Soldier Part 11 - Suzie

The wind howled through the shattered window, filling the control room with sleet and ice cold air. Judah had thrown Del out the window and into the freezing cold sea. Teagan snapped round to see him turn round triumphant; she snapped. An unearthly roar erupted from her lungs as she turned to charge Judah. He was ready for it though and ducked out the way. He ran towards the helicopter platform Teagan bounded after him; leaving Smithy and the Titans to clean up the rest of the 321st troops. She tore through the narrow corridors before bursting out on to the rain blasted roof. Judah was waiting for her; he stood on the centre of the helipad, a clap of lightning silhouetted him against the dark menacing sky.

'I'll kill you.' She growled, 'I'll make you suffer.'

'Bring it.' Judah replied.

'Gladly.' Teagan pounced, but was sent flying by some unseen force. She skidded across the wet metal platform; she was stunned and couldn't move. Judah smiled nastily.

'You can't win Goddess of Nature. I am far more powerful than you can imagine. I am the God of War and I shall remove you just like I did your husband,' Judah walked towards her drawing a knife from his combat vest, 'and as a final insult I'll kill you using his own blade. I made it form the one I pulled out of his hand.'

Teagan was still dazed. The blast had complete knocked her for six; she couldn't move, no matter how much she wanted to she couldn't. The storm intensified, the wind blew stronger and the thunder boomed; a bolt of lightning split the darkness again and burned for a long time... a really long time, too long in fact. Teagan looked up to see a helicopter hovering above her; the minigun spooled up and blazed into life. Judah dived out of the line of fire as the rounds slammed into the platform, in the cockpit were Vamp and Ellie. It circled around the platform before making a pass and someone dived off one of the wings and did a commando role. He dropped the knife.

It was Del he had survived... again.

After being chucked out the window - Del

Del plummeted towards the ocean. He had to think fast. Maghook, he thought and went to rip it out of its holster on his shoulder blade only to find it wasn't there. It must have still been on the Hali after he let go after being shot. He had nothing to grab on to and stop himself falling. The thunder boomed again and slammed to halt. Del was stunned for a few seconds before he could move again. Loud booms thumped above his head and a strong wind blasted him down onto a hard metal surface. The noise of a wiring engine deafened him. He looked around to see he was in mid-air only about 75ft from the ocean, he could see the waves cresting around him. He looked at what he was lying on and followed its length to the right. He saw a cockpit and someone waving at him. It was Vamp and Sky Mistress in front of her. He had landed on their helicopter, on one of the stubby wings.

After being chucked out the window – Vampire & Sky Mistress

'Shit its Del!' Sky shouted and flew after Del. He was falling fast. She flew under the runway, just avoiding the crests of the waves as she went and came up underneath Del's falling figure.

'You'll slice him to bits with the rotors!' Vamp shouted.

'No I won't.' Sky replied and banked the Sioux onto its side, turning it through 90˚ right underneath Del as he was about to pass them. She levelled out and caught Del on the wing; she decreased power and dropped 10ft to soften the impact, not much mind. She held it in a hover as he slowly came too. 'Oi sleepy wake up!' Vamp shouted, 'you got some arse to kick.' Del stuck his finger up at them and settled into a crouch on the wing. Sky eased on the power and pulled away and began to climb up from underneath the runway and into the blackened sky. The rain was still lashing down as he saw that the combined STRIKE and Spetsnaz force had taken the oil platforms and now prisoners were being processed on the runway while airborne reinforcements were landing at the far end, the wounded were being taken away and treated, only one more thing had to be taken care of; kill Judah. He pointed towards the helipad on the top of Omega4. He'd come in from above and ambush him that way, but as they pulled level with the helipad they all saw Judah standing over Teagan. Del didn't even have to give the order to fire, Vamp did it automatically.

Del leapt off the wing and rolled to his feet, standing tall and firm against the punishing downdraft. The crystal set in the sword on his back was glowing a deep blood red, his face locked in a death stare on Judah. Del was suitably pissed off.

