Chapter 60

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DoomsDay Part 6 The End?

Alicia tried to hide her emotions as the image of Tali stared at her awaiting a reply. She closed her eyes for a second and took in a deep breath to steady her nerves. This was the woman that had broken Will's heart and it disturbed her greatly.

Finally pushing the issue aside of the moment she opened her eyes and her gaze sharpened at the woman's image. "Thank you Tali'Zorah, your offer of assistance is accepted. Though I might ask, how did you know the situation that is currently happening? I mean I didn't think with the way Will and you parted... that you would even think of joining our cause?" Alicia questioned.

Tali didn't speak for a moment. It seemed she was looking Alicia over rather critically. "What happened between Will and I is personnel. I don't think it concerns you." Tali's said. Her voice had gone cold.

Alicia growled "Watch it, that's my fiancee your talking about." Tali's body language indicated she was surprised and than Alicia saw something that surprised her. Tali's head drooped a little as her shoulders sagged. Regret, Tali regretted what she had done.

Finally Tali looked back up "That can be discussed later, for now we have more pressing issues." Tali said changing the subject.

"I agree" Alicia said. "We need to coordinate an attack on Harbinger. We currently have a team inbound to pick Will up. He was captured by Harbinger" Alicia finished. She watched as Tali's head seemed to glance at her for a moment before turning back to something off screen.

"Very well, We will begin our combat runs. Well coordinate with you." Tali said. The screen vanished and Alicia sat back and sighed.


There was a flash and I opened my eyes to find myself standing in the very spot I had been standing before.

"Well?" Harbinger asked from one of his TIM clone bodies. I blinked and looked around.

"I did what you asked." I said.

TIM smiled "Very good, now that that's accomplished. I think its time for you to die."

One by one all the clones pulled out AR's and Pistol's and aimed them at me.

"Thank you for your gracious contribution to the end of your race." Harbinger said smiling. Suddenly the machine behind me buzzed loudly than a loud noise was heard. The machine set off a invisible wave of energy that rippled through the room and into the rest of the ship.

I watched as the TIM clones dropped to the floor on their knees screaming in agony.

I glanced back at the machine one last time than moved towards the door. As I was moving past one of the clones it grabbed my leg. I looked down to see the TIM clone's eyes flashing from red to blue. "What... what have you done to me?" He struggled to say.

I smiled "Just getting a little revenge for all the species you've destroyed in your disgusting campaign. Goodbye Harbinger. Your death marks the beginning of a new ago of organics."

Harbinger chuckled "True I may perish, but what about the others still in dark space?" He smriked.

I responded with a smirk "That problem will take care of itself in a moments time.

Sure enough on que another wave of energy ripped through the ship. This time however, it infiltrated Harbinger's communications and shot a signal out from the ship. The signal blazed past the fleet and headed towards the vortex. The vortex was about the size of a basketball and would close in a moments time. This was all the signal needed as it tore through the hole and hit the first Reaper it encountered. It than began to bounce from Reaper to Reaper. The virus that infected these ships was designed to take away their friend or foe recognition systems and have them target each other. As the vortex closed no one would see the epic battle of the entire Reaper fleet turning on themselves.

Harbinger stared up at me and sighed. "You've won, but at what cost?" He said.

I frowned "What do you mean?"

He smiled and quickly tapped his wrist. There was a beep than some kind of announcement started blaring throughout the ship. I turned back to Harbinger. "What was that?" I glared. I grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him against the wall. He coughed up some weird kind of blood and started to laugh. "It's my going away present. Goodbye." He said before his eyes went dark. I stood back and dropped his body.

I turned and ran through the door. I moved quickly as the blaring was getting louder. I ran for what felt like hours only to realize I was hopelessly lost. I stopped at an intersection and looked around.

Suddenly a voice called to me. "Will!"


Alicia watched as the Quarian ships came along side the fleet and began to Hammer at the remaining Cerberus ships. Alicia glances up at the screens that show the images of the Quarian Commander as well as the commanders of the rest of the combined fleet.

"Keep Hammering!" She yells as the 'Orion' rocks from an impact. "Alicia, It's Harbinger." Erica yells. Alicia turns to see the great Reaper twisting and turning as its having some kind of seizure.

"What do you think is going on?" Erica asks. Alicia shakes her head "I haven't a clue, but we've got more important things to worry about at the moment." She says. The 'Orion' dodges one barrage while simultaneously firing off its cannons and gutting another Cerberus ship.


"Stacey?" I ask. Before I know it I'm enveloped in a fierce hug by her. She pulls back and smiles.

"Thank god your ok bro, now let's get the hell out of her." She says. I can only nod as I follow her. We pass through an archway and come across my mother. "Come on kids let's go." She says ushering us quickly forward.

We run through various corridors as the sounds of explosions are heard all around us. Finally we burst through an opening and spot the shuttle.

