Bernie could hardly believe it. She had never seen eyes as beautiful as Jules'...but these eyes came very, very close. Tears streamed down her face as her hands gently held the beautiful creature: a tiny blue hedgehog that resembled a little version of her husband, but with beautiful green eyes, smooth tan arms, and a tan spot on his belly. Bernie held her wailing baby close to her. She couldn't help herself; she laughed and cried at the same time.

Right beside her was her husband, who looked on, filled with love - love for his wife and his child that was simply overwhelming and crowded out every feeling of discontent. It was simply astounding.

The doctor - a tall, well-built, light-blue wallaby by the name of Dr. Kyleson - was not even looking at the sight of love and bliss before him. Rather, he was stooped down, staring intently at a screen. An illuminated light upon it zipped up and down like a heart rate monitor. "That's...odd," he finally said.

Bernie glanced over. "What's odd?" she asked, briefly wondering if something was wrong.

"This sensor detects any forms of chaos-related radiation. It seems that your baby is radiating something..."

Bernie gave Dr. Kyleson a very weird look. "What?" Then she looked back at her boy. "Have you been radiating lately? Tsk, tsk. What a naughty boy," she cooed softly, smiling broadly at her newborn baby.

Dr. Kyleson straightened up. "Well, ma'am, it certainly isn't anything serious...I don't think it is, anyway. It's just that, your son is giving off the same energy he would had he just absorbed the energy from a large quantity of rings."

"Well, that's strange," Bernie said. "Is it bad?"

"I don't think so..." Dr. Kyleson said. "I'm just not really sure why it's happening." He shrugged.

"That's alright," said Bernie. "Not all of life needs explanations."

Jules, however, was more interested. "Is this unusual, or does it happen often?"

"Oh, it's very unusual," Dr. Kyleson confirmed. "I mean, it's not all that weird if a baby radiates a small amount of ring energy; it's presumed to have just been transferred from the parents. But to radiate this much energy is certainly odd."

"Well, I do absorb rings regularly," Jules said.

"Do you handle chaos emeralds on a regular basis?" Dr. Kyleson asked with a small smirk.

", I don't suppose so," Jules said, thinking of the one time in his life that he did handle one, but not thinking it appropriate to mention anything of the incident.

"Well, I was just thinking that the reason he might be radiating all this energy was if, somehow, some raw chaos energy affected his body - if such a thing happened, it might have an amplification effect on whatever ring energy was transferred to him. But it's highly doubtful such a thing occurred," Dr. Kyleson explained.

"Mmm-hmm," Bernie said, obviously not caring as she held her newborn son. "What will we name him, Jules?" she asked, looking lovingly at her husband.

"Oh! Uhh, I thought we decided on Maurice," Jules said.

"Yeah, we decided on Maurice unless I thought of something better, dear," Bernie said, smiling.

"And what did you think of?" Jules said with a smile.

Bernie flashed a grin. "Sonic."

"Sonic?" Jules laughed. "What kind of a name is that?"

"It's the kind of name that belonged to my great-great-great-great-something grandfather, dear," Bernie said, still smiling.

"And who was he?" Jules asked.

"Why, Sonic, of course," Bernie said.

"I know that much," Jules laughed. "Who was he?"

"He was a warrior," Bernie said. "The brave warrior-leader of the Faithful Clan of the Margidites. Sonic the Bravehog, that was his name. Brought his people into a new land as promised by the King of the Heavens; that was him."

"And his name was...Sonic," Jules said with a weird smile.

"Really truly," said Bernie. "The perfect name for this little boy," she said.

"Uh-huh," said Jules. "I like Maurice."

"I like Sonic," said Bernie.

"And I like Maurice!" said Jules good-naturedly, getting down close to his wife and giving him a kiss.

"Hmm, OK...Sonic the first name, Maurice the middle name," Bernie said.

"How about the other way around?" Jules suggested.

"You can always call him Maurice," Bernie said.

"You can always call him Sonic," Jules said.

"A'em!" a voice said. The nurse, a green fox named Foxie, walked up. "Some'un gotta sign all t' stuff on t' birt' certificate!"

"Oh, the birth certificate! Of course," Jules said. He signed his name. "Now you sign it, Bernie." He handed the slip of paper to his soulmate. Bernie busily wrote.

"There! All done!" she said, handing it back to Jules.

