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Logan was safe.

Logan was family and comfort and the knowledge that there would always be someone to return to, to hide behind, to seek shelter with when the storm of hate and fear that constantly surrounded me became too much. Hate for what I was, and fear for what I could do, what I had no control over.

He was my rock. He was steady and unchanging, stubborn and immovable. Though he grew restless and took off for weeks, months at a time, he always always came back exactly the way that he had left.

Logan was freedom. Freedom to let loose and tear down the iron walls I was forced to build up after the appearance of my gift and scream to the heavens just for the hell of it. He was the open road and the wind in my hair and the smell of cigars and leather and the wild all in one.

He was a kindred spirit. He was unable to find his memories, and I was unable to find myself amidst the memories of others that flooded my mind. He held and touched and supported when others shrank from the curse that was my skin.

Finally, Logan was a promise. True to his word, he would protect me. He was the single constant in life that I would never, could never doubt.

Logan was safe.

Remy was trouble.

Remy was all flattery and flirtation and smooth Cajun charm. He pushed me and confused me and infuriated me. He enjoyed riling me up and kept up with me, word for word, punch for punch.

He poked me and prodded me and drove me insane, and then he took me out and treated me like a queen. His queen of hearts.

Remy was hot and cold and our relationship had more ups and downs than an amusement park. He was flighty and unpredictable and he constantly asked for more than I could give. He was fearless and reckless and had no sense of self preservation, especially when it came to my skin. Touching, kissing, loving, he wanted it all and that scared me.

He pulled me out of my comfort zone. He shattered the status quo that I had become used to. Instead of pushing me away, all he wanted was to get closer, no matter how hard I fought him. It was stupid and frustrating and dangerous, and still I found myself drawn back, again and again, like a moth to a flame.

Lastly, Remy was a promise. A promise of adventure and danger and passion that I would never, could never forget.

Remy was trouble.

She had been lost, alone in the world, when they picked her up. She thought they were her angels.

But the feral and the devil knew better. She was their link to the rest of the world, the one to draw them back, out of the darkness they had fallen into. She was their rogue, their light, their savior.

Their salvation.

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