Judah was soaking wet, water poured off him dripping onto the already wet helipad. 'Will you just fucking die you wanker!' Judah snarled.

'Only if I'm taking you with me,' he replied, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky and thunder boomed, they squared off against each other. 2 warrior Gods, one fighting for good the other for evil.

'You cannot win God of Lightning, I am the God of War I am bred to fight. It's in my blood. You are nothing. I shall crush you, and we the Illuminatus will control this world.' Judah monologued.

'I am a trained soldier, as good as you maybe better, armed with most powerful force in nature. I am not fuelled by greed or a lust power. I fight for Queen and Country and all the people of the free world, for the people I love and I will die protecting them. If the Illuminati want this world you're going to have to kill me Judah and I'm not going down without fight.' Del drew his sword from his back, the crystal lighting him up with its deep red glow, he started to crackle with a little bit of electricity as if he was drawing it from the air around him.

Judah squared up to him, he tossed his handgun aside knowing that he wouldn't have time to fire the one shot before it jams, thanks to the chaff grenade from before, he knew Del would deflect it somehow and pounce on him, he pulled 2 swords of his back, there were nowhere near the size of Del's one sword. Del did the same tossing his pistols onto the floor and kicked them aside and took a tighter grip on his Thunder Sabre and took a combat stance. Judah did the same, twirling his swords around him before taking his stance.

There they stood. In the driving rain. In the middle of a fierce storm with sharp white lightning flashing and heavy booming thunder. A fight to the death that would decide the fate of humanity.

They stood there each waiting for the other to attack the other; holding each other's stare, taking deep slow heavy breaths. Judah cracked first and made the initial lunge, his sword swinging to lop Del's head clean off his shoulders. He didn't get anywhere near. Judah's blade came back at him after being pushed back by some unseen force. He was knocked off balance by the force of his own strike coming back at him. Del struck.

He slammed a kick into Judah's abdomen, sending him flying across the floor. Del swung his sword down on top of Judah, but he just as fast as Del, rolling aside and leaping to his feet. The sword play continued, they both attacked and defended with great skill and aggression. Neither of them tiring or getting sloppy; it was as beautiful as it was deadly. Judah flung his hand out sending a blast of invisible energy towards Del he turned it away and returned the favour with a blast of lightning, he missed. Judah made him suffer for it. He flung a sword at Del like a boomerang, Del ducked and watched it sail an inch above his head. He wasn't looking at Judah when he pounced. Judah's size11 boot nearly broke Del's jaw when it connected making him do several pirouettes before clattering to floor, blood pouring from his mouth. Judah kicked him again and again. Grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, picking him up before blasting Del high into the air and letting him drop back to the cold steel helipad.

Del looked like shit. He lay battered on the ground the rain still pouring from the sky, thinning the blood that came from his injuries. Del pushed himself up onto his arms, trying to stand. Judah jumped onto his back, both boots slamming onto his spine. Del spluttered from the impact, blood spraying from his mouth. He gasped and wheezed as Judah let a thin cruel smile cross his face. 'I told you that you would lose to me.'

Judah circled Del. Del just lay there, he couldn't do anything. His sword was kicked from his grasp. He tried to reach for Ebony and Ivory but had his hands stamped on before they too were kicked away again out of reach and down the stair well that lead back inside. I am royally fucked he thought. He looked over at Teagan, she was coming back around he managed a weak smile at her and mouthed 'I love you' at her. She smiled back at him, Judah loomed swords in hand poised to plunge them into Del.