"There it is!" Stacey yells. We run towards the shuttle went suddenly the floor heaves violently and were thrown backwards onto the floor. I scramble to my feet quickly only to see a giant tentacle sticking up through the floor.

"What the hell is that?" Stacey yells.

The floor heaves again as another tentacle bursts through the floor. The two tentacles begin to open up the holes farther.

"We've got to get to the shuttle." Jane says. I look at my mom and nod. We began to make our way around when there's a god awful screech. I turn to see a mini version of Harbinger pulling itself up from the floor.

I stop as my mother and sister run a little farther before turning to me. "Go on, I'll keep it distracted." I yell to them.

Stacey looks at me like I've grown a second head "What are you insane? Get moving." She yells.

I shake my head "No, get in the shuttle. Leave the ship, I'll be along shortly" I say. Stacey's watches me for a moment before nodding in understanding. She grabs moms arm and leads the woman back to the shuttle. Mom turns to me giving me an odd look as the two quickly board the shuttle.

Harbinger starts to turn towards the shuttle. I grab my locusts and fire off a few shots towards him. The distraction works as it turns towards me.

Harbinger raises a tentacle and I see a familiar red light gather. Harbinger fires and I just barely dodge as the blast destroys the wall behind me. I glance out of the corner of my eye to see the shuttle blast away out of the hanger. I turn my attention back to Harbinger.

"You will die here."

I smile "Maybe, but you'll be coming with me."

Harbinger roars and fires another blast and I dodge again. I nearly collide with a wall that I had jumped towards. More explosions suddenly rock the ship and I know I don't have much time. I turn back to Harbinger.

"Well it's been fun, but I've got to run." I say. I quickly feel for the familiar energy that I've grown accustomed to over the past few months and see the energy form around me.

Harbinger's form starts moving towards me and I concentrate as I zip past it as one of its tentacles crashes down were I had been.


"Is that all of them?" Alicia asks. The remaining Cerberus ships had put up a good fight but in the end they lost to the combined power of the different races.

"Alicia, the shuttles headed for the hanger." Erica says. Alicia nods "Is Will on board?" She asks.

Erica stares at the screen for a moment before shaking her head. Alicia suddenly feels sadness but before she can think further there's a brilliant flash of light.

"Shields now!" She yells. Suddenly the ship is rocked by a powerful shockwave. Several consoles explode as personnel are thrown out of their chairs.

"Is everyone ok?" Alicia calls out. A few grunts of 'yes' and Alicia slowly gets to her feet.

"Damage report." She says. Erica pulls a crewman that was killed in the blast off of his station and begins working on the terminal. A moment later she looks up at Alicia Shields are down and hull integrity is at twenty four percent.

The door to the elevator suddenly opens and Jane and Stacey stumble into the room before dropping to their knees out of breath.

Alicia and Erica quickly ran over to the two women or in Erica's case limped.

"Are you two ok?" Alicia asked. She noticed a nasty gash on Stacey arm. Stacey looked up and nodded as she tried to catch her breath.

"Where's Will?" Alicia asked. Stacey stared at her for a moment. A moment was all it took as Alicia could see the pain in the woman's eyes.

Tears started to fall from Alicia's eyes as the weight of what happened came upon her. Stacey turned to her Jane and buried her face in her mothers neck as she started to cry.

"What the..." Erica started to say but stopped. Alicia started to turn around when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and could see that the hand was glowing. She looked up to see a smiling Will.

"You didn't think I'd die that easy did you?" Will smirked. Before he can speak again he's wrapped up in a tight hug by Alicia. She stands back and promptly punches him in the eye.

"Ow, what the hell Alicia?" He cries. Alicia puts her hands on her hips. "That's for making me worry you big idiot." She than wraps her arms around him again and pulls him into a passionate kiss.

As the kiss breaks both blush as chuckles and catcalls are heard around the bridge.

"Alright, alright you've had your fun." Will says stepping back and looking at Jane.

"Contact the fleet. Have all Captains meet me in the hanger in thirty minutes." He says. Erica nods before heading to the coms station.


The elevator opens and Will with his arm around Alicia steps into the hanger. He's flanked by Jane, Stacey, and Erica. The various Captains each have guards assigned to them. He wasn't surprised. He had an idea. He just hoped they would listen.

Will smiles at each of the Captains including Wrex who was surprisingly quiet during the fight. Though he knew the reason as several Krogan vessels had boarded various Cerberus ships and had been to preoccupied with slaughtering the crew to answer the fleets previous hails. Wrex nodded his head slowly. A clear sign of respect and Will did like wise.

Will goes to turn to the Tevos who smiled and nodded her head. Will smiled and nodded in return. In the end the Asari had proven to be valuable allies.

Will next turned to Anderson whose face was unmoving. Will nodded his respect and Anderson did likewise.

Will started to turn when he felt his muscles lock up. In front of him was Tali along with Shala'Raan. They were accompanied by a marine guard.

