Dear Journal

Tomorrow is Crystal's 10th birthday. Which mean I'm but 2 days from completing my promise to my dear mother! Although I'm ecstatic that I'll be exploring Sinnoh in 48 hours, I'm a bit disappointed that in the 6 years that I've been waiting that I haven't been able to evolve my Charmander, Turtwig, or Riolu. I guess my training methods aren't as good as I thought that they were…Enough! I need to be happy that I've been able to last out this long! And what's more I've mastered some of the basics for Aura control! I can fire off Aura Sphere's at pin point accuracy, My strength is incredible when I can focus my aura, I can talk with other Pokémon by changing my aura levels, I can even see others aura!

About a week ago, Mike, Drew and Kate came back to town for the little princess's birthday and while keeping my ability a secret I took a look at their aura. Mike has a low aura level, but it shines a bright blue and it's very stable. Drew has an unreasonably high level, but it's a rather dull blue and is quiet unstable…I guess it comes from how hard he tries to surpass me. I even took a quick look at Kate's, but what caught me off guard was how bright it was when she first showed up. Over time it dulled out to a natural light, it was a natural blue, but deep down there was a dulled red color. I could barely see it but I knew for a fact that it was there. It was incredible when I tried to focus on it; the power that came from it was too much even for me! And I think I'm one of the strongest Aura Users of this generation! Speaking of Aura, Riolu has made marvelous progress, he's final managed to use Aura Sphere to its fullest! Normally an Aura Sphere cannot be dodged, but when we first started there was a 50-50 chance of it actually hitting. Now, the attack is flawless, and it can even be charged!

Today marks my last day of training, so I had better wrap this up and pack up the camp so I can put the finishing touches on my battle strategy for the battle Mike and I are having tomorrow night. Talk later tonight!

"Alright, time to get this day underway!" Nathen yawned as he stretched his body out. "Maybe I shouldn't have asked if I could rough it this past week, my back is killing me."

"Maybe so, but it was worth it for all the extra training we've been able to get out." Riolu said as he jumped out towards his trainer.

"True and I'll have to get used to it soon. I mean we can't always stay at a Pokémon Center." Nathen said as he turned towards his Pokémon. "Soon, we'll truly be able to put the skills we've acquired to the true test."

"Right, so how should we start training?" Riolu asked.

"How about we work until 10 A.M., then I'll start with Turtwig and Charmander. Then I'll wrap up with you at about 8 P.M." Nathen said as he took a quick look at his Poketch.

"I guess that'll work, what do you want to start on?" Riolu said as he backed away from Nathen.

"Since you can't learn Bone Rush yet, we'll use these poles to simulate them and practice surging your aura through other attacks." Nathen said as he grabbed two wood poles and tossed one to Riolu.

"I guess our training methods will have to change a little once I evolve into a Lucario." Riolu said as he grabbed to pole and began sending aura through it. As the aura intensified the pole began to glow.

"Good, now let's see if we can maintain the flow while enduring and delivering attacks." Nathen said as he began to charge aura into the pole while also taking a battle stance.

"Alright then, shall we begin Master?" Riolu said as he followed Nathen's lead.

"Funny, now prepare yourself!" Nathen called out as he rushed towards Riolu who blocked the downward attack.

As Nathen and Riolu go through their training regime, the Pierce household is just now waking up. "Ugh, right. Time to get ready for a new day!" Crystal yawned as she jumped out of her bed. "I wonder if Nathen's up. He's probably still asleep. His training has been getting tougher ever day for the past week."

"Tomorrow, I turn 10, then the day after that I begin my life as a Coordinator." Crystal said happily as she walked out of her room and down the hall.

"Oh, Good morning Crystal." a female voice said as she walked out of a room.

"Hey Kate, what were you doing in Nathen's room?" Crystal asked as she looked into the room.

"I slept in there, your mom invited me over after Mike, Drew and I said good night to Nathen. Who should be sleeping outside Lake Verity right now." Kate explained.

"Oh, I didn't know. I guess I must've dosed off pretty early last night." Crystal said.

"Not entirely, I didn't get here until about 10:30 P.M., so you were already asleep when I got here." Kate said as she walked down the stairs with Crystal. "Um, Crystal?"

"Yeah Kate?" Crystal replied.

