Another Important Announcement

Ok, so this should be the last chapter added to this story, now that it is officially over, but I have some good news for you. After re-reading these three stories in the WFLT Trilogy I realized how much I missed it. I missed writing my characters meeting BTR and having their story told from the very beginning. I guess I was feeling a bit of nostalgia since I started writing it after the series first debuted. Anyway, after looking the story over and seeing how there had been a lot of things I put in there that didn't make sense, or wasn't finished, I decided to go ahead and do a re-write.

Yes, you read right, I'm re-writing teh series.

In fact, it's up now and it's called Its The Rush That You Get. There's only 3 chapters so far, but it's a re-write through all three stories of my series. I don't know if it will all be under one story, or if I will split it up into three parts. The re-write will have a lot of scenes from the original stories as well as added ones, so I know that you'll enjoy it. So go check it out and tell me what you guys thinks about it.

Also, I have a new story up that's, I guess, somewhat like a side-story/companion story to the WFLT trilogy called Darkness Of My Pastthat's up as well. It's showing some of the background of the Jacksons that I hadn't shown before, as well as they're keeping another secret. Here's the summary for that fic: "There are two ways to go about having a secret; confide in someone you trust or keep your mouth shut. Guess which option I chose." A past that was kept hidden is coming back full force. SEX/ABUSE/LANGUAGE/VIOLENCE/ACTION Kendall/OC Logan/OC.

So, are you intersted...? Then go check them both out!

Thanks for supporting me through all of this. I hope you continue to do so for my future and current stories.