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"I'll tell you now you can't win this
You're way too slow
I'll tell you now I'm gonna take this
Did you come here to watch me, watch me burn?

I'll let it show that I'm not always hiding
Come all the way down
And watch me burn
I won't let it show that I'm not always flying
So on the way down
I'll watch you burn"~Three Days Grace

Side Pairings: One-sided Jason/Wildrider, Implied Jason/Sideswipe

"Awww, what do you mean you can't drive me around?"

The pout on Jason's face was almost enough to make Sideswipe cave. But orders were orders. "Sorry Jason, but Optimus said no more high speed driving."

Jason slumped his shoulders. He was really bored today and he couldn't pull any pranks on Alice since she was off with Blurr somewhere. "Maybe I can ask Shortfuse too..."

"Don't even bother." Shortfuse's voice snapped from inside the garage.

Jason slumped even more, but he suddenly brightened as another speed demon came to mind. "That's okay then."

"You sure?"

Jason shrugged. "Sure." he confirmed.

Jason stared out at the Racing cars from his spot behind the fence. Watching the cars, he noticed his target car gaining speed as it took the lead. The car also had no driver present.

Jason shook his head smiling as it crossed the finish line first. He saw that the other racers didn't seem to notice that no driver was presesnt, or they didn't really care. He jumped the fence and waltzed up to the yellow race car and leaned against the hood. "It's not rally fair to be beating these guys, Drag."

There was a dark chuckle from the speakers and the front bumper nudged Jason. "It's not my fault that these loser fleshies aren't fast enough."

"You're a super car, what do you expect?" Jason deadpanned.

A strange sound came from the engine. It sounded like a purr. "So you've noticed."

Jason rolled his eyes and hummed thoughtfully for show. "Say, can I ask you something?"

"Will you take me driving?"

"Why?" It came out both derisive and suspicious.

"Because Sideswipe isn't allowed to go speeding anymore." Jason grumbled.

The racer seemed to take a rare cantemplative air. On the one hand, Jason was an annoying little slagger, but on the other hand, he did find the youngling's antics entertaining. So yeah, he'd agree just to find out what the kid's game was. "Get in."

Jason's eyes shined with excitement as he got into the drivers seat, the straps closing on his shoulders. Drag Strip's spark gave a strange flutter at the contact...Wait, when the hell did his spark ever flutter? Esspecially around Jason, who he'd tried to crush when they first met. He'd blame this on Jason if it didn't feel so utterly wrong, so he blamed the next best thing.

'Damn you 'Rider!' he shouted through the gestalte link.

'What did he do this time, not that it really matters.' Dead End drolled.

'He infected us us with his-er, strong like, I suppose- of White!' The racer shouted once again.

'He infected us?' Breakdown asked in his true paranoid nature.

'Yeah, my spark acted funny when he got into my cab.' Drag Strip said, ignoring the contiued fluttering as Jason ran his hands over the interior in what appeared to be fasination.

'He's with you?' There was a strange tone in Wildrider's voice, something that could almost pass off as a mix of envy and hurt.

Drag Strip though was completely oblivious to it. 'Yeah, he came looking for me when his Autoscrap guardian cut him off from speeding.' he explained, engine beginning to purr from the attention Jason was now giving his windows. The youngling was either clueless to what he was doing to him(which was unlikely because of his guardian), or he was being a tease.

The strange mix of hurt and envy in Wildrider's voice immediately went to anger. 'He went looking for you and not me?'

A smug grin came across Drag Strip's hidden mouth at the realization of why Wildrider was so angry. He was jealous of him. Of the fact that Jason had chosen to spend time with him rather than his brother. And it wouldn't be like him not to rub it in. 'Yup, if he didn't want to be with his guardian, what makes you think he'd want to be withyou?'

A lot of angry hissing and threats of bodily harm flowed through the bond, but Drag Strip tuned it out and instead fouces back on the youngling. "So White, what kind of drive did you want?"

Jason stopped tracing the windows and smiled. It wa a very nice, and it made the racers spark flutter twice as fast. "The fast kind. I want you to go as fast as you can."

"Now you're talking, White."

So maybe the kid had only come to him to get what Sideswipe wouldn't give him, but he did choose him after all.