Me: another Tokyo mew mew fan fic. :)

Ryou: what? Why?

Ichigo: Because.

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Ichigo had run into work that night crying. It was night, the only one there was Ryou. He was asleep and woke up when he had heard someone knocking on the door. He ran downstairs and opened it only to find Ichigo run in and shut the door locking it.

"Strawberry what happened?" he asked.


"He hurt you didn't he?" His eyes softened and he brought the crying girl into his chest.

"Mhm…" she mumbled.

"What did he do…?"

"He… he tried to…he tried to rape me…"


"Y-Yes, im sorry."

"Don't be sorry." He said, " He is the one who should be sorry. Now sit down and tell me everything. Right from the beginning. He sat her down and got her a blanket and some cake.

"Well… it started like this." She said.

The girl had gotten a phone call from Masaya. She gagged, she hated him. He used to be her boyfriend, but he cheated on her. He said he needed to talk to her, and that if he didn't, he might die. She sighed and walked up to his house, he was waiting. They walked in and sat on the couch.

"Ichigo, I love you. I want you. I never cheated on you. Please give me another chance." He begged.

"Im sorry Masaya, but I have someone else I like now. Goodbye." She stood up but he grabbed her wrists and pushed her onto the couch.

"MASAYA! LET ME GO!" she cried but he wouldn't listen. He kissed her and let his hands roam all over her body. She tried to push him away but he pinned her down with one hand and let his other slide into her shirt. She pushed him away and grabbed a coat rack and swung at him, knocking him to the ground. She ran out of the house crying and into café mew mew, but she knew he was following and that he would be there too. That why she needed Ryou.

"And that's my story." She ended.



"Ryou, please help me…" Ichigo muttered.

Ryou hid her into the kitchen and went to the front door. He messed his hair up a bit and opened the door. He glared at Masaya and said, "What do you want?"

"I want Ichigo. Give her to me now!" said Masaya.

"Im sorry. She isn't here. Working hours are over genius. You interrupted me during my sleep."

"You lie, I saw her. You let her in!" he pointed at the blonde in accusation.

"So? What if I did? She certainly doesn't want to see you."

"You …. Im coming in!" he pushed Ryou onto the ground and went into the kitchen, Ichigo looked at him with wide eyes and took a step backwards.

"Ichigo, come" said Masaya in a commanding voice.

Ichigo took a step forward but was pulled back into Ryou. His arms snaked their way around her waist. She smiled. Masaya cursed at Ryou and left, upset that the man had won his prize. Ryou looked down at Ichigo and smiled.

"Thank you Ryou. I owe you. What can I do for you in return?" she asked.

Ryou cupped her face and leaned in closer.

"Kiss me…." He said.

She smiled and kissed him, it was a sweet and gentle kiss. Yet, she didn't know that Masaya had never left. He stood by the door, watching them kiss. Rage making him shake in fear of loosing the only good thing in his life. He grabbed a knife off the plate.

"Ichigo…" he mumbled.

Ichigo looked up, her cat ears popping out. Her eyes widened. She pulled Ryou out of the way and pointed towards the door.

"Ichigo is mine!" shouted Masaya.

He ran towards Ryou and stabbed his arm. But Ryou didnt wince. He just laughed and grabbed the knife.

"Were not stupid little kid, why would we actually use real knives? Its a plastic butter knife!" he threw it to the side and kicked Masaya out the door.

"Now stay out!" Ryou shouted. He shut the doors and locked them. he turned to Ichigo and walked over, pulling her into his chest.

"Im going to call your parents okay Ichigo?" She looked up and nodded. He leaned forward and kissed her.

"Im not getting a punishment am I?" she mumbled.

"No your not." he smiled and went into the kitchen.

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