"I was wondering if I can take your measurement one last time." Kate asked with an embarrassed look on her face.

"I guess, but what is this all for?" Crystal asked.

"It's a surprise for tomorrow, so I need to get any final changes." Kate said calmly.

"I don't think much will change in less than 24 hours, but I guess I can go through it once more." Crystal said as she turned towards the main room.

"Thank you very much! When you get the chance, stop by my room at the Pokémon Center." Kate said as she calmed herself.

"No problem." Crystal said calmly.

"Good morning you two." Marie yawned from the kitchen.

"Morning mom." Crystal said as she walked towards the table.

"Morning Mrs. Pierce." Kate said from the door way. "Do you need any help?"

"No thank you and you can call me Marie. You've been a friend of this family for a long time so it feels weird having you call me that." Marie said as she placed a plate of scrambled eggs on the table.

"I guess so." Kate said as she sat the table.

"Crystal, would you mind taking breakfast to your brother? Knowing him he jumped straight into training and probably forgot to eat." Marie said as she placed a box full of food on the table.

"Sure, just let me get changed and I'll head out." Crystal said as she left the table.

"Why don't I just go and deliver it?" Kate asked.

"I don't want to ask too much of you dear, so please go about the day with what you want." Marie said as she turned the TV on.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to Sinnoh Now! A few weeks ago the Kanto regions Grand Festival pulled to a close with the woman known only as The Eternal Rose pulling a stunning victory with her Quilava and Flareon. Tonight we will broadcast that battle. To all those Coordinators out there I recommend that you don't miss it!" The anchor woman said before it cut to a commercial.

"Did the TV just say the Kanto Region Grand Festival's final battle?" Crystal asked as she rushed down the stairs in a blue pair of pants and a pink short sleeve shirt with a white heart on it.

"Yes it did, Sinnoh Now's going to show it tonight." Kate said softly as she went deep into thought. "I can't believe that the battle was but a week ago."

"This is great! I can't believe that I'll be able to wrap up my journal with a battle between two going at it for the title of Top-Coordinator." Crystal said happily. "Hey Kate, didn't you come here from the Kanto region?"

"Oh, yeah I did. Why?" Kate asked as she popped out of her thought.

"You didn't happen to catch the match before you took the boat did you?" Crystal asked.

"No, I took a double trip to pick up Mike and Drew from Johto before I came here. So I wasn't able to catch it." Kate said quickly.

"Oh well, the image of The Eternal Rose looks a lot like you. For all I know it could really be Estella. Or maybe it could be you." Crystal said causing Kate to start panicking a little. "Nah, Estella maybe, but you're not the contest type. You don't seem like the type to pull for appeal."

"Maybe you're right, I like the look of contests, but they aren't really something for me." Kate said as she took a deep breath.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes." Crystal said as she ran out of the house.

"She really is a hyper one now a days." Kate said as she walked into the main room.

"I think that she's just excited about tomorrow. Anyway, how's the dress coming along?" Marie asked as the video phone began to ring.

"The dress is turning out great, I know for a fact that she's going to love it." Kate said as she walked towards the stairs. "I'm going to get changed then head down to the Pokémon Center to get the other two off their butts."

"Alright, I wonder who could be calling at this time of day." Marie said as an image of a man appeared on the screen.

"Good morning hon." the man said.

"Morning Aaron, how are things going down at the lab?" Marie asked.

"Fine, a little boring since I'm the only one down here." Aaron said with a small laugh.

"I guess that's what you get for putting so much focus on your work." Marie joked.

"I thought that you were supposed to feel sorry for me." Aaron said sarcastically.

"Don't mess with me, you're in a City where one of the world most evil organizations has us at the top of its most wanted list, and you're talking about me feeling sorry for you?" Marie said with a slight hint of anger in her voice.

"Alright alright I get it. It was just a joke. Now that we're calm, how are our little trainers doing?" Aaron said trying to calm his wife.

"Nathen's down at Lake Verity training and Crystal just left to take him breakfast." Marie said after taking a deep breath.

"Did Nathen skip breakfast or something? I've never known him to get going this early in the morning." Aaron said.

"No, he camped down at Lake Verity for the night." Marie explained.

"Ah, so…how are you handling things down there?" Aaron asked his wife calmly.

