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Her tired fingers glided across the keys of her laptop as the morning light broke through her window. Even hackery at its best took time but Artie's unrelenting schedule of inventory and artifact hunting had left none of that. He had finally allowed them a day off so instead of sleeping in Claudia had decided to stay up all night and bust down the cyber walls of the Witness Protection Program.

It had been months since she had last seen Todd, when she promised she would find him. She wouldn't admit it but when the program relocated him a piece of her left as well. Now she was moments away from cracking the system and getting his new whereabouts.

"We watch as the young female stalks her prey." Claudia looked up to see Pete and Myka standing in her doorway. Myka slapped him in the arm.

"Leave her alone, she's in love," she looked at Claudia with one of those sappy moment smiles and a gleam in her eyes.

"Ok, well a) no I'm not and b) I don't even know what you're talking about so if you two would like to move along you're throwing off the feng shui of my room."

"Young grasshopper you have much to learn. We're agents….of the secret service-warehouse variety. We have eyes and ears everywhere. You, my dear, are hacking into the Witness Protection Program's system to find the location of your long lost, love stricken, technie nerd boyfriend, Todd," said Pete as he walked over to her and placed his hand on top of her head. He looked down at her computer. "Oh Waterloo, Colorado, sounds like the most boring place on earth, oh wait that might actually be Univille."

"What?" Claudia looked down at her screen. Her hard work had finally paid off and now she was staring at Todd's newly revamped file. "Thanks Pete, you turned what was supposed to be the most climatic part of my day into mush."

"No no don't blame the mushy on me, blame Artie. We have what one would say in Claudia lingo 'a ping'." She looked up at him exasperated.

"You have got to be kidding me. Today's our day off why the hell can't we get a ping when I'm in the middle of inventory."

"Oh we have, we just never called…" she glared at Pete. "...you. I'm just kidding there kiddo," he said giving her a half smile.

"Sorry Claud but Artie says it's urgent he wants us dressed and downstairs sooner than as soon as possible," stated Myka with sympathy.

"Alright fine, tell crabzilla I'll be down in a few." Pete pinched her cheek like a little kid and bolted to the door before she even had a chance to smack him. Myka gave her a faint smile and followed after her partner.

Claudia sat there reading through the new file. Waterloo, Colorado. Pete's right does sound dull as hell. They have him working as a librarian's assistant at the public library? You have got to be kidding, if Conti doesn't kill him the program will end up boring him to death. Stop it Claudia! Don't think about that, he's not going to get killed. She printed up a few pages and made her way backwards through the system to cover her tracks when some movement in the network caught her eye.

"What do we have here, another hacker trying to break into Todd's file? This is so not good." For twenty minutes and with excruciating care Claudia managed to follow the path the other hacker had taken to get to the file with hopes of determining the computers owner.

"Claudia! Get down here!" yelled Artie from the staircase.

"Jeesh Artie don't you know it takes time to get this look just right? I'll be right down."

"I don't care what you're doing, get down here now!" Claudia rolled her eyes, she was almost there…

John Conti. The owner of the computer was Conti. The mob boss that Todd was testifying against and who wanted him dead now knew everything he wanted to know about Todd's new life. Including the exact address where he lived.

"This is worse than so not good, this is really so not good. I'm a jinx! This is my fault I had to think about Conti and now here he is." Her eyes stayed glued to the screen.


Crap Artie, I forgot I gotta get down there. She shut down her computer and ran down the stairs to a waiting Artie.

"Nice to join us your highness." Artie's words dripped with sarcasm.

"Come on old man don't have an aneurism, I was just getting dressed." Artie felt like something was wrong. The wit was there but the enthusiasm behind it was missing. The retort fell dead and the two made their way for the briefing in silence.

Claudia had no clue what to do. She didn't want to tell Artie, he always got mad when she hacked anything but this was the epitome of a life and death situation. Then again what would he even be able to do if she told him? The decision was made, she'd talk to Myka after the meeting, she always knew what to do.

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