Before you start reading, I would like to quickly clarify what this story - or rather, the entire in-progress Totally Sonic series - is. It is my own Sonic canon, sort of. You see, for me it would be impossible, and not at all worthwhile, for me to just make a story based on a single version of the Sonic canon (games, Archie comics, etc.) and stick to that canon, even if it says things I don't like. I like certain aspects of many universes of Sonic, but I also dislike many aspects in a given universe. Instead of laying layers on a pre-established canon, then, I am basically building my own version of the Sonic universe from the ground up.

Now, don't get me wrong. Even though this is my own version of the Sonic story, I still stick with much of the well-established canon and I don't make broad, sweeping changes just for the sake of being different. Totally Sonic is similar to the games, Archie comics, and SatAM in many ways. But, like I said, this is my own story, and I am not consistent with all Sonic universes (as such is impossible) and I am not consistent with any one universe either (as such is not preferable for me). Also, you'll notice many things don't have any particular grounds in any pre-established Sonic aspect. Some things are largely the result of my own imagination or inspired by various non-Sonic things.

In other words, enjoy the story. XD

PS: Someday I'll make a fan comic out of this and publish it elsewhere, so stay tuned! (Just remember, I'm a huge procrastinator.)

Totally Sonic

The Complete Sonic the Hedgehog Chronicle

A Series of Fan Fictions by StoryMaker

Book 1

Children of the Ring: An Origin Story


South Island. Thousands of years ago.

Currently, the tropical isle was inhabited by a large assortment of Mobians, under the rule of the monarch Alexander Acorn. Only a few years had passed since the mysterious "Chaos Catastrophe" had stuck the Echidna people, and it seemed to have knocked the Chaos Emeralds - the greatest sources of power on Mobius - off balance. And, as you should know, if a great source of power is off-balance, it cannot be utilized to its fullest potential. Large amounts of scientists were now investigating the problem, trying to find out what exactly happened to the emeralds. Two of those scientists were Professor Arnold Weezilian, a young adult weasel, and his mentor Raxice, a very intelligent hyrax.

As they sat together this day, they talked. Weezilian was fingering a purple Chaos Emerald - the only emerald they could find at the time.

"Something about these emeralds," Weezilian said, "is so...chaotic."

Raxice snorted. "They always were. It seems, though, that we forgot about their instability and a catastrophe had to happen to remind us."

"So much power," Weezilian said. "Why can't we control it? They could in the old days."

"Supposedly," Raxice said. "I'm not sure anyone has ever had a very good grasp of their energies. For a while, the Water Spirit of the echidna people helped them channel the chaotic energies, I know that much..."

"But it got corrupted, I hear," Weezilian grumbled.

Raxice nodded. "Supposedly. Still haven't heard much about that incident. Seems it practically wiped out the echidnas."

"Can't say I mind too terribly much," Weezilian said. "After all they've done to us."

Raxice was silent for a while. Just then, a teenage purple hedgehog walked up to Weezilian.

"Maszer, yor drink," he said, clearly very unfamiliar with the language.

"Ah, yes. Good Abishai," he said, picking up a glass and taking a sip.

Raxice glanced toward the hedgehog slave. "Abishai is rather fast," he said, picking up his glass.

"Hm. Yes," Weezilian said with a smile. "Great runner, and he hardly spills the drinks anymore."

"Ever since you beat him," Raxice said, half-growling.

Weezilian bristled. "Oh, everyone gets punished in their youth, slave or not. I don't act that cruel towards him, and I don't see what you have against slavery. I mean, as long as you're kind to them, I don't see the problem. Anyway, you know Abishai would have nowhere to go without me. The Hedjillians cast him out."

"Yes, I know," Raxice sighed. "Let's get back to the emeralds."

"Yes, let's," Weezilian said. He examined the glimmering crystal. "Something is missing. We need to find a means to connect with it, you know?"

"Yes, but what means?"Raxice said.

Weezilian sighed. "I wish I knew, but I don't have any idea, and as long as I don't, we're getting nowhere. Maybe..." He picked up a slab of a crystal-like substance.

"Ah, yes, the energy-absorbent material you found in the underground mines," Raxice said. "Thought it might help, but didn't find much of use."

"Yes...but do you think it's possible there's something else helpful underground?"

Raxice shrugged. "Who knows?"

"Well, I want to find out," Weezilian said, standing up. "I'm going to go into the Crystal Mines. I'll be back as soon as I find something."

"Well, you might not find anything," Raxice said, "but go ahead. It's better than lazing around, making up strange theories like children."

Weezilian smiled and ran off.

Abishai watched as his master disappeared in the distance. He sat down. He wish he knew more of what they were saying, but he couldn't grasp the language. It seemed that every day he would hear several new unfamiliar words.

He knew something, though. He knew they were talking about the emeralds.