"Surprisingly, rather fine. Life is really calm here, and the Organization hasn't shown its face since they tried to stop us from leaving Pokoh." Marie said softly.

"That's good. I'm glad that you're holding true to your promise to Nathen." Aaron said as he heard the rest of the lab's staff walking into the building.

"He really has been patient, but I'm worried that things are just going to get hard on him." Marie said.

"Don't worry, I can tell that he's been training his aura by the look of concern on your face. As long as they stick to grunts and recruits he should be just fine, and with luck he's learned to mask his aura. That will help keep him and Crystal hidden. So there's no need to worry right now." Aaron said calmly.

"I guess you're right, he really has made a lot of progress in it. I caught him training once, and told him about it that night. But instead of scolding him I told him that I was proud of him for taking charge in his abilities and moving forward responsibly." Marie said.

"That's great; I hope that everything will go smoothly." Aaron said.

"Listen I got to go, so take care. Also pass onto Rowan that I'll be sending a few things down for when they kick off. Love you." Aaron said as the screen cut out.

"I guess I should go prepare for the rest of my day." Marie sighed as she walked up to stairs without noticing that Kate was standing in the middle of the stairs with a concerned look on her face.

"Oh Kate, how long were you standing there?" Marie asked with a worried tone in her voice.

"I came in when you were talking about being at the top of a most wanted list in Pokoh." Kate said maintaining her concerned look as she took a few steps forward.

"Listen hon, you don't need to worry about it. This is something that our family has to deal with, so please forget about it." Marie said trying to turn Kate from her thoughts.

"No, because if you're on this organizations list, then what about me or my family? We could have the same trouble. I need to know so I can protect my family." Kate said sternly as she took a step back up the stairs.

"You were only a side incident; they wouldn't target you since you don't have any controllable Aura." Marie said trying to calm Kate.

"What do you mean a side incident? Does this have to with what happened 11 years ago? Is that why Nathen had to wait? And what about aura? What were you talking about Nathen being able to use aura?" Kate asked franticly as she tried to take another step back up the stairs but she tripped and fell down into Marie. "Please Marie, answer my questions. Nathen won't and I can't ask Aaron, so you're the only one that I can turn to."

"Alright, I'll explain what I know." Marie said as she pulled Kate down into a sitting position on the ground.

"Thank you." Kate said softly.

"Now, What I said to Aaron does have a little to do with the incident at the lab 11 years ago. And yes I did ask Nathen to hold back because of it, but it's not your fault either. I asked Nathen to hold back for his sister's sake." Marie said.

"Okay, but why are you on the top of an organization's most wanted list and how come Nathen can use aura?" Kate asked.

"We're on the top of the list because we are descendents of a unique race of people known as Auracians, and it's because of this that Nathen can use aura. The organization wants people who have a large supply of aura, and that's why they destroyed Aaron's lab 11 years ago. We didn't accept their request to join them and they destroyed the lab as a final warning. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily know one was hurt to badly, but you had lost your past. But to make up for that you were able to get most of it back in only a few hours." Marie said. "Anyway, back on topic, Nathen's been training to use this ability for most of 6 years."

"Okay, I think I understand. And I'd better get going." Kate said as she stood up.

"Alright, don't tell Nathen that you know this. We've been trying to keep this a secret and he's been doing this to protect those that he cares about." Marie said as she also stood up.

"Alright, I'll wait for the right moment to tell him." Kate said as she walked towards the door.

"Thanks." Marie said as she walked up the stairs.

"I guess I should help keep my eyes open for this organization." Kate said as she left the how and walked towards the Pokémon Center.

As Kate was being informed about a Pierce family secret, Crystal had arrived at Lake Verity. "Nathen, Are you around? I brought you breakfast!" Crystal called out as she walked out towards the lakefront.

"Yeah, just working here with Riolu!" Nathen called out as he jumped into the clearing and blocked an attack from Riolu.

"Well it's time to take a break, mom made this breakfast for you so you need to stop and eat." Crystal said as she set the box down and untied the cloth around it.

"Thanks, I guess I owe you one." Nathen said as he opened the box and called out his other Pokémon. "Alright guys, it's time for breakfast."

"Good morning guys, I hope that today's training goes well." Crystal said as she knelt down to Nathen's Pokémon.

