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A-Z one shots going from before the movie till the end of the series and maybe a little beyond. We'll see how you guys like them.

At the Beginning

It was a quiet summer day in Retroville and the sun was high in the sky. Cindy Vortex and her best friend Libby Folfax sat on the edge of the Vortex pool drinking lemonade. Mrs. Vortex was sitting on a chair not far from them, tanning in the sunlight.

"It is a perfect day outside today," Cindy commented.

"I agree one hundred percent Libs. Nothing could spoil this afternoon."

Libby nodded.

Just then there was a loud squeal from across the street. Mrs. Vortex pulled down her sunglasses from her eyes and was staring at the people climbing out of the car across the street.

"Oh, the new neighbors are finally here!" She commented as she peeked over the fence.

"What do you mean finally?"

"The house has been sold for months. I was wondering if they were actually ever going to come. I should go make some of my famous banana bread!"

Mrs. Vortex turned to her daughter and Cindy knew what she was going to say. She opened her mouth to protest but her mother shook her head.

"We're going over in half an hour, no arguments."

She sighed.

"I guess I spoke too soon."

"I bet they'll be nice," Libby smiled.

Cindy shrugged as she hurried inside.

By the time she was finished changing her mother was waiting impatiently at the foot of the stairs. She gestured for her daughter to follow her out the door. Together they walked across the street to the brown house and knocked. The old green car in the driveway was still stuffed full of things and Cindy noted that there were building materials laying in the back yard.

Just then a woman with bright red hair opened the door.

"Hello there!" Her mother greeted. "I'm Sasha Vortex, and this is my daughter Cindy, we live just across the street from you. We baked you a little welcome gift didn't we, Cindy?" Cindy was staring at the woman; she looked frazzled and slightly dazed.

"Oh well, I don't usually allow visitors when the house is such a pit, but you can come on in! Hugh, we have visitors!" She called.

She heard a scurrying from the kitchen and then a man with chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes came into the living room smiling from ear to ear.

"Is that pie?" He asked hopefully to the thing in her mother's hand. She shook her head no and Hugh sighed.

"Oh well, it still smells good!"

While her mother made nice with the new neighbors she studied the various things strewn across the living room. There was one box sitting at the bottom of the stairs that caught her attention.

Jimmy's stuff- DO NOT TOUCH.

"Actually we have a young son, his name is Jimmy. I think he's up in his room at the moment, but I'll call him down to meet Cindy. Would Cindy like that?"

Cindy didn't answer but her mother nodded her head.

"We would love to meet him."

"Jimmy! Come downstairs, we have guests!"

"I'm a bit busy right now! I'm mathematically calculating how big this room is."

"JAMES Isaac Neutron!" She called and then Cindy heard a bedroom door open and close upstairs. As he turned the corner and came into view, Cindy's stomach leapt into her throat.

His hair was chestnut brown like his fathers, and his eyes were sapphire blue. His head was oddly too large for his body, but Cindy found this intriguing. As he came down the stairs, her skin started tingling. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. But, she managed a small smile as he stopped in front of them. He returned the favor, giving her a nervous and uncertain smile.

"Jimmy," Mrs. Neutron interrupted. "This is Sasha Vortex and her daughter, Cindy."

"Hello, I'm Jimmy Neutron, boy genius," he said.. When Cindy finally spoke, her mouth was uncomfortably dry.

"I'm Cindy," she replied.

"Yes, I do believe your mom said that," he responded. Cindy blushed again.

"Jimmy! That was not very nice, apologize."

"Sorry," he said unconvincingly. "I just don't know why mother let a member of the female gender into the house."

Cindy blinked. This boy didn't act like the other boys she knew, he was odd. He was different. But, was different good?

She could tell that she felt SOMETHING for this boy, but she was still uncertain what. She did know that this was how she felt around Nick, the strange buzzing of the skin and the strange feeling that her heart was leaping in her chest.

Hold that thought, did he just insult her? She shot him a cold glare.

"Because I'm the smartest girl in my class, and we're neighbors."

"I bet you can't even recite pie to the hundredth decimal."

Cindy's mouth fell open.

"You did NOT just go there," she hissed.

He smiled; she took note that his smile made the tingly feeling return to her skin much to her brain's objection.

"I did."

"Pie is infinite! Who on earth has time to memorize to the hundredth decimal?"

"Hmm," he added to himself as he dug out something from the box near the stairs. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some repairs to do on my jetpack before I can start school. I miscalculated the thrust…" he muttered to himself as he started back up the stairs.

Mrs. Neutron was grinning at Cindy who was furious and Mrs. Neutron obviously could tell.

"James, apologize this moment."

He sighed and turned back to Cindy.

"Sorry," he muttered quietly, as he fiddled with a button on his jet packet. "THERE! I think I finally fixed it! I'll just give it a try."

"JIMMY, NO!" His mother cried.

But, the boy genius hit a button on the jetpack and the engine started up. Then there was a loud POP and he burst forward, running straight into a bewildered Cindy. With a definite thud, Cindy landed against the door and he landed on top of her as the engine came to a stop. His warm breath fell on her face and her brain unexpectedly felt like it had been stuffed with cotton balls.

She grunted in frustration.

"You should watch where you're going big head," she hissed and his cheeks flushed a little bit realizing just how close their faces were.

"Sorry," he whispered as he outstretched his hand and helped her up. His skin was warm… pleasantly warm. "I thought I had it right that time," he muttered and then smiled at her. She ignored the way her heart was pounding and frowned at him.

"Just watch out next time, got it big brain?"

He shrugged and walked upstairs, still concentrating intently on his jetpack. But, he turned back and shot her a smile.

"See you in class, Cindy."

For a few moments, the parents stood watching Cindy, who hadn't moved a muscle. Mrs. Neutron smiled nervously.

"Sorry about him, he's a genius, but he's still a boy."

Cindy looked up at Jimmy's mom. Her head still felt a little funny. She nodded.

"It's all right Mrs. Neutron. But, we must be off, so thank you for letting us come in and visit with you!" Her mother spoke happily and then gently pushed her daughter out the door. Mrs. Neutron waved and then closed the door.

"Ugh! What a terrible little boy they have!" She hissed venomously. "Stay away from him Cindy, he's trouble. I can feel it."

But, Cindy was too lost in her own thoughts to pay attention to her mother. Her brain was shouting that he was an ignorant toe rag, but as those eyes came back into her brain she was made aware of a frightening possibility.

If she wasn't careful, she would develop a crush on him. She simply couldn't have that! Nick was totally dreamier then that stupid loser.

She clenched her fist tightly. No one called her a loser, without paying the price.

"Just wait, I'll show him," she hissed venomously.

So she ignored the way her skin tingled and decided that the churning of her stomach was because he irritated her so much. Even still, she found herself smiling as she caught another glance of the house across the street.

One thing was for certain. Nothing would ever be the same in Retroville again.