'Goodbye, you annoying little fuc...' Judah stopped mid sentence and roared in pain at something that was sticking out of his back. He reached over and pulled it out. It was his knife the one made from Del's missing blade. Judah turned to look at where it had come from. Teagan had propped herself up enough to throw it into his back. She flipped him off. Judah roared with rage and strode towards Teagan. She tried to scrabble away but her legs wouldn't work fast enough on the slippery surface. Del couldn't move either no matter how much he wanted to. Del felt something hit him in the gut. He looked down and saw his pistols lying next to him, he looked over to the stairwell door and saw a cloaked figure standing there. He grabbed them tight and took aim. Judah was standing over Teagan now.

'Oi Suzie!' Del shouted, Judah snapped round, his eyes went wide seeing Del aiming at him. 'I win.' Del pulled the triggers and the felt the recoil in both his hands. The 2 bullets hit Judah in each eye, blowing the back of his head out into the storm. His body tensed and swayed in the wind before slumping to the floor. Del let out a massive sigh, it was over.

He staggered to his feet. Blood stained all his clothes. He grabbed his sword and put it on his back. Teagan lay watching him stagger over to her, and then scooped her up in his arms. 'You could have killed him with that knife you know.' He said.

'Yeah but I wanted you to have all the glory.' she answered, the storm had blew over and the clouds went a light grey instead of black. By the time he and Teagan had reached the runway she was walking and was counter balancing Del. Herron, Red Troop and the Titans where waiting for them.

'Well done Major, you've done it again. We owe you a great debt once again.' Herron said.

'Isn't that the norm?' Del answered, 'well in that case you can get me a new house. Seeing as the old one is kind of water damaged.'

'We'll get right on it.' Herron said, 'where do you fancy this time?'

'Kenya.' Teagan said, Del looked at her. 'What? I want to see some lions and leopards and hippos.'

'You head the lady. Kenya.' Del chuckled.

2weeks later, Maasai Mara Reserve - South Western Kenya

It hadn't taken long for STRIKE to secure land with a farm on it in Kenya. The farmhouse had already been built a while ago but was abandoned some years ago by a friend of Herron's. An ex Aussie SAS Capt by the name of Jack West whom had moved back to Australia with his Irish wife and adopted daughter. It had a hanger and perimeter defences. Teagan loved it and so did Del. It truly was miles from anywhere. The nearest village (if 3 houses can be a village) was 50miles away and the nearest town from which to buy supplies was three times that. There was one road in and one road out. The immediate land they owned was surrounded by a high fence and there was a gate on the road, both were 10ft high and riddled with sensors.

Red Troop stood opposite the Titans and there new ship, a prototype craft STRIKE had commandeered from the hanger on the rigs and gifted to the Titans for their help. Cyborg would no doubt be modifying it when the returned back to America.

'Bet this trip was more than you bargained for?' Smithy asked shaking Cyborg's hand.

'Pretty much, but from what I can tell it's just another day for you guys.' He answered, Smithy smiled back thinking you don't know the half of it mate.

Del stood aside with Raven, 'Thanks for the save up there.'

'Least I could do.' She answered.

'You could have taken him down yourself, why didn't you?' Del asked.

'It wasn't my place to interfere. It was your battle you had to deal the finishing blows.' She explained.

'Oh.' He said.

'How is your hand doing?'

'Its good thank you, the blade is slowly reattaching itself to where it came from. Glad to have it back.'

They were shaking hands and hugging and saying farewells. The Titans climbed into their new ship and took off heading westward over the horizon.

'Think we'll be left alone now?' Teagan asked.

'Hope so. We've done as much damage to the Illuninati as we could do, they have no operational wing now and have lost access to all their funding after the tech guys went through the computer systems.' Del answered.

'Sweet,' Smithy started, 'means you have plenty of time to tell us about what happened between you and Raven?'

'What is he on about?' Teagan looked puzzled.

'Nothing.' Del grumbled.

'It was more than nothing Teagan.' Smithy teased more.

'What did you do?' Teagan snapped at Del.

'Nothing... much...' he answered sheepishly.

'Much? Del you'd better start talking!'

The End

(For real this time. I can't be arsed to write anymore on this, hope you enjoyed it though :D)