"Char!" Charmander called out as he began to eat a bowl of Pokémon food that Nathen pulled out from his bag.

"Turtwig." Turtwig yawned as he knelt down and started to dose off.

"I guess little Twiggy is still tired." Crystal said as she rubbed the Pokémon's back.

"Twiggy? She's cute and all, but did she just call me Twiggy?" Turtwig growly quietly.

"Sleep tight Turtwig." Nathen said as he took a quick bite of toast.

"Hey Nathen, do you know the legends of the three lake spirits?" Crystal asked as she stood up and walked out towards the lake.

"You mean the one about Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie? Yeah I know it, when I was sick I read one of dad's books on Pokémon legends." Nathen said as wrapped up eat his breakfast.

"They really sound like a set of interesting Pokémon don't they?" Crystal said as she placed her hand in the water.

"Yup, three Pokémon that have the ability to quell the Pokémon of Time and Space." Nathen said as he lay back in the grass.

"Wouldn't it be interesting to see one of them along our journey?" Crystal asked.

"Well, we are going to be travelling all around the region so we're bound to run into one if we decided to stop at the lakes." Nathen said as he sat up.

"I guess we'll just have to be lucky." Crystal said as she stood up.

"Luck has been on our side every so often, so I guess we'll just have to hope that it stays with us." Nathen said calmly. "Riolu, let's get back to it. Crystal, stay as long as you want. When you do head back tell Mom that I'll be back around 3."

"Okay, I hope that I'll be able to see Mesprit. Maybe I'll be able to challenge it to an honorable battle at some point." Crystal said as sat back down on the grass, took her socks and shoes off and soaked her feet in the lake. "I never really knew how calm the lake is this early in the morning."

"Hey Turtwig, should we get to our own training?" Charmander asked as he finished his food.

"I guess, but shouldn't we wait for Nathen and his student to return?" Turtwig yawned as he started to wake.

"I guess we should, but lately they've really been intent on perfecting their ability. So I don't think that they'll mind if we start a little practice before they get back." Charmander said as he stretched his body out.

"I guess you're right, but what about the princess?" Turtwig said as he looked towards Crystal as she continued to sleep.

"I guess we just need to keep quiet and keep an eye out for our attacks." Charmander said as he walked towards the woods.

"Alright then, I guess I'll work on my solar attack. What about you?" Turtwig asked.

"I think I'll practice Fireball." Charmander said as he looked towards the sun.

"Alright then, but to keep from waking Crystal lets head to another part of the lakefront." Turtwig said as he rushed away from Crystal.

"I guess, but shouldn't we be at least at a point where we can rush to her if something comes along? She doesn't have any Pokémon so she can't defend herself if another Pokémon shows up." Charmander said as he followed Turtwig.

"Fine, here's fine. See, we have a perfect view of sleeping beauty over there." Turtwig said as he looked back towards the sun.

"Alright then, let's get this training section over with!" Charmander called out as his tail flame grew brighter.

"Right!" Turtwig said as he leaf began to glow. As Turtwig and Charmander began their training process, a mysterious shadow appeared and watched over each of them as it landed next to Crystal.

"So, you want to be able to see one of us? Your heart is strong and pure, so I guess you've earned a dream, but you'll have to wait for your battle." A light voice said as the shadow touched Crystal's forehead before disappearing into the lake.

"Ugh, such a nice breeze today." Crystal sighed as she went back to sleep.

As Nathen trains his aura, and his starters are training their combinations, Crystal is sleeping peacefully as she dreams of her future as a Coordinator. "Alright Milotic, use Water Pulse!" Crystal called out.

"Dodge, Rapidash." A woman wearing a masquerade mask called.

Here, Crystal dreams of taking on the woman known as The Eternal Rose for the title of Top Coordinator.

"It's a real honor to be able to battle you for the title of Top Coordinator Ms. Rose." Crystal said happily.

"Believe me little one, the honor is all mine. To be able to take on one with such promise as you is a great thing." The Eternal Rose said calmly.

"I really appreciate the compliment now let's finish this!" Crystal said proudly.

"Come on Crystal, win this thing!" Nathen could be heard calling from the stands.

"Right, Milotic use Water Pulse then follow up with Aqua Jet!" Crystal said as her Pokémon charged a bright blue sphere of water before being enveloped in water and launching towards the Fire Horse Pokémon.