He remembered his mother telling him about them. In ancient times, she said, the Hedjillian tribe and the Knuckles tribe worked together to discover some of their secrets. She told him about how the Controller and the Seven Servers were bound together, like a ring of harmony, but, because of the battle between Good and Evil, Positive and Negative, they were at the same time always bound by chaos.

And it seemed that evil had won over the echidnas. Once, they, like the emeralds, were in a binding ring of friendship with the Hedjillians, but that has changed. They were desperate to have all the power they could, and they attacked the Hedjillians, killing and capturing many...including his parents. He survived, though, and went into hiding with the other survivors. When the echidnas were virtually destroyed by the Chaos Catastrophe, the tribe attempted to recover, but they simply couldn't take care of everyone.

That was how he met his Master. Serving him, he could stay alive, but he wasn't happy. He was bound to serve his Master, an arbitrary figure he couldn't even communicate with. He knew he ought to be content, but it was hard when you had no friends and no life outside of obeying an authority figure who had no interest in you outside of what you could do for him.

And then...there were the emeralds.

His Master and his companion were trying to find something out about them, he could tell, and Abishai wanted to, well, do it with them. He wished he was their companion and not a slave. All the things he could tell them, all the things he could learn!

It made him angry that it would never be this way. But it didn't really matter how he felt nowadays.

Abishai sighed. He fingered the slab of crystal-like mineral that his master had found underground. It was somewhat plain, but he liked the way the light reflected on it. It reminded him of his mother's jewelry.

It reminded him of the tales and the dreams, and the talk of being together with the echidnas and the emeralds in a ring of harmony again.

Just then, Abishai felt as if some holy angels were whispering into his ears, quietly. Without thinking about it, Abishai picked up the slab and a chisel and began to chip at it. He didn't know why, but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do at that moment, like the Heavenly King himself wanted him to.

"Hey!" Weezilian side-stepped, narrowly missing a rock about to fall on his head. He grumbled. He wished that he would be able to burrow with a device of some sorts, which would shield you from harm as you traveled. But all of his attempts had problems such as engine failure.

Maybe, he thought, we'd someday be able to power engines by Chaos Emerald...if we can find a way to connect with it. Yes, that's right. Stay on track.

He had found a few more samples of the energy-absorbent material, and a few ordinary crystals, but aside from that, nothing useful. He sighed. Maybe he'd never find anything good.

"Hmm?" He though he saw something glimmer. He looked around. His eyes brightened. Sure enough, there was a glowing golden crystal, a bit like a Chaos Emerald.

Somehow, Weezilian just knew that it was going to be a help...a big help. In fact, it might just be the key.

Weezilian slowly approached the glimmering stone. Then, he grabbed it. And pulled. And pulled.

"Grrnkh!" Weezilian groaned as he yanked with all his might. He gasped for breath. It wasn't coming out of the cave wall. He needed his pick-axe. He snatched it off his belt and held it high, ready to tear the crystal out and bring it back above ground.

Alas! The pick-axe was of no more use than his bare hands. The crystal was tucked deep within the wall. Weezilian picked away for what seemed like hours, but it was stuck just as hard as it was before.

After he had picked away for what seemed like an eternity and had no success to speak of, Weezilian was angry. And when people are angry, they do things which they wouldn't normally - crazy things which don't help anything - just because they're mad and they have to take their anger out on something.

Weezilian slung the axe back, and brought it forward - right on the glimmering stone, shattering it to pieces. Weezilian gasped, then shrieked, for out of its remains golden energy blasted out full-force. He ran and ran as fast as he could toward the exit, but the energy could not be stopped, and it too blasted out of the mine.

Chip, chip, chip.

"Ah," said Abishai. He knew his creation was done.

He held up a plain, but almost perfectly shaped, crystal ring.

"Urk!" Weezilian's shoulder was scraped by the blast, causing him to fall to his knees. The heat, the irritation, and the pain caused Weezilian's eyes to cloud with tears. This was the end!

Just then, Weezilian looked up. The energy was arcing westward. Confused, he got up and walked in the same direction as the flow of power. He could hardly believe what he saw.

His slave - Abishai - was holding up a ring. The tide of energy was swirling around it, flowing steadily into it. It continued flowing, until all of its fullness was completely contained in the ring, which glowed with the radiance of the purest, most beautiful gold. Weezilian couldn't utter a word.

Abishai basked in the warmth of the glow as he felt the energy. He slowly let his grip loosen, allowing the ring to hover on its own. Then, the most amazing thing happened. Out of the ring, more rings came forth, and more, and more, and more, spreading all over the land.

Abishai couldn't remember being this happy. He thought of his mother, and his father, and the Heavenly King himself smiling on him.

Softly, Abishai uttered a phrase in his native tongue. "Unas Docir, graundes resu."

Single Ring, great impact.