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You're pathetic. Desperate.
You always want someone- someone who will listen, someone who will care. Not like those people in the office who just gives a shit about themselves, ignoring the faltering lifeform in front of them.

I am Jack's friend.

As a child, you never had an imaginary friend. Once you think about it, you never had any friends at all. Parents wouldn't listen to you. And even if they did? They would probably kill you. If they knew what you had done..

I am Jack's therapist.

Sleep. The stars in the sky won't grant your wish- Just one night of sleep. Your eyes, your mind, your restless body craves for it. Sleep. Insomnia. Sleep.

I am Jack's pillow.

So there you were. Lost. Confused. And most of all- Lonely. You could never tell anyone your secrets. Diaries were for girls. A notepad? If anyone who cared found it, they would laugh. Not with you, but at you.

I am Jack's ear.

I listen, and I learn.

Your whole life is a mess- Why bother tidying it up? It will always cover up happiness with it's dust and all that shit.

I am Jack's maid.

No-one cares. Get used to it. Oh, that girl.. what was her name? Marla? More like 'marijuana'. She's a drug, and you need her, no matter how bad it is, no matter how much it will hurt you. You must have her. Now.

I am Jack's drug.

Tyler Durden. Even the name sends a shiver down your spine. The mere thought of him. His voice.. is so unique. Nothing quite like it. Didn't you feel something as your hot, sweaty bodies touched for the first time? His body doesn't seem to age.

I am Jack's jealousy.

Remember the time before you met Durden? That time when you had never discovered how it is to feel pain, love, friendship. All you did was watch movies involving such things in your then-crappy flat which is now blown up. All because of him. Tyler. Tyler Durden.

I am Jack's flame.

All those feelings that swept over you when you found out- Shock, disbelief, hatred running through your never-ending veins. How comes that you can still breathe, still walk after all of this? Fight Club. The one place that you can unleash those feelings without getting into trouble.

I am Jack's emotions.

The red liquid that squirts out of your body every time you get hit. But when you're fighting Tyler, it feels.. different. He only seems to bleed when you do. It's like he's waiting for you. Waiting for you to give up.
Waiting for you to die.

I am Jack's blood.

Why have you not considered ending it all? You have the luxury of choosing how you would like to leave this place. A knife, a rope, a tall building to jump off- Would you like anything else? So long, cruel world. Nice knowing you.

I am Jack's murderer.

I am.. Tyler Durden.

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