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The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. She inhaled, savoring the sweet taste of the warm breeze.

After a long winter, spring had finally come to Retroville.

With a smile she took off the heels was currently she was wearing to walk barefoot in the grass. It tickled her ankles as she walked along humming a familiar tune to herself. She stepped carefully around the fresh puddles and the spots of mud. As the tune she was humming reached its climax she spun in circles.

Just then she saw her destination and she instantly stopped. Her eyes began to water as she advanced towards the headstone. NEUTRON was elegantly inscribed on the top along with his insignia.

"Hello," she whispered. "I'm just here to tell you that graduation just wasn't the same without you smiling back at me. Also, Jack proposed! He even got done on one knee and everything. I know you always said I'd never find a boy good enough, but he's perfect for me. He's such a smart ass, you'd really like him. He's a writer, did I tell you that? He did a piece a few months ago about you. The President wrote me a letter commemorating your immense achievements and now there's even talk of a scholarship at Pomona in your honor. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go to Brown, even though we both know you wanted me to go to Pomona. You paid for most of my tuition with your saved money; you were always way too generous."

She smiled.

"I brought you something," she said as she lowered a single white flower on the ground. She paused for a moment trying to think of what else she wanted to say.

Just then a warm arm slid around her waist.

"Don't worry," she whispered. "I'm almost done."

"That's okay, I'm in no rush," Jack whispered.

"Thank you for doing this with me," she kissed her husband's neck softly and he smiled.

"I've heard you talk about him so much," he responded. "I wanted to meet him myself."

After a moment of silence she bent down to gently kiss the cool marble.

"I love you and miss you. I'll be back soon."

Just as they had turned away from the graves, she thought she heard a soft whisper of her name from behind her. Instantly, she turned to cast one last glance back at the Oak tree. Sitting under the branches sat a young boy and a girl laughing as they shared secret kisses.

As the gentle summer breeze blew past her, the vision disappeared. She realized that Jack was studying her with a concerned look.

"Addie, are you all right?"

She nodded and took his arm.

"Never better," she responded.

As they walked back towards the car she smiled to herself.

Her grandparents were a true love story. Not a fairytale, a dream, but two flesh and blood people geniunely in love. Theirs was a story to tell.


Zephyr- a light, warming breeze.

A Boy and A Girl

Stretched out

Stretched out on the grass

a boy and a girl

Savoring their oranges,

giving their kisses,

lips exchanging foam.

Stretched out,

Stretched out on the beach

a boy and a girl.

Savoring their limes,

giving their kisses.

like clouds exchanging foam.

Stretched out,

Stretched out underground,

a boy and a girl.

Saying nothing,

never kissing.

Giving silence

for silence.


A/N: That's a beauitful song, and I think it expresses well what a love story is. Who is this boy and this girl? Who were they? How did they come to fall in love? I love fairytales, but real love stories are even more beautiful because they give us hope. I realize that this is also, esentially, a fairytale, but there are those real stories you know. Of two people, flesh and blood people really in love whose stories go on and on.

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