Ok so you all are probably going to hate me… but I will not be continuing with this story with a sequel… I know! You hate me… BUT! I tried and I'm not getting anywhere with it… BUT! I have a story up called "The Next Chosen One" I have already started it. I have decided to use this story line for that story. There will still be the same characters. Izy Destiny Blaze and Summer will all be included. But they will not be the ones fighting the new evil demon. The New chosen one will be the one to face this unknown evil! So here is the summary!

A normal Jersey girl named Francesca was forced to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma because of her step father's job. Just as she gets settled into her new home, she is marked. Marked as Nyx's next chosen one. Instead of facing the normal teenage drama, she is facing new forces of evil. A demon who has taken form of a human boy, seducing women fledgling, raping and killing them in the process. Will she be able to save the House of Night with the help of her new friends, Zoey and the Gang? Or will the evil forces consume her, making her fall for his sick games and make her want to give up on all she has ever worked for? Risking the lives of those she loves most.

So... there you go. I hope you all check it out. And just to make things clear, it's like the same story, just different characters!