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Lauran was having an interesting day. Zara had come and told them to follow her to her office. She assumed that her brother, James had done something wrong. How wrong she was, when they had entered the room a teenager no older then James had been standing. His hand was at his waist…because of a gun? She looked at Zara. The head of Cherub had a frown on her face as she edged into the room. Was she upset that the boy had a gun or that he was here? Or was she upset of both? Casting her thought aside she entered the room, settling into a chair next to her brother, He had been surprisingly quiet, that probably wasn't good for the orange shirt wearing guest.

Zara was defiantly mad about the gun, and the fact that she had no idea who this kid was. Lauran shouldn't be calling him kid…he looked about the same age as James…a little older? Or was he younger? It was hard to tell. From what she saw of him so far he was defiantly more mature.

Alex or Cub as he wanted to be called defiantly had a record. Sixteen missions in two years was a lot, but what kind of missions? The file said full missions…and the fact that he was going in alone. Wouldn't that be ten times more dangerous? Lauran didn't like it, but she wasn't really given a choice. Cub would do the dirty work on Scorpia while herself, James and Zara tried not to screw up their part of the mission. James was sure to do something wrong.

Cub had this attitude about him, he was clam and collective, and he never raised to her brothers taunts it was the only thing so far that she found respectable about him. Cub had asked a good question, what were they going to do? He knew the campus and there really wasn't anything they could show him that would impress him.

"We could go play some football on the pitches." Her 'oh so smart' brother suggested. What if Cub didn't like football? Her question was answered when Cub nodded his head. He was probably the only teenager she knew that didn't like to talk.

Lauran looked at his shirt; it was brown what did that mean? She must have voiced her question out loud because Cub answered it.

"It means I'm a visiting agent, and should be treated with as much respect as a white shirt". His calm voice was really starting to freak her out; it was a good thing they were almost at the pitches. Lauran could dump the boys and go find Rat, or someone else to complain to.

She forgot that with weather this nice, everyone would be outside. Cub was already drawling lots of attention; she knew most agents didn't like to be 'put down' in an unsavory manner. That Alex almost off handily mentions, not directly but it's woven into his tone and sly words. Lauran was ninety percent sure that there was going to be a fight. There was already a game going on and if the fight didn't start now then the result of the game might start it, she would have to see how it works out.

Alex's walking came to a stop as they reached the pitch. A game was going on at the moment, both sides were playing fairly and both had their weaknesses. Like a team of assassins he mused. Drat it! Now was not the time to be comparing a football team to an assassin squad! He looked over to Lauran to see her slightly nervous…of what? Alex was drawling lots of attention, and he knew from James that cherubs and a strong sense of pride in their work. Was she afraid a fight was going to break out? He couldn't help that he loved messing around with them. If a fight was to happen, then when and would he choose to provoke it? Yeah he probably would.

… Knowing their skill level of hand to hand combat could be useful on the field, and if he ever needed to escape from the base. God! Why was he even thinking about escaping! He had a mission to do lives to save, information to learn!

He snapped back to reality, the game had stopped; the players were all staring at him. Alex suddenly noticed that James and Lauran weren't standing with him. They had taken a couple steps back, so James was also expecting something to happen, or had his sister pulled him back? He didn't need to worry about that now, the ten footballers had come closer and they were now less than six meters in front of him. A boy, who Alex guessed was fast on his feet, but not the best problem solver called out to him.

"Who are you, buddy?" Alex started at him blandly, soon the teenager started to fidget under Alex's gaze. Lauran spoke for him.

"He wants to be called Cub, he's from MI6. So leave him alone." The group of kids, most of them boys looked surprised. Of course Alex Thought they thought they were the only teenage spies. I wish. The boy confirmed his thoughts when he spoke.

"No way, dude! Cherub is the only one who employs children spies!" Alex gave a short dry laugh and barked back.

"I thought I was the only one, what do you think happens when your ethnics committee says a missions to dangerous? Or the ones they don't even consider?" The boy stared at him and then snarled.

"Are you calling us weak? How do we know you're legit?" The group all moved in a little closer, edging around Alex. James cleared his throat.

"We just came over to play some football, but I know that Zara wanted Cub to take the obstacle course. I'll talk you guys later." With that the group disengaged and Alex slowly backed away, following James and Lauran to the course.

Alex swallowed; a fight had almost broken out. It didn't, but Alex didn't know if that was good or bad. Maybe, just maybe he might be able to find out the cherubs skills in a safer environment. Besides, a new mission started soon, against Scorpia Alex would have to be in the best possible condition for it; because with Scorpia no one knew what could happen. Alex certainly wasn't looking towards another run in with the group.

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