Happily ever after

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Chapter 1 Zoey

A/n continues after my version of awakened the celebration part!

We had killed Kalona. And now Neferet is dead too. We were all still in a group hug. We had been hugging for the past five minutes now. Everyone was crying happy tears that they could finally lead a somewhat normal life again. But some things were going to change but for the better. But I didn't want to think about that right now. Right now I wanted to celebrate.

As if Stevie Rae could read my mind she said "let's celebrate!" she said in her oakie twang. "I have an idea! Everyone meat me in the rec hall in about 3 hours! Now go! I got some stuff to do!" she said breaking the hug. She took rephaims hand and ran towards the rec hall.

"Oh goddess. Bumpkin is planning a party. This outta be good!" Aphrodite said sarcastically.

"Hag" the twins said together.

"Come on Aphrodite it'll be fun!" I said.

"whatever." she sneered

"ok why don't we all go to our rooms and relax a bit. Then we'll go to the party." I said as I grabbed Starks hand and ran to our room.

When we got to our room we both took a shower and rested for about 15 minutes till I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find a girl that looked a bit older than me. Like Starks age. She had long brown hair with blond highlights when the lights hit it. She had big brown eyes with a smoky brown and black eye shadow (smock eyes) and eye liner. It was done perfectly. Her high cheek bones a strait nose and full lips. She had on a baggy hot pink shirt on with a think leather black belt with chains on that brought the shirt in showing off she figure. She also had on black skinny jeans and black leather boots that matched the belt. She had 6 earrings. 3 on each ear. 2 diamond studs, 2 tinny silver hoops and 2 overly huge chain earrings. Her outfit looked like something you would see on project runway. She looked so pretty. But she reminds me of someone, but who?

"Oh my goddess! You must me Zoey redbird! Omg I can't believe I finally get to meet you! I herd soooooo much about you!" the girl said with excitement.

"And you are..."

"oh goddess how rude of me. I'm Isabella nut you can call me Izy!"

"It's nice to meet you Izy butt what are you doing here? Do you need something?" I asked her

Just before she was about to answer stark interrupted "who's at the door Z?" stark said as he look to see who it was. He froze for a minute and then ran to Izy. He picked her up and spun her around kissing her cheek. Then it hit me she looked just like stark. She must be his sister.

Stark looked really excited and said "Zoey this is my sister Isabella! "

"wow you never told me you had a sister"

"well you never asked"

"wow you two look just like each other" I said

"well we should. We're twins" said Izy

"well come on and sit." I said.

Everyone came in and sat down then stark started to talk to his twin. "So what are you doing here?"

"Well I had a little trouble back home; I missed you too much and just had a feeling that I had to come here. Like something big is going to happen."

"wait what kind of trouble?" stark asked getting worried

"it's nothing. I solved it. Had to beat a girl to do so. I got kicked out of Chicago's house of night. So I came here. Oh and I brought my friends too. They were kinda in it too. Well not destiny and summer but they somehow got expelled too. "

"who else?" stark asked

"well destiny summer blaze and sapphire." the. There was a knock on the door "I'll get it!" she jumped off the chair and ran to the door. She opened the door and four girls walked in the room. I was guessing they were her friends.

One of the girls was Spanish. She was about Izy's height. Maybe an inch or too shorter. She had short black hair with red highlights. She had a full face straight nose and thin lips. She had green eyes with a little bit of eye liner. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans with a purple blouse and a leather jacket and purple high top sneakers. The other girl was white. She was the shortest of the group. She had short reddish brown hair. She also had a full face straight nose and thin lips. She had hazel eyes and wore glasses. She was wearing slightly baggy jeans with a plain black pair of sneakers and a black shirt with a dragon on it. The other girls. Were black. One had short black hair. She had high full cheek bones a straight nose and full lips. She had dark brown eyes that looked black. She wore blue skinny jeans with a grey shirt with a bunch of colorful patterns and black and white converses. The other girl also had high cheek bones straight nose full lips and dark brown eyes. Her hair is a reddish tone and in braids. She wore light pink dress that came right above the knee with black tights and black boots. The two thing these five girls all had incoming was that they were all 6th formers and really pretty.

"Zoey I won't you to meet my friends. This is Blaze" she said pointing to the Spanish girl "this is destiny" she said pointing to the black girl with black hair "this is summer" she said pointing to the girl with braids "and this is sapphire" she said pointing to the white girl.

"Hi!" they all said together. They all bowed in respect then shook my hand.

"It's nice to meet you." said sapphire.

The girl named destiny was just staring at me all bug eyes and her hand over her mouth. Then all of a sudden she got out of the trance and scream "oh my goddess!"

This made me jump then she said "Omg I sooo saw you at starbucks buying a vanilla bean frappe the other day!"

I shook my head "I was never at starbucks. We just got back from Scotland."

She looked embarrass now. "Oh" she then sat on the chair slowly.

It was then silent for about 5 minutes till Izy broke it. "Well then. Ummm yeah. Sooo. "

Blaze and summer then bursted into laughter. They were laughing so hard they started to cry.

"Awkward..." sapphire said.

Izy then sat down with destiny and blaze. "Damn Izy our ass is so big it's up half the chair!" said blaze and laugh.

Izy looked like she was about to punch her. "That's not funny!"

"Yeah it is Izy!" stark said bursting into laughter

Izy got all red in the face. She then jumped out of her chair and jumped on top of stark. He through her on the floor and they started to fight. I was laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee myself.