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"You look great," smiles Suki.

Thankfully, after I apologized to her she agreed to help me with my plan. She's always been the fashion forward one in our group of friends. She never let any of us go out without looking amazing.

"You think so?"


I smile and take another look in the mirror. Last year I was invited to a Christmas party at work which ended with my boss puking on his secretary, but one good thing that came from it was the fact that I bought the very red, very strapless, very sexy dress that I'm wearing right down. It's appropriate for the party, yet inappropriate at the same time.

"You ready?" She stands by the door, looking at me.

"I'll meet you out there."

She shrugs at me before heading down the stairs. Giving myself one last look-over I take a few deep breaths before walking out the door. Suki clears her throat loudly as I reach the top of the stairs. Everyone is staring and I blush a deep crimson as I make my way down the steps. His eyes are on me and I know it. I can feel them, but I refuse to look his way.

I walk right passed his dazed figure, smirking a little in my head until my foot snags on the carpet and I start to tumble forward. My eyes squeeze shut and I wait for the pain to come, but it doesn't. I open my eyes, looking up to see Aang's hand on my arm.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

I don't respond as I stare into his eyes. Sadness surges through me and I snatch my arm away. "No, I'm not."

Tears sting my eyes and fight to fall. I run off to the bathroom and I know he's following me, but I slam the door and lock it before he can reach me. He bangs his fist on the door.

"Katara, please let me in."

"No," I reply through my tears.

"Then just listen," he begins. "What happened yesterday was a complete misunderstanding. On Ji just appeared at my door askin-"

"Wait," I cut him off. "That was On Ji?"

He pauses before hesitantly saying, "Yeah."

"Great!" I throw my hands in the air. "That makes it even worse."

"What do you mean?"

"On Ji has had a crush on you since middle school, Aang," I say. "I guess she finally got what she wanted."

"But she didn't get what she wanted," he intervenes. "She kissed me!"

"And you kissed back."

"No, I didn't, I swear. I only want you, Katara. I've always only wanted you. I love you."

He pauses and butterflies float around in my stomach.

"You're my forever girl," he says and I can't help, but laugh.

"I almost forgot about that," I manage through my laughter. "You were such a cheese ball in middle school."

"I was going through puberty," he tries to defend himself, but it doesn't work. "I hadn't developed my irresistible charm."

I scoff. "You're a dork."

"But I'm still your dork, right?"

Laughing I open the door. "Yes." I wrap my arms around his neck pull his lips to mine.

The kiss is sweet and slow as he puts his hands on my hips. Our tongues press together as he kisses me harder, tightening his arms around me.

"Get a room," laughs Suki as she and Sokka pass by.

We pull apart with a smacking sound and I stick my tongue out at him. Aang laughs and the two of us join the party where everyone is laughing and dancing around a woman swinging her heals above her head.

"Toph," I laugh. "I think your Mom has had a little too much wine."

She shrugs. "At least she's not up my ass telling me how horrible a person Duke is for me."

"Poppy please get off the coffee table!" Shouts my Dad as he enters the room.

Aang and I laugh before grabbing a drink from the kitchen.

"So," Aang starts. "I take it I'm forgiven."

"Yeah, but if you think you're getting any tonight then you're crazy," I laugh.

"Awe, I was hoping for make up sex," he whispers in my ear.

I shake my head with a smile. "Nope."

He then begins to pout before leaning over and kissing my neck. "No Aang," I giggle, pushing him away.

"Alright, alright."

We're silent for a few minutes when something occurs to me. "Why was On Ji at your house in the first place?"

"She tricked me by saying that she needed to borrow some eggs."

"So she came all the way across town to borrow some eggs?" I cock an eyebrow at him.

He shakes his head. "She lives next door."

"And when were you planning to tell me this?"

He winces at my harsh tone. "Soon."

"I can tell you're lying Aang," I turn away from him.

"Come on, Katara," he pleads. "Don't be jealous."

"Jealous!" I half whisper, half yell as I cross my arms over my chest. "I'm not jealous."

"Good," he smiles, placing his hands on my hips. "Because you've got nothing to worry about. I already told you that I want you and no one else."

I can't help, but smile at his words as I look at him. "You're right, I'm sorry."

"It's alright," he says. "I should have told you about On Ji."

"Damn straight," I poke him in the chest playfully.

He laughs and we rejoin our friends and family. The party goes on for a few hours before everyone begins to leave. It's around eleven when the final guests have gone. Aang stands by the door with his hands in his pockets, looking right at me. Smiling, I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist. Leaning up on my toes, I kiss his lips.

"Love you," I whisper.

"Love you too."

I smile and kiss him once more before pulling away. "I'll see you tomorrow," I say before walking up the stairs and into my room. After taking a shower, I crawl into bed, anxious for the next day.


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