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Once upon a time, when the world was young, mankind and the Fae lived in harmony, working together to encourage life from the land they lived in. Their life depended on the earth, just as the earth depended upon them. The Fae and the Humans were alike in appearance, though the Fae were much smaller and had wings. This was the extent of their similarities. Humans constantly reached further than they were, wanting to learn new things. Observing the life around them, humans strove to learn the skills other creatures had. From the herbivores they learnt what was safe to eat, from the predators they learnt to hunt. They envied birds their wings and dreamt of flying, they watched the fish with envious eyes and wished that they could explore the depths of the world's waters. The Fae were content with their lives. They had been gifted with magick and the ability to fly. One of the things Humans envied their Fae friends for was their lifespan. When Humans were lucky to live over half a century, the eldest of the Fae had seen half a dozen. The Fae were in tune with the earth in a way that the Humans were not. They felt her as they felt their own selves, knew that she lived and breathed, felt her slumber in winter and stir in the spring. The Fae adored the Earth with their entire being whereas Humans saw her as their home and understood the need to care for it; they would never feel her as the Fae did.

In their passion to become greater than they were born, the humans followed the creatures that lived in the darkness of caves into the underworld. The earth's secret spaces, hidden from the light of the sun were explored and lit by fire. The humans exclaimed over the treasures they unearthed, shiny metals, glowing stones, unusual creatures and caverns which glowed like the night sky. Human kind became obsessed with these new discoveries, learning ways to mould the metals they gouged from its home and how to cut rock into shapes from which they could build bigger and sturdier homes. The Fae despaired the madness that slowly overtook the Humans, try as they might, the Fae could not get the humans to listen to them, nor could they show them the pain they were inflicting upon the earth. It tormented the Fae daily, each new atrocity the Humans committed was felt by the Fae as if the pain were their own. The disease the Humans had contracted had cut them off from nature, forcing the poor creatures to rape the land of her resources which were once given in return for the Human's care. The Fae Folk watched in horror as man forgot to give back to the earth after harvesting his crops, neglected to plant new saplings when he chopped trees down to create his home. Finally the Fae were forced to flee their home as mankind built monstrous cities that belched smoke and foulness into the air, poisoning the earth that breathed it. These cities took over the land the Fae had long called home and were a visible resemblance of the extent of the Humans' disease. They called it 'Technology'.

As the Human's 'Technology' allowed them to reach further corners of the earth, the Fae were driven before them. The King and Queen had decided that it was best for the Fae to drift into obscurity and hide from mankind. They saw glimpses of the creatures Humans had once been in those who strived to save pockets of land from Technology. 'Parkland' was created and protected from the clutching fingers of Technology, and in the deepest hearts of these tamed wild places, the Fae made their new homes. Spreading out through ancient forests that some of the healthier humans were protecting meant that the Fae would be more difficult to find. There was no room for them to live in the large communities they once had, no longer could they revel in the moonlight at the Fae Court Gatherings. They had to split into groups tied together by bonds of friendship and family and create new homes. The Fae always lived in the presence of Oak, Ash and Hawthorne trees due to their sacred ties to the earth. This meant that the Fae had to spread out far and wide to create their new homes and, though they intended to remember their old lives, their memories began to fade into myths and legends until they were all but forgotten in the mists of time. When they had attended the Faerie Court, the Fae Folk had been inclined to remember their past and plan for the future. Certain Fae were charged with the task of recording and recounting history. Now there was no Court, the Fae forgot. Too much. They barely recalled the horror of the human disease; the nests elected their own Queens, forgetting their true monarchs and even forgot the extent of their own kind's numbers, concentrating solely on the few nests surrounding their own and sadly forgetting there were others spread farther afield.

Over the centuries following the splitting of the Fae, mankind's disease only got worse and the Fae Folk continued to forget things they should not have. After this time spanned, it became clear that something was not right. The Fae lived long lives, but were not among the immortal. Slowly, the nests found that their males were becoming fewer until the females vastly outnumbered the males. It came to pass that some nests had only a father and his son living within them. Others had no males at all. Panic overtook the Fae and for the first time in centuries, they searched out their long lost brethren. Nests that had lived in ignorance of each other for years found they had neighbours. But no one could figure out why the males were dying out. Where humans females carried and tended the young, as mammals tended to do, the Fae Folk were egg layers. And it was the males who laid the eggs. Once a decade, were a male truly happy, he would lay a clutch of eggs. Depending on his happiness, he could lay from five to twenty eggs. These would hatch in a full rotation of seasons into a clutch of tiny Fae boys and girls. The female Fae would tend the eggs and act as foster mothers to the children, the male would watch his offspring grow, but allowed them to be cared for by others. The maternal instinct raged within certain female Fae but not the males.

Whilst eggs were one way for Fae to be born, it was not the only way, which was a good thing considering the dwindling number of males. The latest generation of hatched males did not lay a clutch that birthed any boys. The females swelled in number still, each time an innocent expressed true joy for the first time in its life, a female Fae was born. She would appear under a hawthorn tree that bloomed in celebration of her birth. Males were not born this way. Other than hatching, there was one way that a male would be born and this was a rare gift. When an acorn bloomed into a flower rather than a seedling tree, a male faery would grow inside the bloom as he would within an egg. However, being born of a blooming acorn instilled great power within the male. According to the conditions his acorn bloomed under, the faery would have greater magical gifts than seen in any other Fae.

And this brings us to our story. If you listen you can hear the soft breathing of one of the acorn bloomed Fae. He is sleeping, curled up tight against winter's chill. His magicks burn within him like flames. This is his special area of magick, fire obeys his will. He is a warm being, filled with the capacity to love unconditionally. However, this faery has yet to find his soul mate, the one to make him truly happy and to gift him the ability to sire young. The nearest male is a day's flight away and he has visited all the nests he can reach in the hopes of finding his soul mate. That male was the last one to hatch; no more eggs will be laid until one of these two males discovers true happiness. And that seems more and more unlikely.

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