"Combine Flame wheel with Nitro Charge!" Rose said as her Pokémon became enveloped in fire and charged towards the water type. As the two attacks collided a large explosion went off taking Crystal to an isolated lake.

"What the, where am I?" Crystal asked herself as she looked around and notice that there was no path leading away from the lake side.

"Mes." A light voice said from the lake.

"Who's there?" Crystal asked.

"Mesprit." A Pokémon said as it appeared before Crystal.

"Are…are you Mesprit, the lake spirit of Lake Verity?" Crystal asked as she took a few steps towards the floating Pokémon.

"Sprit." Mesprit said as it started to float around Crystal.

"I'm happy that I've gotten to meet you. But I would still like to meet you outside of a dream." Crystal said calmly as Mesprit landed on her right shoulder.

"Mesprit." Mesprit said as it disappeared. As Mesprit's shadow dived back into the lake, Crystal returned to her base dream. As she recovered from a semi blinding light she noticed that The Eternal Rose's Rapidash had fainted and that her Milotic was still awake.

"Congratulations young one, it looks like you've won this battle. You really do deserve the title of Top Coordinator." Rose said as she returned her Pokémon and walked up to the surprised Crystal.

"Thank you, it was a tough battle. I can see why you are so respected in the contest world. I hope that I'll be just like you one day." Crystal said as he vision started to fade. Within moments Crystal had awakened to see that the sun had shifted.

"It's about 7:50 A.M.; I got here at about 7 so that was a pretty good nap." Crystal yawned as she looked around the lake. As she looked around she noticed Nathen's Turtwig fire off a Solarbeam after using a move called Synthesis. "Wow, Turtwig really has come a long way. I can't wait to see what that move will do in an official battle."

"I guess my legs must've fallen asleep." Crystal groaned as she rubbed her numb legs. "I hope that one day that dream will become more of a vision of my future, man this really hurts, but I need to get back home."

As Crystal stopped and looked back towards the lake her brother jumped out of the forest.

"Hey Nathen, I'm heading home now." Crystal said.

"Alright, tell mom and the other's that I'll be down here for a little while longer." Nathen said as Riolu jumped out of the forest.

"Alright, bye Riolu." Crystal said as she ran towards Sandgem town.

"Alright Riolu, even though it's earlier than normal our training is done for now. Turtwig, Charmander, it's your turn now." Nathen said as he turned towards the two exhausted Pokémon. "Wow, you two look tired. Don't tell me that you two decided to start training without us?"

"Sorry, but you were taking a while with Riolu and I was pumped for battle!" Charmander said mentally.

"It was his idea; I just wanted to sleep until you were ready." Turtwig said as he lay down.

"It doesn't matter now; I guess you two can take a break before we start back up again. I'm a little tired myself after the aura section." Nathen said as he leaned up against a tree.

"Good." Charmander said as he sat down and began to dose off.

"Get some rest you two." Nathen said as he started to nod off himself.

During the whole of Crystal's nap, Nathen's aura training, and his starters training we pull over to Kate who has arrived at the Pokémon center.

"Good morning Ms. Flora, I do hope that your night was well." the resident Nurse Joy said as she walked up to Kate with a tray full of Pokeballs. "Your Pokémon are all fully rested."

"Thank you Nurse Joy." Kate said as she handed Nurse Joy the tray after attaching her Pokémon to her clip belt.

"Please, feel free to come and get me if there's anything else that you need." Nurse Joy said as she walked back towards the front desk.

"Alright then, I guess I should go get the others out of bed and on with their day." Kate said as she walked towards a staircase that led up to the Pokémon Center's residential rooms.

"Let's see…yup this is it." Kate said as she walked up to a door. "Hello; Drew, Mike it's time to get up."

"Guys? Oh boy, I swear. You two could take a lesson from Nathen. He's out there bright and early training and you two are sleeping away. And you two were always hard to wake up so I guess I'm going to need a little help." Kate said as she propped the door and took a few steps back into the hall. "Let's see, how about we use Pikachu."

"Alright Pikachu, lets wake these two up with a Discharge." Kate said as a female Pikachu appeared before her and released a blue lightning attack on the two sleeping boys.

After a large flash of light and a loud scream Drew and Mike were sitting on their beds covered in ash.

