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John sighed contentedly as he dozed. Sherlock would be busy for a couple of hours, looking for Yorick. With one last yawn, sleep overtook him.

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson went on a camping trip…"

John's eyes pop open and he reaches for his revolver.

"Who's there?"

A muffled voice comes out from under his pillows.

"No, no, that joke will never do. Hmmmm. What type of jokes do you prefer John? Knock-knock jokes? Cheesy puns? The occasional 'Yo mama'?"

John rips his pillow out from under him to find Yorick smiling at him. "So that's a no on the jokes? Bah."

"Bloody h-"

"I really must thank you guv'. This is by far the most comfortable hiding spot I've been in. That witch of a woman, Mrs. Hudson, she hid me in a biscuit jar! A biscuit jar of all places! Why would she even think of such a thing?"

"Well, she doesn't enjoy having you on the mantle." John said, playing along.

"A biscuit jar. She put me in a biscuit jar, John."

"Well, where else could she hide you?"

"I could smell chocolate chips! And I couldn't eat any! I'm a SKULL!"

"Sherlock eventually found you."

"Yeah, eventually." If Yorick had eyes he would have rolled them. "I almost died of temptation."

"You are being ridiculous. You're already dead."

"John, you're speaking to a talking skull. Who's being ridiculous now? Though you are far more interesting to talk to. Sherlock is always going on about how 'So he must have murdered him!' and 'The maid must have stolen the duchesses jewel!' I honestly wouldn't care if the butler killed Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the pool room."

John snorted.

"Why did you hide me anyway?"

"I needed to use the bread box."

"Well, thank goodness you took me out of there. I'm claustrophobic mind you. Being in that bread box was no better than that biscuit jar!"

"Well, you're welcome. Though, I should put you back on the mantle. It may be fun to mess with Sherlock's head for a little bit, but I don't want him to start tearing the place apart."

"True, true. I prefer the mantle anyway. It lets me keep an eye on things; also it's a good place to find material."


"For my jokes of course!"

John awoke to find Yorick in his hand and his pillow at the end of the bed. He smirked and snuck downstairs. Carefully placing Yorick on the mantle, he positioned him so he could view the entire flat. John sighed and sat down on the chair, rubbing his baggy eyes.

Sherlock walked into the room, looking frustrated. He glances at the mantle, and to his surprise Yorick was back in his spot. He looked to John who was yawning and reading a book. A knowing smile played on Sherlock's lips.

"He wouldn't shut up, would he?"

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