Chapter 26. The second half of the previous chapter which probably should have been one huge chapter now that I'm thinking about it…oh well.

Where in the world was that idiot!?

Minako put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently on the ground. The club was deserted. Rise's concert had been amazing after it finally began and she had a blast rocking out to the music. Now the concert was over and everyone had gone home. Well, everyone but Minako and her unnecessary large party. And that was because they were missing a certain someone.

"I can't believe Stupei just disappeared on us," she murmured in annoyance. Everyone else had spread out to search the building to see if Junpei was anywhere. So far, no such luck. Yukari had ended up leaving a little while ago because she had gotten a call from her workplace. Apparently she was working tonight. After saying she was sorry she had ran out.

"This is very weird even for him," Akihiko said. He had checked all around the stage area but after finding nothing, he had joined Minako at the bar area where they all had chosen to meet up after searching. "We are not allowed to turn off our phones while we're on duty."

"Well he's Stupei." Minako jumped on a bar stool and began moving back and forth on it. This was one of the few times she wished she was of age. She needed a drink…. "Although I have to admit that this isn't like him either. He's an idiot but he would have at least sent one of us a text to tell us he was going home or whatever."

They fell silent. Gah! This was so…awkward. She couldn't remember the last time she was alone with Akihiko. Wait. Wasn't it during that incident!? "ARGH!" Minako grabbed her head and tried to push those thoughts out of her head. She had been doing so well about forgetting about it. Why did she have to remind herself of it!? Plus that wasn't right! They hung out and had beef bowls together with just the two of them. Why didn't she think of that and not that!?

"Uh…are you okay?"

She winced as she glanced over at Akihiko. "Uh, fine," she said quickly. She sat up and coughed a bit. "So uh…how's your sister doing?"

"Miki's doing alright. She's not bedridden anymore. She's well enough to go for walks outside at the moment which is great. She loves nature and loves to draw flowers and plants and stuff so…" He trailed off. "Sorry. This is probably boring for you."

Minako shook her head. "No, it's fine!" This was a nice safe topic. Not like her crazy wild thoughts. "I think it would be cool to have a sister. I'm stuck with Minato and well, he's not the kind of person I can play dress up with." She grinned to herself. Although she did have a blast doing that when they were younger. She still had the pictures in the back of one of her desk drawers. If Minato ever found out….well he was never going to find out if Minako could help it.

"Maybe we could have a Beauty Pageant for the cultural festival!" suggest Minako. "And it can be all guys dressed up as girls. I know it can be popular!"

"Uh…what?" Akihiko stared at Minako. "Sometimes I have no idea where your mind goes."

Before Minako could make a retort, Aigis and Minato returned. Shinjiro and Fuuka were right behind them. It looked like they had no luck either.

"He is currently not in the vicinity," spoke Aigis.

"Honestly, where did he go?" Shinjiro grumbled. He had taken out his phone and tried calling Junpei again but nothing.

"Although I don't care much about him, should we contact the agents?" Minato asked.

Minako shook her head. "No. There is one more thing we can try…" She hopped off the bar stool and walked over to Fuuka. "Fuuka. I need you to find him."

"Huh…what?" Fuuka stared at Minako dumbfounded.

Minako put her hands on Fuuk's shoulders. "This may sound very, very, weird but listen to your instincts. Where does your mind tell you where Junpei is? If it helps you, think like you are inside a blue orb that is the dress of a woman looking thing. Or a woman wearing a red dress with a ton of eyes and wings. Oh wait. I think it's too early for the second one…"


"And there she goes again. Spitting out nonsense."

Minako glared at Shinjiro before returning her attention back to Fuuka. "I know you can do it. Just trust me."

Minato stepped up next to his sister and also put a hand on Fuuka's shoulder. A very, very faint smile touched his face. "I know you can do it Fuuka-chan. Just believe in yourself."

Fuuka's face turned red and she looked away from Minato. "I…I'll try."

"Stop seducing my friends," Minako murmured under her breath. "And drinking that pheromone coffee."

Minato just shrugged before walking over to the bar.

"Look at him with his stupid swagger and his ability to make everyone love him," Minako grumbled. Oh how she wanted to post those pictures of when they were kids on the internet. She couldn't because Minato probably had pictures of her as well.

"Uh Minako…I think…I think Junpei is on the roof of the building. If that makes any sense."

"The roof huh?"

