I sat in the bed of the truck until nightfall, holding my legs and analyzing Clark's and my conversation. Whatever we had…it's over. Gone, all because of Drew. Itching in the back of my throat caught me off guard, and then I needed to spit. I spit out over the side of the truck Will wasn't leaning against. Again, I needed to spit; I leaned over the side of the truck and heaved, vomited in the parking lot and cried. Cried because my throat burned, my tongue tasted like vomit, Clark hated me, and I had no one.

Will turned to me and then sauntered back into the hospital. He came out about five minutes later in the middle of another heaving session and jumped into the bed of the truck.

He put down a 7 Up next to me and rubbed my back with one hand, while his other held my hair back. I finished heaving and sniffed. He handed me a box of sterile scratchy hospital tissue.

I blew my nose as he popped open the soda.

I took a little sip and sniffed hard, I must have been extremely pathetic because Will gave me that look. "Do you want to stay the night here?"

"In the parking lot?" I asked

"No, in Tennessee."

"Yeah, my uncle doesn't live far from here at all. Right on the lake. He rents out his boat to me for a temporary home if need be."

"A boat? You want to spend the night on a boat."

"It's a yacht, snob."


"What? Do you have a phobia of boats?"


"There's a life jacket…and stuff, you'll be fine." I said jumping out of the bed of the truck and sliding into the driver's seat. Will sat still and I turned the key in the ignition and started to go. I pulled out slowly and drove mechanically to my uncle Bill's home in Hendersonville.

I got out of the truck and went to check on Will, he sat with his back against the truck's window staring at the bed's short door. His legs were so long they almost reached all the way across.

"We're here…"

He glanced up at me, then slowly, it seemed like forever, slid down from the truck and dragged his feet behind me all the way up the walk to the front door.

I knocked three times and rang the doorbell, a tall boy with long brown hair opened the door and looked at me in shock. "Buddy!" I screamed and gave him a hug.

He hugged me back and his sister, Bethany peeked her head around the corner. "Melody I knew I heard you!"

"Bethany!" I said running over to hug her tightly also. Will stood awkwardly outside the door. Buddy and Bethany's dad came from around the corner.

"Uncle Jordan! Hey!" I said hugging him, and then his wife in turn.

"You think Uncle Bill would let me and Will crash on the boat tonight? We're on a road trip and just passing through, we gotta get all the way down to Louisiana and back by Wednesday." I chuckled to myself for thinking of the friendly and reasonable lie.

"Oh of course," Said my uncle Jordan.

I smiled at them all and finally looked back at Will, who remained in the doorway. "Everybody this is Will…a friend of mine. I'm staying at his house this summer, because well. You know my mom."

Will stepped in finally and stood beside me, "Hello,"

"Will this is my Uncle Jordan and his wife, their two kids Bethany and Buddy."

Will smiled at each of them as I introduced them. They all smiled back at him warmly but questioningly. I stepped around the room to take in the house, "Where's uncle Bill?"

"Just out and about," Bethany said.

I nodded and spun around, finally in a comfortable place. I looked around and spotted the back door, "Will follow me okay?"

He nodded and followed me out back, I took in the big back yard, the lake, and the boat docked and waiting for me. I couldn't hold back my giant grin.

I glanced back at Will, hands shoved in his pockets. "Will it's a boat, it won't sink."

"Yeah, I know." He said uncomfortably.

I laced my fingers through his and toed him to the boat, bumping shoulders to make him more comfortable.

We shakily stepped onto the boat and he immediately sat down, I tossed him a life jacket. This was going to be a long night.

I actually have an Uncle Bill with a yacht in Tennessee, but I changed my Uncle's name and his kids. Just in case they weren't comfortable or whatever. Again, some of these bits and peices are forreal.