"There. Now we can write the name- hey!" Jules said. He noticed, with dismay, that Bernie had taken the liberty of not only writing her own name, but also the baby's name - Sonic Maurice Hedgehog.

"You can always call him Maurice," Bernie said with a smile.

Jules sighed and smiled. "Of course," he said. Then he looked at his baby boy.

"Hey there, Sonic Maurice Hedgehog."

Sonic rolled around in his crib. Well, Sonic or Maurice. He wasn't quite sure.

He was 6 months old. Of course, he didn't know that.

All that he knew was that he was restless. He was full of energy and wanted to move, move, move!

He flipped over and crawled around the crib as fast as he could. He crawled around, and around, and around in laps around his crib.

He crawled, and he crawled, faster and faster, more and more. The energy within his body almost seemed to swell. He felt so happy, so excited!

He crawled and crawled and crawled and crawled and crawled. But soon, that wasn't enough. He needed to do something with the energy, the great energy within him. It seemed ready to burst right out of him!

It was such a seamless transition that Sonic hardly noticed it. But suddenly, he was going faster than he had ever gone before! He giggled and laughed and smiled. "Wheeee!"

Sonic hardly noticed as Mom walked into his bedroom. But then, he heard his name. "...Sonic?"

"Oop!" Sonic dropped down and snuggled up in his blankets, doing his best to look asleep.

Mom walked slowly to Sonic's crib and stared and her son. Her voice was slow and disbelieving. "Sonic...were you...running?"

Sonic didn't stir. He did his best to look asleep.

Mom shook her head. "Oh, I must be seeing things. There's...there's just simply no way. Six months...and running!" She walked out of the room.

A smile spread across Sonic's face as Mom left. He threw off his blanket, got up, and ran.

"Jules...I just can't believe it," Bernie said as she sat down next to her husband, who was watching TV.

"Can't believe what? The special effects?" Jules asked.

Bernie sighed. "I...I just walked into Sonic's room, and...and I could've sworn he was running!"

"Running?" Jules asked. He laughed. "Somehow, I don't think so, Bernz. Running at six months?"

"I couldn't believe it either!" Bernie said. "But...but I was just thinking about our boy...the 'radiation' the doctor was talking about when he was first born...his obsession with trying to get rings...crawling at three months..."

"Yup! That's my son alright," Jules said, smiling. "Maurice the Miracle."

"Or Maurice the Mutant," Bernie said, giggling.

"Alright. I'll have a check on our li'l blessing," Jules said, getting up. He walked toward Sonic's room, but on his way, he picked up a bag and plucked out of it a golden, shimmering ring.

"Oh, don't give him another ring, Jules!" Bernie said.

"Why not?" Jules asked.

"Oh...I don't want to encourage him!" Bernie said.

"Why not?" Jules asked.

"I...I don't know, I just...oh, do whatever you want," Bernie grumbled.

"Thanks, I will," said Jules, walking into Sonic's room. As soon as he set foot in the room, Sonic's eyes brightened. Jules smiled and waked closer.

"Giwiwat! Giwiwat!" Sonic gurgled, standing on his knees and staring at the ring.

" want a ring, don't you, Maurice?" Jules said with a smile.

"Giwiwat! Giwiwat!" Sonic said, reaching upward to touch the ring.

"Okay...if you're really sure you want it..." Jules dropped the ring in the crib.

Like a little puppy lunging after a treat, the tiny blue hedgehog snatched up the ring. In a flash and a shimmer, the ring faded away. Sonic stood up straight. Then...he lunged forward and starting running, giggling as he did so.

"Whoa..." Jules stood awestruck. "You're...running."

Sonic just continued, giggling and running.

Jules just stared, silent. "...Wow..." he finally said, slowly. His boy was still running.

A prayer spontaneously rose to Jules' lips. "Heavenly this what you wanted to happen? You wanted me to have this boy, didn't you? And that's why you worked things out the way you did..."

Jules smiled and looked on at Sonic.

"That's my boy. Maurice the Miracle."


OK, yeah, I know the description originally said it would have the Great War and Robotnik's takeover...well, the ending just seemed perfect. So...I'm going to save the Great War and all that stuff for the next book. Hope it doesn't bother you. ;P

I'm planning on revising this story, by the way...I'll upload all the revisions when they're done, so you can read a nice, final draft of this currently rough work. Look for it relatively soon! (I hope.)