"Was that really necessary?" Mike asked.

"Not for you maybe, but since Drew really is a heavy sleeper and you can be at times I figured that I should do it the quick and easy way." Kate said as her Pikachu jumped up onto her shoulder. "You were great Pikachu."

"Pika!" Pikachu squeaked lightly before Kate returned her to her Pokeball.

"Alright I'm up. Now what do you want with us? Shouldn't you be confessing to Nathen right now?" Drew groaned as he shook of the ash.

"How would you like to be hospitalized after an accident involving a Rapidash and a Manectric?" Kate asked angrily.

"I'll be good." Drew said softly as Mike only laughed at how easily Drew caved in.

"Speaking of which, is Nathen still at the Verity lakefront?" Mike asked.

"I think. Crystal should've gotten his breakfast to him by now." Kate said as she stepped out into the hall and leaned up against the wall next to the door.

"We're going to get changed so don't look in but you can keep talking." Mike said as he closed the door slightly.

"Okay." Kate said.

"Now, if Nathen and Crystal are at Lake Verity, what should we do with our day? With tomorrow being the big day there isn't much we can today." Drew said calmly.

"We've already planned to do our shopping for Crystal's gifts tomorrow while she's busy getting ready, so what else is there to do?" Mike said.

"Well we could always do some odd jobs around town so that we can earn up more money for when we do go shopping." Kate said from the hall.

"I guess that might work, I only have 500 Poké on me." Mike said.

"I've got 1500. How about you Kate?" Drew asked.

"I've already poured most of my money into fabric, so I've only got 100. I guess we're getting part time jobs today." Kate sighed.

"Oh well, let's see if any of the shop owners need any help." Drew said as he walked out of his room.

"I guess that'll be the best. Kate since you already have most of the dress done, you don't really need a lot of money to finish it. So why don't you see about lending one of us a hand." Mike said as he followed Drew.

"I guess that's true, I'll just take a small amount in case there's something more I need. If everything goes right I should be able to finish it with the fabric I have, but from the way things go I might need a few more feet of white silk." Kate said as she followed Mike and Drew.

"Mike how about you and I go look for a job. Kate I think that your client's here, so catch up when you're done." Drew called down from the bottom the stairs.

"Oh is Crystal here? Tell her that I'm in my room." Kate called down as she turned towards the door that leads to her room.

"Alright." Drew groaned.

"Okay let's get going." Kate said as she pulled out a note pad and a roll of measuring tape.

"Um Kate, I'm here to give my measurements." Crystal said from the hall.

"Okay, come on in." Kate said as she tied her long red hair back.

"Wow, look at all the fabric. What exactly are you making?" Crystal asked.

"A surprise, now stand still like I've shown you many times before and we'll be done in a few minutes." Kate said as Crystal got into position and Kate started measuring Crystal out.

"So, aside from this what do you, Mike, and Drew have planned for the day?" Crystal asked.

"Don't move too much please. And we're planning on doing some odd jobs to raise some money." Kate said.

"Sorry, and money for what?" Crystal asked.

"You silly, we decided that since we were a little short on money that we should go around and gather some more." Kate said. "Alright all set. Except for a few small alterations, as predicted nothing really changed much."

"Good, I can't wait to see what you've made." Crystal said as she sat on the bed.

"So what's your brother up to?" Kate asked.

"Either training or sleeping more likely. Before I came here he had just finished up some training with one of his Pokémon and he looked pretty exhausted." Crystal said.

"Really, which one? Turtwig's been a bit laid back recently and Charmander may have a lot of energy, but he wears out rather easily." Kate said.

"Rio…Ri…" Crystal stuttered as she realized that she can't mention that Nathen has a Riolu. "It was Charmander! Charmander was really balanced today and he looked like he could out last Nathen."

"Well that Pokémon sure is full of surprises." Kate said with a smile.

"Whew, I guess I dodged a bullet there." Crystal said to herself quietly.

"Alright, tell your mom that we'll be out and about if she needs us." Kate said as she walked towards the door.

"Okay." Crystal said as she followed Kate out into the hall.

"I'll see you tonight." Crystal said as she rushed down the hall.

"Crystal's hiding something, and I know Nathen's in on it. But I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it." Kate said as she walked down the hall and turned out of the Pokémon Center.

