Aysu sighed as she finished her cool down stretches, relishing in the pleasant burn left in her muscles from the practice she'd just finished with Jayden. She walked over to her partner and smiled as he fussed over his unicycle, oiling the various gears and making sure that everything in working order. He was running his hand over the tire, feeling for any tiny rips or tears. She smiled down at him, fiddling with the small cap he wore. She turned the hat so it sat backwards on his head and giggled at his grimace, though his eyes remained fixed on his unicycle, which he called Abby. "Is everything alright?" she asked finally.

Jayden gave another little grimace before standing up, hefting the unicycle over one broad shoulder. "There's a tear along her tire's right side. I'll need to replace the tire and check the inner tube before we can practice again." Aysu nodded, understanding. If there was one thing everyone within Kooza took seriously- besides Ilkin's baking but that was Ilkin's baking- was the maintenance of the equipment everyone used. If something were to fail…Azar gave a mental shudder at the thought. For her and Jayden, the results wouldn't be too horrible. But for someone like Azar or the high wire group, it could be catastrophic.

"You can do that now then, before dinner," she replied, smiling up at him to try and distract herself from dark thoughts. He nodded and smiled back at her, his eyes crinkling. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders since she was too small for him to reach her waist and they walked back to the bataclan's entrance. They were halfway through the entrance when a smooth voice spoke, startling Aysu.

"Jayden. May I have a word with Aysu?"

Both Aysu and Jayden looked to their right to see the Trickster leaning against the wall, his face impassive. Aysu felt a frigid fright settle in her stomach. Next to her Jayden stirred uneasily, his protective nature warring with his respect for Kooza's creator. "Yeah, I guess it's fine…" he said after a moment. "I can get a head start on replacing Abby's wheel…" The Trickster gave a nod and Jayden slipped away, leaving Aysu alone.

"What can I do for you Trickster?" she asked, her mouth feeling dry and rough. She tried to ignore her fear and focused on making sure she didn't stutter when she spoke. Trickster didn't reply immediately, staring at her for what felt like an age, his white eyes fixed on hers. She was the first to look away, glancing down with a flush of embarrassment.

"…I do not interfere in the relationships within Kooza unless asked. Neither do any of the others." His voice was flat but it still inspired a deep foreboding feeling in Aysu. "Azar has mentioned to me that you have been vocal on the subject of my relationship with her, despite her repeated…attempts to dissuade you from the topic." Trickster's lips twitched and there was brief flicker of amusement in his eyes at the mention of Azar's "attempts." Invariably, they were loud, forceful and filled with Azar's colorful language.

Aysu felt the urge to repeat her arguments to the Trickster, to try and make him see sense but her well developed sense of self preservation kept her mouth glued shut, though she still frowned as she looked down at the ground. Trickster watched her for another long interval before speaking again. "You are aware that Azar does not view your relationship with Jayden in a favorable light, yet you do not hear her haranguing you about it because it is none of her business, as she well knows. Please extend her the same courtesy. Will you do this?"

Aysu felt another blush heat her cheeks. The Trickster did not, as he said, get involved with things unless he was asked to do so by one of the people within Kooza. The only time he did approach someone- other than Azar of late- was to deliver a quiet reprimand for some foolish action or to help with an injury that could not be fixed by rest, a long application of ice and well wrapped bandages. She was distracted from her thoughts by long fingers, surprisingly warm, placing themselves under her chin and forcing her head up so that she had nowhere else to else to look but into the Trickster's eyes. "Will you do this?" he repeated, steel starting to lace his voice.

"Y-yes," she heard herself saying.

The fingers vanished and the Trickster stepped back, a look of satisfaction crossing his face. "Good. I believe Jayden mention something being wrong with Abby's tire? He would appreciate your help greatly I believe."

Aysu gave a jerky nod and after murmuring a faint goodbye, bolted into the depths of the bataclan.

AN: Poor Aysu. But she was really harassing Azar about her relationship with Sarkan whenever she got a chance. Azar will be irate that Sarkan pulled this without telling her but at the same time she's going to be relieved that Aysu stopped bugging her.

That being said...This is the last drabble for Foundation. Sarkan and Azar are together, they're content, things settle down for the next few centuries until Cyrus comes into the picture. I'm not sure what set of drabbles I will post next- I'm leaning towards the Pre-Show, Pre-Athanasius ones just to fill in the last of the backstories but there's also the second Azar and Sarkan series but those haven't been written yet.