So here is the Persona AU fic. The winner was Minako being rich with four butlers and a butler dog so this is what came about as a result. A shojo fanfic pretty much. Haha. Minako's personality ended up warping a bit when I wrote it. Oh well. Anyway, enjoy chapter 1!

Minako Arisato was not an average girl to say in the least. Sure she looked normal, with brown hair and red eyes; she dressed like a normal person more or less. But there was one thing that Minako had that not many others did. She was the rich daughter of a rich family, actually one of the wealthiest in the country of Japan. She lived in a usual home-err mansion with plenty of maids and one cool old butler named Sebastian (her father imported him from England so he had a cool accent even when speaking Japanese). However one day, on her seventeenth birthday to be more exact, everything took a turn for the weird.

The day started off as any typical day. Minako woke up and climbed out of her huge plush bed at the crack of dawn. Koromaru, her faithful dog followed her as she went out to the practice room for morning naginata practice (her father wanted her to be able to defend herself in a fight if need be). After that, it was breakfast time. Today was a simple breakfast of toast made from bread imported from Italy and butter made on some mountain somewhere or another that was famous for it along with some tea. It was her father's way of keeping Minako down to earth. For her to remember that there were people beneath her stature and this is what they ate. Apparently.

"Minako," spoke her father after the meal has been put before them.

Minako daintily sipped at her tea and looked up at her father. Like her, he also had brown hair but his eyes were a startling blue. "What is it father?" she asked as she bit down some toast.

He looked nervous all of a sudden. "I hired some bodyguards for you, and they will be also serving as your butlers."

"What?" Minako stopped eating her toast in mid-bite. She looked up at her father in surprise. "But what about Sebastian? And bodyguards? I can take care of myself."

Her father looked away uncomfortably. "Minako. I know it is your seventeenth birthday today and you don't want to hear this but there is something you must know."

Minako put down her toast and stared at her father head on. "What is it?"

Her father looked away from her. "You see, because you are seventeen and a female of the Arisato family and the heir to the fortune…well there's this thing where if anyone can marry you before your eighteenth birthday, the fortune is automatically given to him regardless of what you think."

Minako just stared at her father in shock. "What is this? This is the twenty-first century! Stuff like this doesn't happen today!"

"I'm sorry sweetie but you see-"

Minako didn't want to listen to another word. She got up and stormed out of the room in a very unlady like fashion. Koromaru, sensing her mood quickly got out of her way as she put on her school uniform and grabbed her bag before heading for the door. Her father was waiting for her.

"Minako! The bodyguards I hired will be here after you come back from school day so please come home right when school lets out."

"Whatever," snapped Minako angrily. She slammed the door behind her and ran across the ridiculously long driveway. She knew she was being childish but she couldn't help it! What was her father thinking doing something so…stupid! She didn't need bodyguards! She barely said a word to the gateman as she stormed out of the huge golden gates that surrounded the property.

She lived in a pretty normal neighborhood. There were nice houses lining along the streets and many Gekkoukan High students could be seen walking as well. Minako was happy that the school was within walking distance…otherwise she didn't know how she would let off all this anger and frustration inside of her.


Minako turned slowly. "Hello Yukari."

Minako's best friend Yukari Takeba froze in her tracks. "Umm, did something happen Minako? You have a scary look on your face."

Minako sighed. "It's a long story." If Yukari was freaked out about her face she thought how everyone else thought of it when she was walking around. She would probably get arrested for scaring small children or something.

"Well we do a while until we get to school so tell it."

"That sucks," said Yukari when Minako had finished telling her all about how her father was hiring new bodyguards for her and that she was forced to a marriage with anyone the fortune would go to them. "I'm so happy I'm not a heiress or anything."

"I wish so too," sighed Minako. Unlike Minako, Yukari lived in a normal small house with her mother. Her father had passed away years ago but even though the two had been friends since grade school, Yukari never talked about it and Minako wasn't going to push about it.


Minako and Yukari quickly stepped apart and Junpei Iori stumbled in the spot between them. "Hey!" he cried, turning around to face the two girls. "Why'd you do that?"

