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Chapter 4 – A day at the zoo = a chance on tv

Bella POV

Why did Edward leave me with his brothers again so he could go and hunt with his brothers again? Why did he make Jacob come and stay with us? Why does Emmett want to go to the zoo?

"please Belly Welly!" he whined. I looked at Jacob who looking bored and then at Jasper who was spinning around in circles while looking at the ceiling. (WTF)

"Fine Emmett but no funny business kay?" I said since everyone looked so bored. Jacob hopped up and Jasper stopped spinning around before he crashed into the wall from dizziness.

We got to the zoo and automatically Emmett automatically squealed, "ohh bella can we go and see the tigers!" he jumped up and down like a little girl.

"No I wanna see the fish!" Jacob and Jasper yelled. Suddenly Emmett squealed and ran to hide behind me.

"no fish! Fish are evil! Bella donbt make me go see the fish please!" he cried while jasper Jacob and I stood laughing at him.

"Why are you scared of fish?" Jacob said.

Emmett POV



End of flashback….

Bella POV

Well ok then. Emmett's sitting on the ground having a tantrum because he doesn't want to see fish. Wonder what that's all about?

"Hey Emmett we don't have to see the fish we can just go see some other stuff." I said to him. He nodded and wiped his eyes before taking a giant breath.

"Can we play a game Bella?" he squealed about ten minutes later while bouncing up and down.

"Umm sure how does it go?" I asked afraid of what was to come.

We see who and do the best imitation of the animals." He said.

"Ohhhh lets do the wolves first!" Jasper yelled. That made me realize Jacob was still there.

"You game Jacob?" I asked him.

"Yeah sure." He replied we walked over to the wolves section of the zoo and started imitating them. A random guy videotaped us and all of a sudden there wa a loud scream. You know like one of those screams that comes from a woman who just saw a mouse in her house. (heehee that rhymes). I turned around and saw Jacob in his wolf form.

"JACOB EPHRAIM BLACK!" I yelled. He walked off into the bushes and came back with a large leaf in front of him.

"Umm Bella?" he said. "I phased in my….clothes."

Jacob POV

I was sooo embarrassed. How the hell did I forget to take my clothes off first? A guy behind me whistled making me realizes my bum was out in the open. I sat down on the ground with my back to the wall of the wolf house thingy.

"Bellaaa!' I wailed. But her jasper and Emmett were laughing at me. Bella walked off and came back about 10 minutes later with a red sweatshirt and these really weird pink pants with stars and flowers on them.

"Here this is what I could find in the gift shop. And dude you own me some money." She said. Emmettheald the leaf infront of me while I pulled on the pants and shirt. The pant were all to short around the waist and big everywhere else and I didn't have any boxers on so there was this sort of uncomfortable draft around my manly parts.

"Bella I look retarded in theses pant." I complained.

"Really I don't see any difference." Bella said smiling. I started to get angry and shake.

"dude if you bust out of those clothes then you'll be going around naked." I thought about it and decided that it was better to go dressed than undressed.

"AHHHHH A FISH!" Emmett suddenly screamed. We looked at the fish he was pointing at. It was on some ladies handbag.

"Dude shut up!' jasper yelled. His eyes focused on Emmet and he was all calm again.

Jasper POV

We moved to the monkey section next. There was a bucket of bananas was next to the cage so I picked one up and tossed it into the cage. I turned to say something to Bella and something hit me in the head. I looked behind me to the banana. A monkey chucked it at me! I threw it back and the monkey threw it back at me. We stood there throwing the banana back and forth at each other.

"DAMN YOU STUPID MONKEY!" I screeched. Bella grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room smiling at the people who were watching us.

"Jasper what the hell?" she demanded. Behind her Emmett and Jacob imitated me. When I laughed she shook her head and walked off toward the snake's exhibit.

Bella POV

This was the strangest trip to the zoo ever. I was thinking as we looked at the snakes. Then I realized Emmett was gone.

"Uhhh Bella?" jasper said. I looked up and saw Jacob pointing at the tank. Emmett was in the tank wrestling a snake.

"EMMETT MCARTY CULLEN!" I screeched. He smiled and waved at me. I stood yelling while he continued to smile and wave. People had their phones and cameras out and were videotaping us. I stormed out of the room with Jasper and Jacob following me.

"Let's go Emmett we are leaving NOW!" I yelled when he reappeared.

"NOOOOOOOO Bella PLEASE! Can we go see the seals first?" he pleaded.

"Fine! But then we are leaving young man!" I said walking over to the seals. They were being fed fish. A woman in a zoo uniform walked over to us and offered me dead fish. As I was leaning in and holding out my fish I went flying.

Jacob POV

So we went to see the seals exhibit before we left. Bella was offered a fish by a nice lady in a funny hat. Mmm Bella looks so hot holding a dead fish. Well anyway I was staring at Bella , Emmett pushed Jasper and Jasper bumped into me and I bumped into Bella who….fell into the seal pool. All three of us jumped in after her. She came up spluttering and saying a whole string of obscenities. Emmett grabbed her, she grabbed me and I grabbed Jasper. Emmett crawled up a wall and it took me a minutes before I realized it wasn't the wall where all the people watched. It was a wall leaving the zoo. I grabbed onto Emmett. Suddenly Bella dropped at the same time that Emmett pitched me and Jasper over the wall. I looked over the wall to see Emmett dive into the pool and grab Bella.

He was halfway up the wall when he kinda turned and yelled, "SO LONG SUCKERSSSS".

Bella POV

I sat on the couch with Edward watching the TV. I wasn't really watching it so when Edward suddenly growled at the TV I was surprised. Then I saw what Edward was looking at and I covered my hands with my mouth. The news was on and it was about a bunch of rowdy teens at the zoo. The rowdy teens were Emmett, Jasper, Jacob and I. He calmly got up and I heard several banging noises and a bunch of high pitched screams.

"you okay?" I asked Edward.

"I think you might want to ask my brothers and Jacob that." He replied smiling at me. I laughed in reply.

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