Surprise surprise my little fellow band and guard friends. Didn't think I would update so soon did you hmmmmm? Did you doubt me?! Don't worry I doubted myself too hahah... So here's more! (Note: it's 2 am. I think I deserve to be a little odd right now Kay bye)

You know you're in guard when...

- You constantly crave the crappy show cafeteria food during winter guard withdrawals

- You can undress in front of large groups of people and it doesn't faze you because you're used to changing in any (usually crowded) areas for shows

- You always struggle to get your homework done for Monday because of weekend shows FML

- You call the guard moms of your friends just mom when you greet them because they might as well be

- When cleaning doesn't involved soap

- When you and your friend look at a show and say "Look how dirty that is!" And it's not in the inappropriate way

- You now know why men should not wear tights from experience

-You've been to every single school football game for free, but have never watched them play

- Someone asks what you do in your free time and you just awkwardly stand there cause you have no life outside of guard

- You've been made to do laps and push ups for not smiling

- You can navigate you way through schools you aren't even enrolled in because you've competed there

- You hate all of the cheer leaders at your school because apparently color guard is for 'weird' kids and they judge you for it

- You've walked into a bathroom only to find an entire half dressed color guard changing from another school(awkward...)

- You know that the hundredth of a point does count

- You have Pre-show rituals that you and your team mates do before competition

- You can go up two flights of stairs with a ski bag full of flags in a line of other fellow ski bag carriers

- You've almost been knocked unconscious because you were standing behind people carrying flag bags

Kay that's it for now! Hope you liked it ^-^