Later around Sandgem Town...

"Alright, let's see if I can find Mike and Drew." Kate said as she looked around the town.

"Hey Kate over here!" a light voice called.

"Oh, good morning Mrs. Shine. How have you been?" Kate asked as a woman walked up to Kate.

"I'm doing great. And please, we've been like sisters for awhile now. Please call me Flay." Flay said.

"Okay, anyway, I was wondering if you've seen Mike or Drew around here somewhere?" Kate asked.

"Last I saw, they were lending Mr. Vice their Fire Pokémon services." Flay said.

"Okay, I guess they must think that Mr. Vice must pay well." Kate sighed.

"Why are they doing that anyway?" Flay asked.

"We need some money to get our gifts for Crystal." Kate said.

"So you're doing simple odd jobs?" Flay asked.

"Yeah, and I'd better go make sure that they're not taking things too far." Kate said as he started for Mr. Vice's Jewelry store.

"Alright, I'll see you later." Flay said as she turned back towards her crafts store. "Oh and Kate, if you need to earn a quick buck you could always come work at my store."

"Thanks for the offer." Kate called back as she started running towards the Jewelry Store.

Over the course of the Nathen ran his training, Mike, Drew, and Kate earned money for Crystal's gifts, and the Pierce household prepared for tomorrow. As night rolled along everyone gathered in the Pierce household for dinner and Kanto regions Grand Festival final match.

"Alright everyone, the battle will be starting soon." Nathen said as he helped Crystal bring food out to his friends.

"I can't wait to see the whole battle!" Crystal said happily.

"You sure do get giddy whenever a contest is brought up." Mike said.

"Of course! Any contest is worth looking at just to see how the contestants run their strategies and combinations." Crystal said sternly.

"I guess the little princess is fired up." Drew said as he started to eat.

"So with the battle still a few minutes away, does anyone have some interesting news or info they've come across?" Nathen asked.

"I've come across an interesting rumor." Mike said.

"Really? What is it?" Kate asked.

"Well, people have been saying that they've seen a unique Pokémon in the forest around Lake Verity." Mike said causing Nathen and Crystal to pause.

"Moreover, people have been saying that they've been seeing the move known as Aura Sphere." Mike said causing Nathen to start panicking.

"I guess Riolu must really be determined, but I clearly told him to keep any training to a minimum." Nathen said to himself.

"People have been saying that the Pokémon's probably just a trainer and their Lucario or Togekiss. I decided to take a look awhile ago and I think that it's actually a Riolu." Mike said causing Nathen and Crystal to panic.

"But I thought that Riolu can't use Aura Sphere until after they've evolved." Crystal said trying to cover.

"That's true, but I could've swore that I got close enough to see it fire off a blast at a rock before it jumped into the trees." Mike said as Sinnoh Now started up.

"I wanted to capture it, but I guess I'll have to over look it for now." Mike said as he turned towards the TV.

"Oh well, I'm sure that it was a powerful Pokémon. Oh look the battle's starting." Nathen said trying to turn everyone to the contest match.

"Hello and welcome to tonight's special edition of Sinnoh Now! Tonight we'll be broadcasting the final battle of the Kanto regions Grand Festival, which ended but one short week ago. Now I do hope that you all enjoy this footage as I'm sure all other Coordinators will!" the anchor woman said as the screen switched to a video of the battle.

"Hello and welcome to the final battle of the Grand Festival!" the announcer said as cheering could be heard in the background. "Here, I'm proud to introduce the two competitors that will be competing for the title of Top Coordinator! On my right we have a woman wrapped in mystery, introducing The Eternal Rose!"

On the announcer's right was a woman who was in a Scarlet strapless dress with gold lace wrapped around her chest and waist and she was also in red high heels. The woman had her long red hair held back with a silver tiara hair band and she was also wearing a white, red, and gold masquerade mask. This made it so that the only thing someone could tell about the person's face was that it was flawless and that she was wearing red lipstick.

"And to my left we have her opponent, Nickolas Stone!" the announcer said as she pointed towards a young man in a black suit. The man had dark brown hair and bright green eyes.

"It's an honor to be able to battle with someone as lovely as you, but I won't be holding back because of that." Nickolas said as he pulled out two Pokeballs from his pocket.

