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Me: ^^ *warning* contains spanking!

Ichigo: Lets begin!

A 15 year young, 5'1, girl with violet red hair and beautiful hazel eyes walked down the street. This girl was known as Ichigo, normal school day girl, ex-girl friend of Aoyama Masaya, captain of the kendo team. She smiled, skipping to school. She had gotten up early to celebrate the first day and was happy.

'My first day of high school….' Yes, the girl had passed 8th grade, 'IM SO EXCITED' she mentally screamed thoughts of happiness into her head. She stopped. A frown forming upon her face.

"But, the only one I know who goes to my school is Lettuce…" her thoughts wandered to her teammates. How cool it would be to have the whole team in her class.

"ICHIGO!" wait, that was Pudding's voice…

Ichigo turned to see all her teammates, except Zakuro of course, and soon found herself grinning like a monkey.




"Good morning Ichigo-San." Said Lettuce.

"Well. Pudding so smart she got sent to the 9th grade. The teachers also rewarded Pudding with candy." Said Pudding, giving Ichigo a thumbs up.

"My guardian made me go here now." Muttered Mint.

Soon my smile got bigger, we would all be going to the same school!


We got to our class. Class 2A, where we were told we have a new teacher. Its strange, I heard we have new teachers for science and drama. We also have a new principle!

So here we are in drama. Pudding was doing tricks on her bouncy ball, Lettuce was helping people who had summer homework and didn't do it, Mint was flirting with guys, and I sat in my seat bored. Pretty soon the door slid open and everyone sat in their seat. Everyone gazed up at the new Drama teacher. She had purple hair, and she gave everyone this weird scary feeling. All 4 mews looked at each other instantly and knew who it was.

"I am your new Drama teacher. My new is miss Lavendier. Please treat me and the others around you with care. OR ELSE!" she shouted the last part and turned to the board, but not before giving me and the others a wink. "Everyone, take out some paper and take notes!"

Me and the others took out paper. We learned about a man named Thespian and how he was the first actor to walk the planet after winning a contest. From then on out, actors were known as Thespians. Thespian brought masks into theatre. (YADADADA! LETS GET ONTO THE GOOD STUFF!)

Pretty soon it was advisory, and my advisory teacher was the same person as my science teacher. We all walked in and took their seats and their teacher walked in. I smiled, it was Akasaka-san. He was our new science teacher. Me and the girls giggled to ourselves.


"May we please see Ichigo in the principles office?"

"Yes you may…SIR." Akasaka smiled and motioned for Ichigo to leave.

I stood and walked out, wondering if I was in trouble or not. Who was this new principle? What did he/she want with me? I hope I didn't get detention. On the way I found myself thinking about Ryou. I hadn't seen him and I was blushing just by thinking about him. I wouldn't ever tell anyone else, but I like Ryou. I felt my heart do flips and my blush darkened as I looked down and kept walking.

Soon I was there, I quickly opened the door and shut it just as fast.

"You wanted to see me sir?" I asked. He was facing away from me and I didn't get a good look at him. He was facing the window and didn't say anything. Was my new principle death?


"Um, hello. Ichigo here. Anyone home?" she asked sitting in a chair.

"Oh, im sorry, didn't hear you come in." he turned around. His blues eyes caught hers as they widened.

"S-S-Shirogane?" she mumbled.

Yes, there sat her boss, friend, and now principle! What was going on!

"W-What are y-you d-doing here?" she blushed as he placed his hands on hers and pulled her closer towards him. He flipped her over the seat and desk and into his lap. His mouth roaming her neck as she blushes harder, fighting the urge to moan. His right arm found its way towards her waist pulling her closer. She bites her lips as he continues nibbling on her neck.

"Its okay strawberry, these walls are sound proof…" he smirked as he kissed the spot he had been licking, biting and sucking on. Her eyes closed and a moan found its way out of her mouth.

"S-Shirogane, we cant. Were at school!" she said.

He turned her towards him and kissed her fully on the lips, while she tried to escape. She did her best to get out of it, but he was too strong, and she fell weak in his arms. Her eyes fluttered close as she responded into the kiss giving him full access to her mouth. His tongue forced its way into her mouth, exploring and licking all places he could get to. Finally he pulled away and smirked.

"That's my little strawberry." He said, fixing her now messed up hair.

"Look what you did. How am I gonna go into class without people asking me why im so red!"

He smirked and leaned into her ear, " You could just tell them I punished you with a spanking and your only red from the crying…" as he said that, his hand came in perfect contact with her right cheek, making her spring forward.

"Shirogane! You baka neko loser! That hurt!"

He glared at her and pulled her into his lap again. "That hurt Ichigo…" he pulled her over his knees and pulled down her skirt and panties, getting ready to give Ichigo her punishment.

"WAIT! Why am I getting spanked!" she asked

"For the other day, when you slapped me across the face and poured tea into my hair. And now, for calling me a baka neko loser."

"Your also a teme…" she muttered.


"OWWW!" Shiroganes hand came into sharp contact with her right cheek, she squirmed underneath him.



"Yeah! Well, you've hurt me worse than this, so take it like a mew!" his hand came into contact with her left cheek and she gasped. It hurt. A lot. She felt tears flowing down her cheeks, and she tried not to scream anything else at him.


"Your getting 20. You've only had 9."

By now the tears were overflowing, her butt was red, and she was embarrassed. She still has 11 more to go.


"YAMATE! ITAI! I HURTS TOO MUCH!" she cried out, flinging her arms and legs all over the place.

Ryou took his left arm and held her in place with it. Sending two more swats to her tomato-skinned cheeks.




"Just 8 more Ichigo and it'll all be over, now shut up." His hand came into harder contact as his hits became harder and quicker. They hurt a lot more, and Ichigo was crying hard, she had 4 more left to go. She looked at her now bruised butt, and was happy when the last swat was sent to her behind.

Shirogane pulled her panties and skirt up and made her stand up. She tried but her butt hurt like crap and she fell onto him crying. He wrapped his arms around her protectively and muttered, "I didn't want to do that… But, Akasaka said that would be a more suitable punishment. And I agree." She cried harder into his chest.

"B-But you d-d-idnt, want-t-t t-to though r-right?" she asked in between sobs.

"Of course not, I would never hurt my strawberry on purpose. Now listen, I understand your unable to walk, so I have a bed in that room over there. You are excused from the rest of your classes."

She smiled and he smiled and kissed her forehead and went to show her the way to the bedroom.

Outside the office…

Mint, lettuce, Zakuro, and pudding were all glaring at Akasaka.

"YOU TOLD HIM TO SPANK HER!" they shouted.

"What? Its what I when through when I was her age!" he stated.

Me: ….;D

Ryou: …. I spanked her?

Ichigo: :O Ryou is a pervert!

Ryou: *grabs arm* Okay, lets go Ichigo!

Ichigo: Ooh! Were are we going! :D

Ryou: into that closet…

Minutes later…


Me: ^^ I don't own! *gets wooden spoon* RYOU! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!