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Chapter one

Bella POV

"BELLA!" a voice shrieked. I looked up to see Alice jumping up and down on my bed. I groaned and rolled over. "Isabella Marie Swan if you don't get your lazy human butt up I'll be forced to resort to Bella Barbie. Hurry up we're kidnapping you while Edward and the others go hunting." She said. The second she mentioned Bella Barbie I sat up.

"Who is-" I started but was cut off by someone hugging me tightly. "-we?" It was Emmett. Oh boy.

About an hour later I was sitting on the couch at the Cullen's house while Emmett bounced up and down and Alice changed her clothes.

"Ohhhh Aly Bella! Let's play a daring game!" He squealed when Alice came back down the stairs.

"Sure Emmett." Alice said. They both looked at me and I gulped afraid of what was to come.

Emmett POV

"PRETTY PLEASE BELLA! PRETTY PLEASE WITH MY LITTLE PONY ON TOP!" (Yeah ok I have a thing with my little pony so what I'm not the only vampire to have a strange liking.)

"Oh okay Emmett but you have to take the first dare" she said.

"DEAL!" I jumped up and grabbed a camcorder from my room. I pushed it into Alice's hands and sat on the couch waiting patiently for Bella to say my dare.

"Emmett I dare you to go to Mike Newton's house and tell him you love him and flirt with him." Bella said to me.

"Ewww why Mike Newton. He is so totally not my type at all. I mean ugh gag." I said. Bella and Alice sat looking at me like I lost my mind. "Ok fine lets go."

Alice POV

Emmett threw Bella over his shoulder and we all dashed out to my little Porsche. I sped at vampire speed to Newton's house. "Ok Emmett do your stuff." Bella said patting him on the back. Then she and I dashed into a bush that was right next to his front door.

Mike POV

I was watching High School Musical and singing along with Zac Efron when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see one of the Cullens standing to my door. "Umm yeah?" I asked. Deep inside my inner gay guy was singing the Hallelujah chorus. Those Cullens sure are dreamy.

"Mike I love you.' He said to me. I almost blushed but managed not to.

"you love me?" I asked. "I'm saving myself for Bella sorry." I said jus to see if this was all a joke.

"Oh please mike Bella will never go with you. If you go out with me I can make you happy Mike." He pleaded.

"Really! Omg I would totally love to go out with you. I mean I've always loved you and stuff but I've never been able to tell you or anyone about my sexuality. I mean it's just so awesome that you came and told me this. I think I'm gonna cry." I said gently wiping a tear from my face. Then I looked and Cullen was gone.

"DARN ITHE WAS JOKING!" I yelled. Oh well I guess I'll go back to drooling over Zac Efron.