The woman stands on a platform outside Newgate prison. A guard stands on either side of her. The executioner adjusts the noose.

The sky above is gray and cloudy and casts a murky light upon the scene, casts everything the color of ashes. Casts a silver, unheavenly resplendence upon the woman that mutes the shine of her eyes and shadows the hollows of her cheeks.

A crowd is gathered around the platform. They are loud and jeering, waving their arms in the air, shouting insults and curses and taunts.

The man is among the crowd. The man is still and silent. His arms grip a clothed bundle.

The woman steps up to the noose and the executioner fits the loop around her neck. He asks if she would like to say any last words, but his voice is drowned out by the noisy crowd. The woman shifts her eyes about the gathered townsfolk until they find the man.

Their eyes meet.

She smiles at him. Mouths, 'I love you.'

The man is pale. The man is silent.

The executioner springs the lever. The door beneath her feet drops and she plummets out of sight and the man looks away, walks away, pushing through the crowd until he is surrounded by only empty air, walking away from everything.

The clothed bundle in his arms wiggles and emits a soft cry.

The man keeps walking, but he parts the fabric and brushes his fingers against the baby's cheek.

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