"Please, the honor is all mine, and I appreciate the compliment. And know that I won't be hold back either." Rose said as she pulled two Pokeballs out from the lace around her waist.

"Now will both competitors please show us their Pokémon?" the announcer called out.

"Ladies first." Nickolas said.

"How kind, Quilava, Flareon come forth!" Rose said as she called forth her two fire types.

"Interesting, I would have figured that someone that calls herself The Eternal Rose would specialize in grass type Pokémon, but in only one instant did I ever see you actually use a grass type. But it doesn't matter right now, Appear: Swampert, Metagross!" Nickolas said as he called out his Pokémon.

"Now let's put 5 minutes on the clock. Begin!" the announcer said as 5 minute started counting down.

"Now to quickly answer your response to my name, a rose can be formed by any means, so I represent the many roses and the different ways they can be formed. Now Quilava use Flame Wheel and Flareon launch him with Overheat!" Rose said as her Quilava started spinning as it became enveloped in fire and it was launched by Flareon using a stronger flame.

"Swampert use Water Pulse to defend and Metagross use Protect." Nickolas said as his Pokémon cause as large wall of water to be formed and a barrier around the two Pokémon.

"Huh, Quilava if you can, add a spiral into the motion and use Fire Spin." Rose said as he Pokémon's motions changed and the fire intensified cutting through the wall of water and the barrier before colliding into the two Pokémon. As the three Pokémon recovered from the attacks more than a third of Nickolas's points had disappeared while only about an eighth had disappeared from Rose's total.

"Her fame is well deserved, that combination was well thought out for something off the fly. Swampert, use Hydro Pump, Metagross use Hyper Beam." Nickolas said as his Pokémon fired off a large blast of water and a concentrated beam.

"Quilava, Fire Blast. And Flareon use Overheat." Rose said calmly.

As the two trainer swapped attacks back and forth, the trainers watching at the Pierce household were at awe.

"Incredible, both trainers are at top form. It's only been 2 minutes and they're already causing such heavy damage." Nathen said as he focused his gaze on the battle.

"That fire combination was flawless, what do you think Kate?" Crystal asked as she started writing in a journal.

"The timing was perfect, and the execution was right on the mark. But the timing of the Fire Spin was off and overexerted." Kate said without realizing what she actually said.

"Wow, the way you said that it sounded like you were actually there." Mike said.

"I guess I got an eye for detail." Kate said trying to dismiss everyone.

"A large explosion has just occurred after the Pokémon's attacks connected. We wait for the smoke to clear to see if the Pokémon are still in." The announcer said causing everyone to fix their gaze on the screen even though they already know that Rose wins the match.

"It appears that…The Eternal Rose has won the Grand Festival! At 3 minutes into the match, both Metagross and Swampert are knocked out!" the announcer said.

"Incredible, I can't believe that such a battle can come forth. What did you think Kate?" Nathen said as his friend just remained silent. "Kate?"

"Oh, sorry. I was just remembering a past event; the battle really was an intense one. I'm a little hyped up for when we leave after tomorrow." Kate said.

"Alright everyone, I think we're good for today. I'm heading back to the Pokémon Center, who else is coming?" Drew said as he stood up.

"I'm coming." Mike said.

"Same here, I need to wrap up my project." Kate said as she stood up.

"Alright then, I'll see you guys tomorrow afternoon." Nathen said.

"Okay." The three said as they walked out of the house.

"Did everyone just leave?" Marie asked as she walked down the stairs.

"Yeah, come on Crystal. Tomorrow's a big day for you so let's get to bed so that we can get to that big day." Nathen said as he walked towards the stairs.

"Right, night mom." Crystal said as she ran past Nathen and her mom up the stairs and towards her room.

"Good night mom." Nathen said as he walked up the stairs and turned towards his room.

"Night hon." Marie said calmly. "I guess after tomorrow their future will be in their hands. I only hope that they won't lose their way when they get confronted by the organization." Marie said as she went deep into thought. With night pulling forward everyone prepares for tomorrow.

Dear Journal

After tomorrow I can officially start my life as a trainer. I'm happy that I've been able to do so much training before hand. Also a downside is that I'll ending this Journal tonight, and tomorrow I'll be starting a new one to document my journey through this world. Good night life as a normal person, good morning to my life as an Auracian trainer.

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