The sky erupted in thunder and lighting.

Golden Mushrambo lays on the ground in near defeat.

As Lanancuras gloats about his strength while Mushrambo lays there on the ground.

'When ever you land on the ground face first, you got to get back up.' A voice said in Mushrambo's mind.

"Sora." He murmured to himself as he slowly picked himself up.

'Don't let others beat you down. Stand up and fight no matter the consequences.' Sora said in his mind.

As he fully stood up he saw someone standing in front of him between Lanancuras and him.

"Sora" he said slightly shocked.

"So you got back up. I am glad." Sora said in her hyper enterran form.

Mushrambo could see cuts and bruises all over her body from a battle from a kadrian, but what amazed him was how her blue eyes shined like a piercing light.

"He is my problem now my Love. Let me take care of things." Sora said she turned to him, "You have done enough. Besides it is my fault that this is happening."

Sora gently took the Reversian Blade from his hand before she gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you Sora." He told her.

"I love you too." She said with a smile.

She turned to face Lanancuras.

"Oh how touching. A guardian in love with a ordinary Enterra. Oh how romantic." Lanancuras said with sarcasm.

"I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It was my fault that I was not there when you needed me. I was not there when you fell into darkness. I could not stop you the first time and now I will stop you. I will put a end to this all." Sora said as she gripped the Blade harder.

"You will not be doing this alone either." Sora heard Mushrambo say as he set a hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you." Sora as she turned her head toward Mushrambo.

Sora disappeared suddenly and reappeared on Lanancuras's shoulder.

She stabbed him in the shoulder. Listening to his cries as the blade went into his shoulder.

She quickly flew off his shoulder and turned to face him.

"I will purify you so that madness will leave you." Sora said with a kind smile as she turned into her guardian form.

Her guardian armor and golden wings appeared as she faced him. With the blade in her hand still she stood there in the air like an angel sent down from the heavens.

She still had her smile but her eyes held a sadness in them.

'I know you can hear my thoughts love and I am sad to say that this is my departure from this world for now. It will be up to the guardians on what happens to my soul. I wanted to tell you much but I have little time to tell you.' She said in her mind hoping her thoughts would reach him.

Sora held the blade in front of her, pointed at Lanancuras's heart. It started to glow a brilliant pure white light.

'This is the only thing I can to weaken him. It will consume my life but in the end I am in peace. Like before when you killed me at Shinzo. I am at peace because I was able to see you only last time. Though who knows, maybe just maybe I will be granted another life with you.'

Sora released her power and it hit Lanancuras. Diminishing his power even more.

Sora was floating in complete oblivion that was strangely dotted with stars.

Her eyes pierced the starry sky as she simply stared.

"You have done a lot for Lady Sora." A voice said to her.

"Who are you." She asked not moving.

"My name is not important though I will say that I am a Guardian like you." The voice replied, "It is truly amazing how dedicated you to those you very close to.

"You have gone through two life spans only to try to be with the ones you love and care and yet you try to save the world at the same time. You caught the other Guardians off guard for they thought you would not sacrifice yourself when you were finally reunited with Mushrambo."

"It was the only way. I had not stored enough power in all the fighting I went through when I was protecting Yakumo. So I knew that I would have to do anything. Even if it ended my life." Sora replied.

"And yet you gave your life up. Mushrambo's rage got the best of and failed and thus our dearest Guardian, Mushra, regained his memories while he was a Guardian and defeated Lanancuras. Did you plane that from the beginning?" The voice asked.

"In a way I was. I knew Mushrambo would still not be able to beat him so I hoped Mushra's memories would be unlocked. I feel selfish in a way." Sora replied as she closed her eyes.

"So what will you do. Float into oblivion or live one more life. If you choose another life your memories would be erased like Mushra's case except he only lost them. We have granted Mushrambo his own life as well but you would be forgotten as well." The voice replied.

"I am not tired yet and I would rather be a normal enterran instead." Sora replied.

"I knew you would say that. This is goodbye then, my friend." The voice said one last time.

"So where are you going?" A woman asked a young woman with black hair and was wearing a blue tank and long tan pants and black boots.

"I don't know. Anywhere I guess." The Young woman replied.

"Well you be careful." She replied to the young woman who nodded.

"Oh and Sora, please come visit us again."

"I will." Sora replied with a grin.

Sora reached to the gates of the town she was in and saw a samurai looking man with purple hair the was in a ponytail leaning again a wooden post.

"Took you long enough." He said to her.

"Well everyone wanted to tell me goodbye. Its not every day a person just decides to go and travel with another enterran without warning." Sora replied with a smile.

The man just sighed as Sora started walking.

"Hey Mushrambo, can I call you Mushra for short?" Sora asked.

"Sure, anything you would like." He replied with a smile.