This is going to be my very first fanfiction and please tell me how you like it. This is going to be Gohan and Videl fiction starting at the Cell Games, but I'm not sure where to end it just yet. Also a key thing to note in my fic is that Gohan is 13 when he fights Cell not 11 because it enables Gohan and Videl to get together quickly and I use to always think that Gohan was 13 in the first place.

I do not own Dragonball Z or anything to do with the show!

Chapter 1: Cell Games Meeting

"Please Poppa can I come with you!" asked the 13 year old Videl Satan.

"Absolutely not Videl, its way to dangerous for you to come and watch me fight Cell…I don't want to see you get hurt." Was the reply that she received from her father, the one and only Hercule Satan.

"Bu...but that's not FAIR!" yells Videl, trying to make her dad change his mind.

"I don't care! You're not coming and that is my FINAL DECISION!" Hercule shouts back, trying to ignore the glare that Videl is giving him. So he turns his back on her to get ready and to make sure he doesn't change his mind.

"Fine I'm going to my room then to watch you win on the television." 'You may not want me to come, but I'm just gonna sneak into the car trunk anyway' she adds in her mind.

As the car pulls up to the Cell Games arena Videl decides to wait for a few minutes to sneak out of the trunk so her dad doesn't see her. 'He has no idea that I'm gonna be able to watch his fight in person…this is gonna be sooooo cool.'

When Videl gets out of the trunk, she is surprised to see her father yelling at a strange group of fighters that are standing right outside of the ring. 'Ha those guys don't stand half a chance to defeat Cell or my father.'is the first thing that comes to her mind after she quickly glances at them from her hiding place in a small cluster of boulders.

Soon after this her fathers two students arrive to challenge Cell before anyone else has the shot. Unfortunately they are defeated with minimum effort on Cell's part and Videl cannot help but wonder 'Those guys are almost as good as Pappa, how can they get defeated so easily?' she thinks with a slight frown.

Videl finally sets her sights on her father who has just entered the ring for his fight causing her frown to disapear into a bright smile. However her smile quickly falls when she realizes that all of her father's punches are having absolutely no effect on the monster 'this is unreal, if my Poppa can't beat Cell then the whole world is doomed!' she thinks, just as Cell launches Hercule through the air with a single hit.

It is at that exact moment when Gohan notices something in the corner of his eye and looks to see a girl with black ponytails and bright blue eyes staring at the ring with wide eyes. 'What is she doing here? Doesn't she know that it's dangerous to be in this place? But wow is she cute.'

As Videl watches the blonde haired man enter the ring to fight, she gets the feeling that someone is watching her. So with the turn of the head she eyes the strange group of warriors and can see a boy no older then her staring at her intently. 'Who is that? Is he planning on fighting Cell? No that can't be no one my age or that cute could ever dream of hurting a monster like Cell. Wait did I just think that he was cute.' So she looks back at the ring to watch the fight, and when her eyes settle on the battle between Goku and Cell she cannot help herself think 'Oh my God! He's doing better than Pappa! Could he actually win this fight?

"Your right Cell I cannot beat you now that I used all of my energy on that last Kamehameha wave. So I'm gonna tell you who does have the power to defeat you." Claims Goku.

"Haha Goku, if you can't beat me then who can? Trunks, Vegeta, or maybe Piccolo?" Cell asks with smirk.

"Neither of them Cell, GOHAN…YOUR UP SON!" Goku yells up to the Z-Fighters.

'What father can't be serious; if he couldn't beat Cell then what chance do I have at defeating him.' Gohan tells himself. 'But I could see that entire fight, I had no problems at all keeping up with either of their movements. Could this mean that I'm stronger than my dad? If I am then I'm the only chance that the Earth has to survive…I have to fight and I have to win!' Gohan thinks as he slowly decends, oblivious to the arguments from the Z-Fighters, to the ground below in front of Cell.

'How are they gonna let this kid fight Cell? What parents would willingly let their kid fight a monster?'Videl thought unable to hide her surprise.

Surprise quickly changes to horror as everyone watches Gohan getting pummeled by Cell. Yet each time he gets knocked down he gets right back up stronger than before.

"I can't believe Goku actually believed that you had a chance against me boy!" Cell mockingly tells Gohan.

"You're wrong Cell! I do have the power to defeat you, but I'm going to give you one last chance to give up and surrender. I have always had a power that surfaces whenever one my loved ones or friends are hurt by villans like you. My power always explodes and my enemy never stands a chance." Gohan tells Cell.

"Hahaha you've got me interested now boy. I want to see this great power that surfaces whenever your friends are in danger. But how do I do this? Oh, I know." At this last statement Cell begins to spew out his evil Cell Jr's.

Gohan can only stare in horror as the Cell Jr's begin to pummel the Z-Fighters into the ground with only Trunks, Vegeta, and Piccolo holding there own against the Cell Jr's. Piccolo is eventually able to knock one of the Cell Jr's away, but when it gets up it is able to catch a glimpse at Videl who is hiding behind a few rocks watching the fight in awe.

'I can't believe what I'm seeing. Those things are killing those men and no one is helping them…if something doesn't happen soon then they're going to get killed.' But her thoughts are interupted as she spots one of the Cell Jr's smiling at her, and then start flying straight at her with a murderous glint in its eyes.

