007. Prologue

The day of the annual Seiyo Academy—both elementary and middle school—Festival is approaching. Those who attend always have a good time, and the surrounding neighborhoods always come to visit.

When you first enter the school gates, you are greeted by cheerful students of the academy, passing out maps and brochures of the school and the festival.

You are then surrounded by plentiful booths filled with eager students willing to make your day enjoyable.

On one side of the schoolyard, the food booths stand near each other, constantly battling on about who's booth is the most popular. From classical Japanese food, to 'not-so-fast' fast food, all the way to deserts; these booths have it all.

On the other side are the souvenir booths, filled with assorted items made by the students. Clothes, accessories, toys, household items, you name it. Except socks. For some reason, they never have socks.

And when you walk past those, straight ahead, you come across the most enjoyable booths of all: the entertainment booths. These booths are filled with every fun thing you can imagine. Big booths hold stages, where puppet plays and performances are put on. In smaller booths, there are games and prizes, contests and winners, fortune-telling and tarot cards.

Once you are done looking at the booths outside, you walk inside the school, where each of the classrooms holds activities. You can find a maid cafe in one room, a restaurant in another, and, if you haven't managed to avoid it, a classroom full of peculiar students who talk about leprechauns that live underground and cows on the moon.

Next, you go to the auditorium. You can watch plays, musical performances, magic shows, and more. And when you leave, they even give you a complimentary water bottle.

By the time you are done with all the above, the sky has become darker, the air has gotten colder, and you are already tired. But before you leave the festival, the students will hold a large bonfire in the middle of the schoolyard, complete with marshmallows. That is, if you still have the money to pay 100 yen for a few marshmallows.

And though you go home tired, you still have had a fun and enjoyable time at the festival, and you are already making plans to go back the next year.

The main characters in this story had been eagerly awaiting the festival for days, ever since they started preparing for it. During those days of hard work, they had begun to plan what they'd be doing at the festival.

Amu, the pink haired heroine, had the job of working at the bonfire on the night of the festival, giving her the whole day to enjoy herself. Though she wouldn't admit it, she looked forward to the magic shows, wondering what kind of spectacular—and hopefully not cheap—tricks they would perform. But roaming around the festival the whole day with a cat? That was certainly not on her list of things she was anticipating.

The protagonist of this story, unfortunately, could not have fun roaming around the festival all day like she had wished, her curly blonde hair swaying back and forth as she ran around. No, Rima was stuck working at what she believed was the worst booth in the whole festival. It was also the one that came with surprising events—perhaps something that could change her views about a certain indigo-haired boy?

The latter—Nagihiko—was to work a two-hour shift at the classical Japanese food booth, due to his extensive knowledge about things that are classical. And Japanese. What he ended up doing after his shift came to him by surprise. And it was certainly not a waste of 1000 yen.

Kairi, who had once again become the Guardian's Jack's chair, was to work at the entertainment booth, showing a fascinating display of his capabilities in swordsmanship. He was character-changed with Musashi, although no one really minded. There was something that he was quite pleased about that day, and it had to do with his cheerful senpai.

Yaya—also called 'Yaya-senpai' by Kairi—blackmai- err... asked the sweets booth politely if she could work there for the festival, and was ecstatic when they reluctantly put her on the list. But her plans of secretly eating sweets on the job would be ruined. But not in a bad way. It had something to do with dragging her dear Kairi around the festival.

And last, but not least, their easy-going, soccer-loving senpai, Kukai. Apparently, Kukai was not very fond of working at the festival, and so, he donated so much microwavable ramen to the ramen booth, that he practically "bought" his way out of working. His plans included wandering around the festival aimlessly, and every now and then eating at the ramen booth. His bowls were free, since it was he who donated everything they sold.

But he hadn't planned on sharing his bowl of ramen with somebody else; and that 'somebody else' didn't plan on another somebody else showing up. But it was for good reason.

They all eagerly awaited the day of the festival, completely unaware of the events that were about to take place...