by Sir Kiriath Machin Ni

Triana Sedai sighed and watched the yard
Where aspiring Warders duelled and sparred.
Her life was full, reflected she,
But for one thing: a close-to-her he.

The sigh lasted not long beyond that thought;
An aspirer glanced past the courtyard's hot.
That glance was to Tri, his would-be Sedai -
Would-be turned to will as he caught her eye.

Neither admitted any love at first sight,
Instead came a Bond, as well it might.
Time passed quickly, admiration ensued,
Feelings across the Bond enhanced their moods.

The two were enthralled, forever entwined,
But Tri's eyes and ears gave a horrible sign.
The Black Ajah was active, loose again,
And considered Tri's Bond a horrid sin.

This was not good, the two realised:
It could spell the end of their friendly ties.
So it was, came a Black assortment,
All to all a deathly blow sent.

The battle was fast, the Warder's forte,
Until a Black got in his way.
The Warder fell and Tri got mean -
Ever seen a Sedai use a Rolling Ring?

The deaths of the Blacks were cheered by the Tower,
But Tri and her Warder had made the win sour.
They had died, but were moved to a road:
That of legendary Bonds, Tel'aran'rhiod.