"Reflex," replied Minako.

"We don't want to hear your loud voice this early in the morning Stupei," said Yukari. She had her signature no-nonsense look on her face. "We were discussing an important matter here until you popped in."

"Well I have an important matter too!" replied Junpei. "I finally got a job. And it's a pretty good paying one too and-hey! Where are you guys going?" Junpei whirled around as the two girls walked past him.

"To school Stupei!" called Yukari.

"Well wait for me!" Junpei ran over until he was walking next to the two girls and the three made idle talk until they got to the gates of Gekkoukan High. Well it was more Junepi saying something stupid and Yukari calling him an idiot but it was still fun. Junpei and Yukari had known each other from middle school (Minako had went to different one that everyone else) and when Minako and Yukari rekindled their friendship in high School, Junpei was a part of the deal.

As they got closer to the gates they saw a black limo was pulled up and a red haired woman stepped out. She threw her hair over her shoulders and her attention caught Minako, Yukari and Junpei.

"Mitsuru," spat Minako.

"Minako," replied the older woman. She smiled. "The Kirijo family stock has gone up. It is above the Arisato stock at the moment." She turned and began walking to the school with fanboys and fangirls which seemed to appear out of nowhere in tow.

Minako tightened a fist and she suddenly had the urge to punch something. "Stupid Mitsuru!" she screamed and kicked hard at the wall of the school and created a small dent.

"Calm down Minako. She's just trying to rile you up," said Yukari, her hands hovered over touching Minako but she didn't want to.

"Yeah," agreed Junpei quickly. "She's just trying to make herself seem better but she's not. You know that Minako. She's just jealous."

"I know but still!" She kicked the wall again. "Mitsuru and her stupid stock and ARGH! She infuriates me!" The Arisato family and the Kirijo were rivals. It didn't help that it had started years ago when the Kirijo family stole a piece of land that belonged to the Arisato (or was it the other way around?) and since then the families hated the other. "Why does she have to act all high and mighty!"

The squeal of fangirls made Minako look up again. Was Mitsuru coming back to taunt her again? Nope. It was Akihiko Sanada and his harem of fangirls. As if her day already couldn't get any worse, she had to deal with the fangirl squeals twice in one day.

"Akihiko-senpai is popular as well," commented Yukari as Akihiko walked past them. He didn't seem to know the girls were there but they were screaming his name obnoxiously loud. How could he not hear them?

"Who cares about Akihiko!" snapped Minako, still annoyed by what Mitsuru said plus what her father said and from the sound of fangirls, she kicked the poor wall again. "Stupid dad, stupid Mitsuru stupid fangirls! ARGH! Today is going to be horrible!"

"Can you please keep it down?"

"Who said it!" snapped Minako, turning to the voice. It was from Shinjiro Arigaki. She blinked. He was a bigger guy than her but she didn't stop because was scared of him. It was just the fact that he was in a school uniform. The guy hardly came to school and whenever he did he always seemed to slack off and never wore his uniform. That made him quite famous around the school and seeming him in this was a bit unnerving.

"Finally, you became quiet. Good. You're better that way."

Minako bristled again and she was about to shoot a comeback when she heard the warning bell ring.

"Crap! Come on Minako, we're going to late," said Junpei.

"I'll take care of you later!" Minako called to Shinjiro before running after her friends.


"That sounds rough," said Fuuka Yamagishi. The two were walking out of the school together. Fuuka was from the class next door and the two had ended up becoming friends when Minako had told off a bunch of girls that were bullying her. Minako had met up with her because Yukari had archery practice and Junpei wanted to go early to the first day of his job.

"It is," sighed Minako. "I mean it's only for a year but a year that I might get forced into a marriage. Not good in anyway shape or form."

"I wish you luck," said Fuuka as they reached the gate to the school. The two lived in opposite directions. "But do you want me to walk with you? Just in case."

Minako rolled her eyes. "I'll be fine Fuuka."

