Miss me? Well, I'm back with old story. I'm writing this story with my friend - Yarrow. We started writing it after we saw some fan movie on You Tube that was crossover between NCIS and Dark Angel. Of course, we both saw Dark Angel and we love NCIS so... well... it was my crazy thing. But we took only a few things from DA. So, if you want to know what secret it's in this story and what we borrowed both form NCIS and DA just tell us, 'cause we need to know if you like it and want more and if there is any point in translating the rest of this story.
Love Chandni and Yarrow :*


He quickly put on black leather jacket, threw last few things to the backpack and for the last time looked around the place, that was his home. He threw a backpack on his shoulder and grabbed his travel bag in hand. He walked into the living room. He took car keys from the table and walked out the door not even closing it behind himself.

He knew that they'll come in here and he will be watching it from afar. He loaded backpack and bag to the car, turned the key in the ignition and drove along the empty street in the middle of Rota.

He glanced at his watch. Almost one a. m.

After ten minutes they'll enter into his house. How did it happen, how did they managed to trace him? He was always careful. From his jacket pocket he took photograph depicting a young, beautiful woman. Her dark, curly hair fell on slender shoulders.

"Maxi" he whispered.
She was gone forever.
Leaving only memories.
He put the picture back into his jacket pocket and stopped the vehicle at the Castillo de Luna.

The castle at night looked wonderful. He knew that he's seeing the city for the last time. He pulled out the cell and chose the number. He waited until someone answered.

"Hello?" he heard a typical British accent and pressed one on the keyboard. After a moment he heard powerful explosions through the speaker. He hang up and moved on towards the airport.

He got out and looked at the starry sky.
He loved to watch night sky on the warm nights with Maxi. They sat on the beach, sand hot from the sun. He remembered how wonderful she smelled and the softness of her skin. Her hand in his.

But that was past.
Maxi is dead and he must die for the world, or rather Logan Cale must die.

He took the luggage and went to the airport. He already booked the ticket a few hours earlier. He knew that they will find him.
But they didn't.
He pulled out the documents and for the last time he looked at the city where he was born and lived for twenty-four years. He didn't think that he ever would have done this, although he was prepared.

- Bye Maxi - he whispered boarding the plane.