Iris Plays Tennis

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Someone requested this, so yeah, I hope you enjoy it, random anon. It's Iris playing tennis, nothing more, nothing less. That's all that was requested, just Iris playing tennis. And thus, that is it for me. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Ash and Iris were walking down Route 1 after Ash caught his Mijumaru. Iris, however, was itching to do something interesting as Kibago popped out of her head and munched on a peach.

"Man, I feel like doing something exciting." Iris stated as she rolled her arms, remarking, "Because it sure is boring around here."

Ash stopped his pace as he rubbed the back of his head, asking dopey, "Like what? You're already traveling with me-"

Iris popped right into Ash's face, slightly scaring him. "Yeah, but watching you simply battle and try to catch every single Pokemon all the time is boring! I need something fun to do... like..." She placed her right hand on her chin as she thought, snapping her fingers twelve seconds later. "Like playing tennis! That's what I ought to do!"

Ash scratched his head as Pikachu tilted his head to the right. "But there's no tennis court nearby-"

Just as Ash was about to point out the obvious, the ground shook, and out randomly popped a grassy tennis court to the left. Iris squealed with delight as she oogled the grassy field, being confronted by two tennis trainers, who were very obviously Jessie and James.

"So, we heard you want to do some tennis," Jessie stated, cleverly disguised in a white tank top and white shorts with red strips as she patted Iris on the head, "You're up to the challenge, miss?"

James chuckled as he handed Iris a purple tennis racket. "Here you go, ma'am. One tennis racket primed and ready to go."

Iris cheered as she snuggled her tennis racket, running onto the west side of the grassy field, getting into a playing position as she shouted out, "All right, bring out my opponent!"

It was then that Meowth popped out of the bushes, also wearing a very obvious tennis outfit as he did several poses. Ash and Pikachu blinked in astonishment as Meowth got onto the east side, pointing his white tennis racket at Iris.

"You're gonna get served, missy!" Meowth proclaimed as he called out Iris. "Rev up dat tennis!"

Iris chuckled as she showed her teeth, holding her tennis racket in her right hand. "Whatever you say, buddy boy. Let's get this party started!"

Ash and Pikachu both sighed and shrugged as they sat down on a wooden bench nearby, while Jessie and James stood from the sidelines, declaring the tennis match to begin.