"We didn't check up there," said Akihiko.

"There is no need to check up there." Shinjiro shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Well we are checking up there!" Minako scanned the club for the manager who was hanging by the door. It was obvious he was waiting for the group to leave for the night. "Hey!" she yelled at him. "How do you get to the roof?"


"Come on now! The concert is already over! You lost or whatever!" Junpei struggled against the chains that were tied tight around him. He couldn't believe this had happened. Yes, he had seen Chidori in the crowd. He had caught up to her and she had told him that she needed to show him something. And before he knew it, he was on the roof and currently chained up.

Chidori stood in front of him, her face devoid of all emotion. She was silently staring at him. He didn't know if she was upset or mad. "I told you to tell the other bodyguards to not help Minako defeat the suitor however you ignored that order."

"Uh well…" Junpei looked to the side. How in the world was he supposed to explain everything? Sure he might have been stretching the truth with telling her that time they met on the bench by the station that he was the great Junpei and able to take on ten suitors at once. And how he was better than all of the other bodyguards in protecting the dear princess. And how the princess was so grateful to him that she had promoting Junpei to head bodyguard.

Well in his defense, he never thought he would end up getting tied up by the same girl he had been talking to.

"Look Chidori, I know this might seem odd but…"

He didn't even get to finish as the door burst open and Minako stumbled onto the roof with Aigis, Minato, Shinjrio, Akihiko and Fuuka right behind her.

"Oh my Junpei," giggled Minako. "I didn't know this was the kind of thing you liked. Maybe we shouldn't have come up here after all."

"It isn't like that at all!" Junpei protested quickly. "Now help me!"

"Tch," Chidori bent down and picked up a hatchet she had sitting by her feet.

"Go Aigis! Use restrain!" Minako wished she had a ball to throw but meh, this could work.

Aigis was on Chidori in an instant. The robot made the red-haired girl drop the hatchet before restraining her.

"I can't believe I guessed correctly…" whispered Fuuka.

"I knew you could do it," Minato patted Fuuka on the back.

Fuuka blushed and turned away. "Oh…umm…I…"

Minako walked over to Chidori and picked up the fallen hatchet. There was a chain attached to it. "Weird weapon you got here…"

"Give me back Medea!" yelled Chidori, trying to fight Aigis. Of course there was no way a human girl could take down a robot.

"Medea…" Minako stared at Chidori for a few seconds and looked down at the hatchet. "Oh, I get it." She grinned. "Clever use of naming there."

"Give her back!" yelled Chidori.

"Uh….let me think…" Minako thought for a moment. "How about no?" She threw the hatchet behind her and crossed her arms. "So…who are you and what are you up to with kidnapping my bodyguard?"

She fell silent and looked away.

"Are you one of the Strega Siblings?"

A slight twitch of a brow. Minako's eyes narrowed. How in the world did she fit in with Takaya and Jin? The three weirdos. That would be the only way.

"Give me Medea!"

"Chidori…" Junpei got up. Akihiko and Shinjiro had freed him from the chains.

"She seems a bit unstable," commented Minato. "Maybe it would be good to take her to the Arisato hospital? And to keep an eye on her?" He was watching his sister carefully out of the corner of his eye.

"That'll probably be a good idea. She's a bit…ummmm." Minako shook her head. Chidori was still screaming for Medea. "I think we should take that hatchet of hers too. Just so we don't get stopped while we take her there."

She looked over at Junpei and his fallen expression told her that there was something more going on here than a kidnapping attempt on one of her suitors. "Let's get going and get out of here."

Aigis walked out first while dragging Chidori along with the others following behind her. Minako waited until she was in the back and she walked right next to Junpei. "So what happened?" she murmured. "I'm guessing this girl was the one you had been meeting by the station right?"

Junpei looked at Minako in surprise. "Yeah…that's her. I didn't think this would end up happening…"

Minako patted Junpei on the back. "Don't worry. We'll figure out what is going on here."

"By the way…what are the Strega Siblings?"

"No idea," replied Minako. "I just know they want the fortune too but at the same time don't." She thought of how they had helped Tanaka and that monk. What the heck were they doing? "Anyway, hopefully Chidori can give us the answers we need."


Minako looked over at Junpei but she could not read his face. Something told her she was getting no flags with this guy, whatever that meant. She increased her pace until she was walking next to Fuuka. There was nothing left she could say to Junpei. Nothing at all.