborg answered back sternly and then pressed mute for the microphone in the interview room.


'Oh yeah, prints and DNA are still searching. But we found something interesting in his blood though,' Cyborg brought it up on the main display, 'look familiar to you?'

'Similar in design to the ones Slade put in us a few years back.'

'Exactly, except these are built into his bio system. They make him, faster, stronger, improve stamina and then max out his hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. He has lightning quick reactions and has access to 90% military knowledge on request,' Cyborg started.

'95% actually,' Bob shouted and got a look through the glass, 'I told you I can see through mirrored glass and I can lip read too.'

Raven cast a spell blocking the window; Cyborg resumed; 'and he can heal himself faster than anything I've ever seen, he came in here with 3 broken ribs from the crash and now he's fully healed and that was a little over 2hours ago. He's built to be the perfect soldier.'

'What is he doing here then? He has tech similar to what Slade uses but he wants to kill someone, couldn't be Slade, he didn't know we were going to be there, you heard him; we spoilt his plan apparently.' Raven asked.

The computer beeped, the fingerprints had come up dry, but the DNA had come up with a hit; restricted highest level NSA file. They couldn't open it. 'I could hack in.' Cyborg said.

'No, we've got an agreement with them, we don't snoop around in their files and they won't do the same. Do it properly. Send a request for access, we might have it by morning.' Robin replied.

'My head is still ringing from that bomb he planted. Can't I kick his ass some more?' Beast Boy asked.

'That would be most unwise, I get the feeling he's far more dangerous than we're giving him credit for. I mean he certainly looks the part.' Starfire, said nervously, 'he saw us through talking through the glass and knew about us Robin.'

'Half the world and his pet goldfish know about you two hardly surprising is it.' Raven countered, 'it's late, let's get some sleep. He's going nowhere, we've got him locked down.' They all left the room leaving Bob locked inside.

Big mistake leaving me in here unsupervised, he thought to himself. He now had plenty of time to escape. He centred himself, the Nano-bots in his system could do so much more than make him stronger and so on, it allowed him to reach out and wirelessly connect to any network and hack it. He started with shutting off the cameras, then releasing his hands and legs then the door out of where he was being held. It was all too easy, he sat down at the main consol and set to work. He hacked into the NSA and brought up the file that was previously blocked, then he hacked into the Ministry of Defence database and brought up his redacted personnel file, it had his photo, rank and service history, his name and other person details were removed. He left them a small note telling them he'd meet them the next day at 1000hrs at the cliff point overlooking the city.

He grabbed his gloves and left, without a sound.