"Well okay then. See you later Minako."

Minako waved goodbye to her green-haired friend before setting off for home in a quick pace. She knew the bodyguards were going to be there today. Maybe she should go and yell at them or act weird until they ran away? She didn't need bodyguards. What was he father thinking?

It was then when she noticed the car following her. She looked around but for some reason, the street was deserted. Of course. Today was already a bad day and it looked like it was going to get worse. This was why she wished she could bring her naginata to school.

Out of the car came out a couple of thugs and they slowly approached her.

"You're Minako Arisato right?" asked one of them. "Our boss wants you to come to him to you know, get married and such."

"Yeah, yeah," Minako put down her school bag, glad that she had decided to wear shorts under her skirt today. "I'm just happy I can use you guys to relieve tension. Today has been a really bad day and this will help me blow off a lot of steam." She glanced around as five thugs surrounded her. Or maybe not. They looked pretty big…Now she regretted not just calling for help but her cell phone was in her bag and there was no way she would have time to get it.

Minako wasn't too good in hand to hand combat but she had some idea of what to do.

She heard one of the thugs grunt and she turned to the sound. One of the thugs fell to the ground clutching his stomach. "Akihiko-senpai?" Minako asked in surprise. The young man didn't say anything but attack another one of the thugs with his fist.

Not wanting to be shown up, Minako jumped into the air and round kicked a nearby thug. The two worked in surprising harmony for a first fight. They complimented each other, Minako using her feet while Akihiko used his fists. Soon enough, the thugs ran back to their car and flew away.

Minako wiped the sweat off her head as she picked up her schoolbag. "That was invigorating." She turned to Akihiko. "Thanks for the help but I could have taken them on by myself."

"You need to be more careful," said Akihiko seriously.

Minako crossed her arms and looked away. Great she's blown off some steam and then Akihiko had to remind her of her father's wish to give her bodyguards. Actually he had already hired them and she had to go home to meet them.

"Come on, let me walk you home."

"I'll be fine by myself," replied Minako curtly. She turned and began heading in the direction of her house. After a few steps she glanced over her shoulder to see Akihiko was following her. She sighed and waited for him to catch up so they were walking side by side. "So why did you help me? I thought most people viewed me as the spoiled rich girl that is not student council president." Her temper flared slightly as she mentioned Mitsuru but it cooled quickly.

"I saw you were in trouble and I decided to help," replied Akihiko. He seemed to want to say something else but he didn't and Minako wasn't really in the mood to push. They walked the rest of the way in silence and when Minako reached the huge golden gates of the Arisato property she thought Akihiko would take his leave but he insistence on taking her to the door of the mansion. Knowing that if he tried anything she could call security now she allowed it.

As soon as she opened the door to the house, her father seemed to appear out of nowhere. "There you are Minako. You're butlers slash bodyguards are waiting in other room but one is late. Oh never mind, he's right there."

"Eh?" Minako turned around and saw Akihiko was standing just inside of the door. She glanced back at her father and at Akihiko again. "EH!" she practically screamed. "…you…you're one of the guys my father hired!"

Akihiko nodded.

Minako really felt like kicking a wall again. That explained why he helped her before. It was his job! She whirled around and quickly walked into the adjacent room.

"Hey Mina-tan!" Junpei waved obnoxiously from one of the many couches in the parlor room. "The little sandwiches in your house are awesome tasting!" He was picking them from a small plate on a table between the two couches. On the other couch was Shinjiro Arigaki. He just grunted in Minako's direction before returning his attention back to the sandwich in his hand. Was he trying to figure out what was in it?

"Uh, hello Minako-san."

Minako looked to her left and blinked. "Wait. Who are you?" she asked the little boy. The guy had to be in grade school or something.

"I'm Ken Amada. It's a pleasure to meet you Minako-san."

Minako couldn't take it anymore. This was just too crazy. So she did what she always did when things were not going her way. She headed for her room.

So that's chapter 1. I hope you all enjoyed it! This was a fun happy thing for me to write in the middle of all my homework.