You know you're in color guard when…

When without thinking you know "one more time!" is just a lie to make you work harder

It's a fact that winter season is the best

That rifle is for spinning and not killing

That it is not impossible to have 20 girls fit into one bathroom

That 'rain or shine' really means rain or shine

Sun screen is your friend

That only perfect practice, makes perfect

You will get hit

Bruises are a part of life

Make sure you put sun screen on your face before putting on sun glasses (raccoon eyes… lol…)

You name your bruises

You have no life because the practices take up your time

You're excited to go to practice

The football field is the marching field

The school gym is your second home in the winter

You couldn't imagine your life without guard and the thought of it scares you

You name your weapons

All of your insides jokes are from guard

You have stormed a shopping mall food court with the ENTIRE guard

You encourage your non-guardie friends to join

You constantly argue that it is a sport

Looking at fabric is suddenly fun

You mark time and tap your foot to the radio

Your guard has a theme song(s) every year

Suddenly you're in love with glittered

It's not weird to have a saber lying around your house

You compare the stains on your gloves with your other guard friends

And win XD.

You remember everyone's names on your guard, but forget your sibling's middle name

When you're bored you search the web for guard related stuff

Whenever listening to music you always picture the show in your head

You've nodded to most of these things and are now nodding and grinning stupidly at your computer

You are now looking around to see if anyone noticed

From: criminally-insane-girl

- you look up the songs in your show to practice at home

- the songs in your show are suddenly your favorite songs

- you hit the veteran band kids with your flag and apologize twenty times

- you hit the veteran drummers with your flag and don't feel bad

- you constantly have to yell at the freshmen to NOT step on your flag xD

- you convince your non-band/guard friends to come to marching band

- Even though you use sunscreen religiously, you will always have a sock tan,
a shorts tan, and a sports bra tan

- before Homecoming, everyone on the guard folds down their tank-tops so they
don't get a strap tan

- running around asking people for "guard tape" is normal

- nobody knows what you mean by guard tape, until you show them your

- you and your friends have matching bruises from new saber work

- your rifle is named something stupid (for example, Frenzy, Bernie, or Taco)

- your guard instructor doesn't remember anyone's names: she gives everyone

- you spin your pencil in class

- your pencil flies out of your hand in class and hits a random kid in the

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