Part 7

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When they arrived back at the Cullen household Edward put on a brave face. He knew what he had to do.

His charade went on for the rest of the week until Bella woke up on the day of her one-year wedding anniversary.

Rosalie swung the door to her bedroom open and cried out. She could smell the blood that Bella was still naive to. Bella's period had come early this time and yet again, there was no baby.

Emmett was quick to his wife's side, pulling her away towards the woods.

It would mark the last time the Cullen's would ever see them again.

The last time they would ever be together again.

More doses of agony were fast coming, though.

Esme appeared at the door to find out what was wrong, but Bella could not control her tears.

By this point she had seen the letter left for her.

My Dearest Bella,

From the moment I saw you I loved you. I knew there was no other for me. The day you said "I do", was the happiest day of my existence.

But I know what you did. I knew it months ago and I knew it last week. I've taken Hannah and I promise you will never see us again. If I thought your kiss with Jacob was enough to tear my dead heart out, you can't imagine the pain I endured watching you beneath my brother.

You finally broke me, Isabella Swan.

Your Ever Faithful Husband

Bella screamed and cried and screamed and cried.

Esme demanded answers, while Bella tried to explain them.

Carlisle followed his trail, but gave up after hitting the Canadian border.

After assurance from both Esme and Carlisle that Edward would come back, Bella decided to leave.

She hadn't seen her father since the day before her wedding. He had made her choose and she chose love. It seemed she had chosen wrong again.

Charlie didn't seem surprised to see her.

"You back for good?" He asked. She nodded.

He opened the door and allowed Bella to take her old room.

When Charlie went to sleep that night Bella snuck down to sit in the bed of her old truck.

"I hate you," Bella spoke to no one, but herself.

"I hate me too," Rosalie answered as she stepped out of the wood line.

Bella should have caused a scene, but she simply didn't have it in her anymore.

"I used to be jealous of you. You had everything I ever wanted."

"And now I have nothing," Bella answered.

"Do you still want to be changed?" The question stung Bella, but she shrugged.

"No point now." Bella's heart may still beat, but she was dead.

Rosalie just nodded.

While the two woman sat in silence a man looked down at his daughter and tried to explain why she'd never seen her mother again. A husband looked at his wife and asked what more he could have done. A sister asked herself if she could have done more. A man ran away from the woman he had dubbed his "angel" from first sight when he finally realized the devil behind her.

The once lethal blonde, strong and confident, began calculating how long it would take to get to Italy.

And the one woman, who had once had it all, took her last living breath.

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