Chapter 1

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"Ever get the feeling that life is just an observation into our innerselves?"-unknown

I yawned as I tried to keep myself awake. It was almost time to close. I hated working these late nights. No one ever came in here the last hour before close unless it was some crazy person looking to sell shampoo or something or just someone drunk the usual.

I sighed looking at the clock again. My names Will and I've been working at this pizza place for 4 years ever since my college life went to hell. It's a long story and I really don't want to think about it right now.

"Hey Will. What are you doing after we close?" Sarah asked walking up. I looked at her. She was pretty only 2 years younger than me. I myself am 24. She had long brown hair with those big brown puppy dog eyes. "I'm probably going to just go home and pop in Mass Effect as usual." I said turning back to the clock.

I heard her sigh "That's all you do that's all you ever do.. You sure you don't want to come have some fun at Erica's party?" She asked giving me a smile. I turned back to look at her.

I knew she was interested in me but to put it blank I've never been one for relationships. I've only had one girlfriend in my life even then I wasn't too interested. I wasn't gay or anything I just never felt the need. I kept myself busy with other things in life. Sarah and I had been friends for about two years now and that was all I wanted from her.

"Sorry Sarah... You go have fun alright. Just make sure you can work tomorrow or Terra will have your ass." I said.

She looked slightly hurt my rejection of her but it quickly disappeared and a smile was put in its place. "Don't worry I can hold my liquor" She said turning to walk away.

**************1 hour later***************

I dragged my feet through the door. It was midnight and a Saturday to mention that. I was so glad I had the Sunday off. I closed the door and walked over to the kitchen. I turned to the counter and looked at my answering machine. 1 message flashed and I hit the play button.

"Will...It's Stacey. I know you probably won't bother calling me.. But they are having a small ceremony to honor our parents next Saturday please come... please Will... It's hard on me too... but its been 4 years... Will.. call me ok." I stared at the machine listening to my sisters chocked up voice.

I sighed and walked over to the couch taking off my shoes and socks and putting them by the side of it. I turned on the TV and Xbox and hit play game once the dashboard came into view.

I had been working on one of the side missions in the first game. I had both games but one thing I did constantly was go back and play the first and use that same character in the 2nd.

I watched the screen. It was the briefing after Liara had been Rescued on Therum.. I looked the dialogue in this game it was so awesome. My favorite romances from the games was Liara number 1 and Miranda in the 2nd game.

I sighed leaning back as I walked my Shepard to go see Ashley. I paused the game and yawned. I decided to grab a shower and PJ's before stretching out on the couch. I would probably fall asleep playing it as usual.

I grabbed my clothes and headed for the shower. I turned the water on, undressed, and stepped in.

I sighed as the hot water hit me and I let it soak in.

Suddenly the everything started to shake 'oh shit earthquake'

I put my hands against the shower wall. Suddenly there was a bright flash. I closed my eyes against the light that was stinging my eyes.

I felt something heavy hit me and I slammed down into the tub. I grabbed at what ever hit me and strangely it felt soft. I squeezed what ever it was still having my eyes closed and I heard a loud Moan.

My eyes snapped open to stare at the back of... of... wait a sec... I was staring at Raven colored hair. My face turned red as I noticed that my hands were on her chest.

"What the hell?" I said out loud.

I heard a gasp and the Woman bolted upright and turned looking at me "Miranda?" I said.

Her eyes widened in surprise "How do the bloody hell do you know me?... where am I?" She said looking around.

It was then I noticed that the woman had no clothes on. My eyes started to travel down her body when she seemed to realize the same thing.

"Turn your head this instant!" She yelled.

I turned my face toward the wall as she stepped out.

I stood and did the same. I noticed her staring at my body also. I couldn't help but smirk as her eyes lingered on my lower half for a moment.

She had wrapped a towel around herself. "Where are we?... This doesn't look like the Normandy or Citadel." She said.

I looked at her while wrapping a towel around myself also.

I started walking for the door. I stopped and turned to her "You want some clothes?" I said.

She stared at me for a moment before nodding. I walked down the hallway. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that she was following. I went into the guest room and pulled open the closet.

I pulled out a shirt and pair of shorts and handed them to her. "These were my sisters when she stayed here about a 2 years ago." I said handing them to her. She nodded and walked towards the guest bathroom.

I went and threw my PJ's on. I walked back to the guest room.

My mind wondered to Stacey.. My sister and I used to be real close... at least until about 4 years ago when mom and dad...

I snapped my attention back as Miranda walked in wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a pink shirt that said "Too Hot" I had to laugh inwardly at that.

"These garments seem to fit but they look ancient." She said.

I sighed "Follow me" I said heading out of the room.

I walked to my front door opened it and stepped out. She came up to the doorway and I heard a gasp. I turned to see her eyes wide and a hand over her mouth.

"We are on Earth?... But it doesn't look right. I don't see any shuttles I..." Was all she was able to muster.

I wasn't sure what to tell her but I decided to be honest. "What would you say If I told you that you were in an alternate dimension and in the human year of 2010." I said looking at her.

Her eye twitched and she fell backwards passing out.

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