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Two figures are in a bakehouse. They whip across the floor in a whirl of dancing feet and crooning words, bodies illuminated in oranges and whites by flames burning high in the open oven. The man drips with blood that is not his own and wears a smile. The woman's eyes are half-closed.

"So let's keep living it," a man sings.

"Just keep living it," she echoes him.

They dance nearer to the open oven.

"Really living it!" they sing together, but for the man, it is a shout. His hands, which rest on her waist, tighten as his arms push her away, lips curling and shattering the smile to reveal bared teeth –

"No!" shrieks the woman, and clutches his shirt. Her eyes are open all the way now.

The man's arm muscles and jaw clench further and then he yanks one arm from the woman – she gasps – and shoves closed the oven door, slamming her against it. The woman keens and struggles. The man stares at her.

"You lied to me," he says. The light from the oven's flames peer through the oven grate behind the woman's head and ripples across his face.

"I didn't, I didn't," she says, flailing against his grip, eyes shut. "The oven door, love, it's hot, please let me go – "

"You deserve pain," he tells her.

Her eyes fly open, watering and wide, as she breathes hard. "Kill me, then. Kill me like you killed her, if it'll make you feel better."

He snarls and touches the oven door's handle.

He goes still.

Then he touches her stomach.

She stares at his hand against her abdomen and does not move.

He snarls again and rips his hand away.

The woman blinks and the man is gone.

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