i made this because the everybody hates chris section seriously sucks when it comes to proper grammar.

this may not be OMGTHISISFREAKINGAWESOME but at least it makes some freaking sense.

i do not own Everybody Hates Chris...if i did it would still be on the air :)

now, time for the story...


Chris was not in a good mood.

"I'm not in the mood, Greg," Chris said coldly, interrupting whatever the heck Greg was talking about.

Greg wasn't going to let Chris talk to him like that.

"I'm not gonna let you talk to me like that," Greg replied just as coldly, narrowing his eyes at Chris. "Sometimes I feel like you take our relationship for granted!"

There goes some more girls they'll never go out with.

"What is this, Brokeback Mountain?" Chris whispered harshly. Greg realized how what he just said could be taken the wrong way and tried to fight a blush.

"I'm just tired of you always taking out your anger on me! Oh, everybody hates me, I'm black-"

"Well I am black!" Chris whisper-shouted. "And I do not take out all my anger on you!"

Greg shot his meanest face at Chris before stomping away down the hallway. Chris rolled his eyes and started to follow him, but then Caruso came and everything went black.


The next day Chris was prepared for an overly-dramatic scene but instead he was met with a nervous Greg.

"Um...how about we forget, um, yesterday, dude? I wasn't feeling very good - I mean, of course I wasn't feeling very good, how would you feel if you found your dad-"

"Okay, I don't want to know or need to know about what you found your dad doing." Greg nodded and then Chris nodded and it was silent between the two for a minute before Greg said,

"Did you see the new episode of Family Ties?"

"Family what?"