Yakumo was wandering around a forest when she came upon a cave. She ventured into the cave to find sunlight falling through the ceiling. She followed the light with her eyes and saw a bird like enterran made of stone. As she walked closer to the statue she saw words inscribed at the base of the statue.

"A ally of humans, lover of light." it read.

"Yakumo!" a voice called.

"In here Mushra!" Yakumo called back.

"What are you doing in here Yakumo?" Mushra asked.

"I found this statue of this enterra. Look at the base Mushra." Yakumo replied.

"A ally of humans, lover of light. Is this a enterran from the past?" Mushra asked.

"I think so. I think she tried to save humans." Yakumo replied, "I wonder what she was like."

~ten years ago~

Sora was walking through a forest blanketed in snow. What she found was astonishing. She could see trails of destruction in the forest. Sora followed the dustruction and found a man with lavander hair in samurai armor lying in the snow. Sora could see that he was alive and knew she had to help him. She lifted him onto her back and took him to a nearby cave.

Sora looked for wounds and found none, there was no encards either around so Sora figured that the enterrans that attack the man was still alive. Sora started a fire and laid the enterran next to the fire to get him warmed up.

Few hours later the enterran started to stir. As he started to wake he reached for his sword that was actually by Sora.

"Sorry but I didn't know what you first reactions would be so your sword is lying beside me. Once I know your better I will give it to you." Sora said with a smile as she watched him sit up.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"In a cave away from the cold snow. I found lying in the snow so I decided to help you." Sora replied happily, "How rude of me. My name is Sora."

"Musrambo." He name replied.

"That's a long name. How about Mushra for short. Is that okay?" Sora inquired.

Mushrambo nodded and Sora smiled at the approval.

"We won't be going anywhere right now. There's a snowstorm happening right but I brought enough wood in to last for a couple of days." Sora said as she laid done on the ground and curled up by the fire.

"Thank you." Mushrambo said diverting his gaze to the fire.

"There's no need for that. We are friends now. We look after each other." Sora replied with a smile.

~Present day~

Yakumo was standing in front of Rusephine the bird queen.

"You sound like a Enterran that shared the same views of you and died because of the very same words. If only she was power hungry she would have become a queen like me." Rusephine said.

"What are you saying?" Yakumo asked.

"You have seen her before even though you do not remember. She was the Enterran that tried to save the countless little lives of you pathetic humans and actually succeeded in saving yours at the cost of her life ten years ago." Rusephine replied.

~ten years ago~

"Doctor Tatsuro you have to hurry. He will be here soon. I can feel his energy coming." Sora said in her hyperform.

"I am almost done. I want to ask you something before I am finished. Why are you betraying your own race to save us humans?" he asked Sora.

"I had friends who were humans before this war came. I hold no grudge or hate toward others. I protect those who needs protecting. Now stop talking and get Yakumo to safety." Sora replied as she readied herself for Mushrambo's appearance.

"I will, I know no one has told you this but thank you for everything you have done for not only me but for Yakumo and the others." Dr. Tatsuro said before taking Yakumo to a hidden room.

Sora smiled at him as she readied herself as she felt Mushrambo near closer. It was only a matter of minutes when Mushrambo knocked down the doors.

"Hello Sora. I am sorry but you will have to die so I can save Enterra." He said coldly as he neared her.

In her bird like hyper form she flapped her wings to release a gale force wind to try and push Mushrambo back away from her.

"What has happened to you Mushra? Why did you turn dark when you were so full of light?" Sora asked as tears threatened to show.

"I wanted to be stronger and being friendw with humans make you weak like you are Sora. They are weak and need to be exterminated." Mushrambo said darkly as he unsheathed his sword.

Sora lunged at Mushrambo with her claws aimed for him. Mushrambo blocked her attack using his sword and then used a lavender ball aimed at her stomach. Sora went sailing into the wall.

"Why? Why do I fight the one I love with all my heart? Why do you have to do this?" She yelled at him.

" You are weak and weaklings must be exterminated." Mushrambo said with venom.

"That's no you Mushra, that's not the Mushra I know. Mushra was the one who protected me as we traveled around Enterra. You are not the Mushrambo I knew." Sora cried as she fell to her knees.

"The Mushrambo you knew is forever gone now move aside and your crimes will be forgiven." Mushrambo said as he started walking toward the door the Doctor and Yakumo went through.

Sora got up and stood in front of the door with her hands. The one thing that shook Mushrambo off guard was her smile she had on as she stood in front of him.

"I won't let you take another live." Sora replied as she stood there.

"Then you leave me with no choice." Mushrambo said as he fire a lavender ball at Sora.

Sora was thrown through the steel and against the capsule that Yakumo was in. Sora used all her strength to stand up again.

"Why do you wish a death of a meaningless cause?" Mushrambo asked.

"Because same where inside you the Mushrambo I know is trying to come back to the light. We traveled together for such a long time that I know him better than anyone else." Sora replied with a small smile.

Mushrambo went running toward Sora with his sword aimed for her heart. Sora did not move for she knew what she must do. She stood there now with his sword impaling her but she did not sink to the floor. She simply wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I know Mushra is there. I can feel him coming but I am afraid that I must do this so that the darkness is put to rest." Sora said as she transformed into a normal form.

There around her neck was a necklace that had a white jewel pendent on it. It started to shine brightly as the light started to engulf them.

"The truth is that I am your guardian. Your guardian angel who loves you forever and ever. I will wait for your return Mushrambo. My Mushra." Sora said lovingly to him as he started to turn transparent.

"What have you done?" he asked.

"I am dividing your power so that you will someday return to liberate this world from the hate and anger." Sora replied as he turned into three jewels.

She watched the jewels shoot to the sky in different direction. The sword that had impaled disappeared and she finally fell to the ground and became a card that turned to dust.

~Present day~

A woman with long black hair dressed in a blue tank top and cargo bant and black knee high boots stood on a the edge of the cliff.

"I will wait for your return my love for I know you are out there." The woman said as she watched the sunset.

Author's Notes: So originally this is a oneshot but I am starting to think about turning this into a story. Give me your thoughts please on how you like this oneshot/ possible story.