Due to very good timing the ground starts to shake as Gohan drops his restraints after Cell crushes 16's head under his foot. All fighting stops as everyone watches Gohan's auroura grow into a brilliant flash of gold light as he completes the transformation into an Ascended Super Saiya-jin with a final scream. But the Cell Jr in front of Videl regains its composure and decides to go right after Videl again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Videl can only scream in horrer and close her eyes as the Cell Jr is about to hit her with a blow that would surely kill her. But the pain that she expects never comes so she slowly opens her eyes and spots the golden warrior right in front of her holding the Cell Jr's fist in his hand and hits the Cell Jr with one powerful kick causing it to explode on contact.

'No way! He just destroyed in one hit! How is this even possible?'" for s..saving" She is able to squek out to the powerful youth in front of her.

"Your Welcome…I'm going after the other ones, just find a better place to hide until its all over. Iit's not going to be safe around here soon enough and its only gonna get worse." Gohan tells her gently but yet with enough force to get his message across.

"O…okay I will find a better spot, and thanks for saving my life." Videl tells him right before Gohan disapears and reapears to destroy yet another Cell Jr and the others after this.

All of the Z-Fighters stare at Gohan as if he had grown three heads in the past minute. They couldn't believe how quickly Gohan killed the Cell Jr's and the look of pure hate etched into his teal eyes.

"After all the time we spent trying to kill these things, the BRAT does it in a single strike!" Vegeta exclaims in surprise, anger, and even envy.

Soon Cell and Gohan resume their fight but control has completely shifted to Gohan suprising everyone yet again.

"Yes I did father…for you, I should've finished him off like you said and I'm sorry." Gohan says right before passing out and reverting back to his normal form from lack of energy.

"He WON! I can't believe it, he actually destroyed Cell this time." Videl exclaims while Gohan is floating in the air but then he revertes back to normal and falls from the air. 'Woah! Why did his hair just change to black? He must be like the other two gold fighters and be able to change his appearance to get stronger. But he needs help, those injuries are very bad.' She thinks as she runs out to Gohan's unconsious body to help him.

"Uh guys don't you think we should go down and help Gohan?" Krillen asks the other Z-Fighters.

"Good idea Krillen but we may be a little late." Piccolo says with a smirk as he watches Videl reach Gohan. "Lets go down there now and hope that nothing bad happens."

'Wow his injuries are even worse up close. Yet he looks peaceful and cute lying on the ground like that.' Videl thinks as she nears Gohan's body. "Are you alright kid? You need to wake up now… you won come on!" she exclaims as she trys to wake him up. She is so set on waking him up that she doesn't notice the Z-Fighters until they land right by the two of them. "Stay away from him! He's hurt can't you see that!" she exclaims as she takes a defensive stance between Gohan and the Z-Fighters.

"Relax were Gohan's friends, we would never hurt him. We're just here to heal him."

"How are you going to heal him? You don't have any medical equipment."

"Well that's why we have sensu beans." Krillen says as he pulls out a small brown bag and then draws out a small green bean.

"What is that? Will it heal his injuries? Because I can hardly believe that something so small can heal his injuries."

"Actually they will heal his injuries completely and restore his energy that he used up." Trunks says so that he can help his friend in this sticky situation.

At this Videl relents and lets Krillen give Gohan the Sensu Bean. After a few seconds Gohan sits up to come face to face with Videl.

"Uhhh…Hi!" Says Gohan as a blush grows on his face due to how close he is from Videl's face.

"Hi…my name is Videl." 'He's really cute' She says as a similar blush grows on her face due to her thought.

"Oh I'm Gohan and it's nice to meet you Videl." He states 'Wow she is pretty good looking and those eyes are just simply beautiful.' He adds in his mind.

"Likewise…" but before she can continue Krillen decides to interupt them.

"So Gohan what's your girlfriends name?" He asks with a smug grin.

"Her name is Videl…AND SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND WE JUST MET!" He yells as he and Videl turn a dark shade of red.

Before Krillen can reply to this thought Hercule comes running over screaming his head off.

"VIDEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I TOLD YOU TO STAY HOME BECAUSE IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS HERE! AND WHAT ARE DOING OVER HERE BY SOME BOY!" Hercule yells. Not making the connection between Gohan and the boy who destroyed Cell.

"Poppa I'm fine you didn't have to worry; besides Gohan saved me!" Videl says.

"No that boy didn't save you, the one who did save you had blonde hair and teal eyes." Hercule quickly retorts.

"Actually sir I am that boy and to show you I'm telling you the truth…" Gohan then turns into a Super Saiya-jin right in front of your eyes.

Piccolo who is getting annoyed with this conversation decides to step in "It doesn't matter, we have to go back to the lookout now anyway, Gohan grab the girl, Krillen take 18, and I'll take the oaf over here." His request is received with shocked looks from everyone.

Gohan is the first to find his voice after Piccolo's declaration. "Wait. Why should we take them with us. 'Although I'm not too upset with bringing Videl with us, but her dad is annoying' I mean do you think we can trust him?" Gohan states as he looks at Hercule.

"I have a few questions for him as well as a proposition for him." Piccolo forcefully responds.

Well that's the end of Chapter 1. Wow! That only took less then a day too. So just tell me how you liked it and I'm trying to decide wether or not I should have Goku comeback or not. Even if he doesn't come back; Gohan will still love his dad.