He nods and starts to turn away when he hears Tali's voice. "Will, wait." He sighs and closes his eyes for a moment before turning to look at Tali.

"I know that things are over between us. But... I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Tali says. Her visor is glued to the floor.

Will stares at her for a moment before he nods and steps back to look at the entire group.

"I want to think you all for coming here. It was a great effort by all our species. But there we are missing one group." As if on que Legion steps in the room followed by two Geth.

Will catches Tali and the other Quarian's visibly flinching as Legion walks up to Will and grips his hand in a handshake.

Legion steps over to the side of Wrex and the other Krogans.

"Now, I have a proposal for you all. While it is clear the Council worked for many years it needs to be updated." He pauses to look at each of them in turn. "I want us to form a new galactic council. It will have a representative from each of the races in the galaxy. It's a lot but I believe we can do it."

Each of the Captain's looks at each other before slowly they start nodding.

"What about the Geth?" One of the Quarian's says. I smile and turn to Legion "Well?" I ask.

Legion flaps flash before it speaks. "The Geth will join this alliance." The machine states.

As everyone starts to move off and converse with various Captains I feel Alicia's arm wrap around me. I turn to stare into her eyes "You did it." She says smiling at me. I nod my head. So I did.



Over the next few weeks several major things happened. The research base that had been conducting experiments on children like Faith was destroyed along with the horrible doctor who had master mined the experiments.

Ashley was forgiven for her act as she was only following orders. She was reassigned to be Anderson's permanent bodyguard.

Once news of the Reapers destruction and the on coming creation of a new Galactic council was in the works thousands of individuals from across the galaxy cheered at the prospect.

Erica became Will's Commander of his personnel fleet. She was glad for the job and was excited at the prospect.

Eve decided to appoint herself as my personal bodyguard. I didn't object much. As Emily soon did the same.

Stacey, Faith, and Jane moved into a home that is right next door to mine. Jane was determined that she would spend her remaining years watching over her children and grandchildren. Stacey became head of security of the colony and was well liked by the men and women of the colony. Faith slowly came out of her shell more and was soon found running around with the other children as their laughter filled the air. Eve and on an occasion Tevos worked on her abilities to help her control them.

So now its been over a month since the Reaper attack...

"Will... Will wake up." A voice calls out to me.

"Will get up now!" Alicia says shoving me hard. I cough as I sit up and look around groggily. "What?" I ask.

"Emily's in the living room and wants to speak with you." Alicia says.

With a sigh I slip out from under the covers and stand up. I notice Alicia crawl back in on one side and on the other Tella's soft snores almost make me laugh. Alicia snuggles up next to Tella and she slowly falls back to sleep.

After throwing on a robe I quietly make my way into the living room.

Emily quickly pulls me into a hug and pats me on the back.

"What was that for?" I ask slightly amused. She smiles "Just thanking you again for everything." She says.

"So, what brings you here?" I ask.

She smiles and gestures towards the balcony. I look and on the balcony is Miranda in a hover chair which is this centuries version of the wheelchair staring out over the valley.

I turn back to Emily who steps back out of the room quietly. I stare at the door she had just went through before turning back to the balcony. I slowly make my way outside. I come to a stop next to Miranda who has yet to turn and look at me.

"So, how are you." I ask trying to break the silence. She suddenly starts laughing.

I frown "I'm afraid I don't get the joke."

She wipes a few tears from her eyes and looks up at me "Sorry, It's just the situation was funny at the moment." She says. I nod even though I wasn't quite sure of the joke.

"So, how long till you walk again?" I asked.

"About another couple of weeks of physical therapy and I'll be back on my feet." She says.

Silence hangs for a moment longer before I feel her hand slip into mine. I glance at her curious and she simply stares out over the valley. Things are quiet again before she speaks.

"I talked to Alicia." She says slowly.

I glance down at her and can see she's waiting on me to continue. I simply nod.

"She knows that part of your heart still belongs to me. I tried to tell her that I would go away, far away so that you would never hear anything about me again. I know in time I would slowly fade out of your mind." She paused as I felt my body stiffen. "But she doesn't want that." She says.

I stare at her curiously when I feel a hand grip each of my shoulders. To my surprise Alicia and Tella appear beside me.

"We discussed it Will. Some say three's a crown. Were gonna find out if four is to much." Tella smriks.

I glance at Alicia who simply nods and I feel my arm jerk as Miranda pulls me towards her and kisses me hard. The kiss breaks and I stumble back.

"Ok, if this is a prank I am so gonna get you three." Said women laugh as Alicia grips the back of Miranda's chair.

"Nope, its all true. But before you say anything else I'm kind hungry." She says. In response Tella's and Miranda stomach growls.

"Well, I guess we should go eat huh." I say.

"Yeah, after all I'm eating for two." Tella says as she rubs her swollen stomach.

"Well at least only one of you is eating for two." I say as we head inside.

"Well..." Alicia begins.

All three women laugh as I promptly pass out.

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