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Caius didn't need to know my entire life's history, and I was growing frustrated with the way he perched on the edge of his seat, leaning forward slightly as he listened to me speak. His cloudy, red eyes bored into my face, anxiously anticipating the next horror story that I would relate. He was going to be disappointed.

I leaned back in my seat, crossing my ankle over my knee and flicking an imaginary piece of dust from the knee of my pants. I spoke without looking at him, "I'm ready for the folder now."

He rose slowly and crossed to his desk. With a grace no human man would have been proud of, he brought the folder to me. I took the extended papers and opened the folder as he sat. I could feel his eyes on me as I looked through the information that he had provided.

"I think you will find that we have completed a thorough survey of the situation," he said as he steepled his hands. They had done a good job, but I expected nothing less from the Volturi.

"This one you questioned," I barely raised my eyes to study Caius, "is he still available?"

He shifted uneasily as he answered, "Unfortunately, our dear Jane can at times be quite enthusiastic with her persuasion techniques. The gentleman had to be destroyed."

It figured. I didn't really have a need to question him. Everything that he'd known was already two weeks old and wouldn't help me at all. Page after page showed evidence that something was indeed happening in Romania, but the purpose of these activities was colored by Caius' paranoia. I didn't trust him, but I was certain that he had already figured this out.

"None of this shit," I said waving my hand over the papers spread across my lap, "seems to be too complicated Caius. I'm surprised y'all ain't already handled this."

He briefly tilted his head to the side and shrugged in a very womanly gesture. "Of course, I have not shared this information with my brothers. I thought it better to deal with this quietly."

Caius was slick. I had to give him that much, and admire his tactics more than a little. He knew of this threat, and would eliminate it using me. This would be stored away in his calculating mind for future use against his "brothers."

I flipped through more of the documents, but I had already decided that I would do what he was asking. I was intrigued by what I saw on the pages before me. Everything that I saw pointed to covert activities and the possibility of a newborn army. I could understand why he'd called me. I was the best at dealing with newborns, and knew exactly how to go about turning them into a usable workforce.

"How soon can I leave?" I asked. "I don't see anything in the documents that says I need to waste any more time here with bullshit."

His laugh was abrupt, and fake. "Ah, Mr. Whitlock, so eager!"

"Like I said, I don't see any reason to waste time with your bullshit." I rose to my full height, the folder lightly held in my hand.

"There is one additional matter," he said. I should have known that there would be another condition that was likely to be a pain in my ass. I simply raised my eyebrows in question. "I would like to send a few of the guard with you."

I started shaking my head, but Caius held up his hand. "I'm afraid I must insist." He crossed to his desk and picked up the handset of a telephone that wouldn't have been out of place in any corporation. "Gianna, send them in please."

He replaced the handset and turned towards the opening door. I did the same. He was formal as he greeted the cloaked figures that entered. The first was a short female with light brown hair, Chelsea who was quickly overshadowed by the tall, beautiful Heidi when she entered. He made quick introductions. I studied the two women closely, and wondered if they served a purpose to Caius beyond keeping an eye on me and reporting back to him.

"All right Caius," I said as I allowed my eyes to freely roam Heidi's figure, "it's past time for us to get this dog and pony show on the road. These two need to lose the cloaks."

Caius briefly nodded, silently indicating to the women that they should comply. "You will be working under the direction of Mr. Whitlock."

Both women nodded their understanding, but it was Heidi whose eyes looked me over and replied, "It will be a pleasure, I'm sure."

This little trip to Romania just got a whole lot more interesting to me. Caius was back at his telephone giving rapid-fire instructions to someone on the other end, and when he was satisfied with the results he looked over at us.

"Everything has been arranged. You will leave within the hour," he said. "Perhaps Mr. Whitlock would like a bite to eat before you leave. Heidi, will you escort him please?"

She sauntered over to me, and it briefly occurred to me that she couldn't help but be sex on legs. She wrapped her hand around the crook of my arm as if I was taking her to the opera and she squeezed slightly and looked up at me through her eyelashes. "Shall we, Mr. Whitlock?"

One corner of my mouth pulled up into a half smile, half smirk and I nodded my head once, "Lead the way, darlin'." Oh yeah, this trip would be memorable.