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The Clark Kent PucKurt saga continues!

I had to put in that tennis ball exchange between Sam and Puck from the season opener, it was just too good to leave alone!

The school year was shaping up to be pretty awesome, for me and Kurt at least. It was early October and Mr. Shue had us trying to find new members of New Directions. Finn had convinced this new guy Sam to come sing with him, Artie, Mike and me. He had a really big mouth, of course I noticed.

"Like how many tennis balls can you fit in there?"

"Uh," the Sam kid answered, "I don't usually have balls in my mouth, do you?"

Just then Kurt walked in the choir room and we all laughed, except for Sam who just looked confused.

"Yes, actually, sometimes," I said as I got up, crossed the room and enveloped Kurt in my arms. "Hey baby," I said as I leaned down to kiss him.

"Hello love," Kurt whispered as he pulled me in for another kiss.

"Oh, come on guys, can you stop?" That was from Finn, "It's bad enough that I have to run into you two kissing and stuff at home, can I not have to run into it here too?"

What could I do then other than dip Kurt back and kiss him like my life depended on it, really? So of course I did and it was totally satisfying. After we were done kissing I noticed the Sam kid looking at us with a strange expression on his face. I gave him my 'what are you looking at?' smirk and he looked away.

Kurt and I righted ourselves and he grabbed my hand. "Hey honey, you still coming over after school?"

"Yeah, I was planning on it, what's up?"

"Nothing really, but we have to grab some take out and stop by the shop, dad needs me to bring him dinner. He has an engine he has to replace by tomorrow on top of all his other work so he'll be at the shop late."

"No problem Kurt I don't mind tagging along, but why tomorrow? I thought the mechanic told the customer when their done."

"Well, yeah usually but this guy is a regular and he pays extra to get things done when he needs them."

"Ah," I said just as the sound of a throat clearing very loudly took my attention away from Kurt. It turned out to be Finn.

"Puck, man we need to get this going."

"Yeah ok," I answered while turning back to Kurt. "So I'll see you later?"

"Yes," he said while pulling me down into a kiss. When we pulled away from each other he smiled at me. "Bye Noah," he said to me, then turned toward the other guys. "Goodbye boys!" He turned and sauntered out of the room.

Later after the last bell the new kid Sam stopped me in the hallway.

"Hey, Puck, right?"

"Yeah dude, what's up?"

"I was wondering if I could talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure but make it quick, making Kurt wait is bad for the "little" (not really all that little) Puck if you get what I'm saying." Is that red I see creeping across his cheeks?

"Yeah, that's kinda what I wanted to talk about."

"You wanted to talk about me and Kurt's sex life?"

"What? No! I mean, I just wanted to uh…"

"Oh, you want some of this?" I gestured at my body, "You're pretty hot so ok, but Kurt has-"

He cut me off. "No! No Puck, I just wanted to know, like how was it for you when you came out at school? Cause you know, being on the team and all."

"Oh, you're gay?"

He heaved a pretty big sigh. "Yes."

"And you wanna know if it's safe to be out with the rest of the team?"

"Yes, so how was it, I assume you are out cause well Finn and them all know."

"Yeah, well Karofsky is a douche and he tried to start stuff with me and Kurt but that's been taken care of. See I'm a badass so nobody really messes with me. But dude, if you wanna be all out and proud-"

Just then Kurt pushed his way between us. "Hello boys."

"Hey Kurt Sam was just talking to me about… uh," I looked at Sam. "Is it cool if I tell him?" He shrugged and nodded. "Well, he is gay and wanted to talk to me about how safe it would be for him to be out to the rest of the team."

"Ah, well Sam, what I think is that you would probably be fine but you should get to know more people first, being new and all. You know joining Glee would probably help you there." He smiled his 'you know I'm a genius' smile at him. Then he turned to me. "Come on Noah let's go, Finn is going to Rachel's, Carole has some thing she's doing, so we'll have the house to ourselves!"

He didn't have to say any more. "Bye Sam, see you tomorrow!" I called over my shoulder as I followed my boyfriend out to his navigator.

We got in the car and Kurt put a CD in and soon some chick, backed by acoustic guitar started coming out of the speakers. I just looked at Kurt confused for a moment. Soon I realized that I knew who was singing.

"Kurt, is this Sarah McLachlan?"

"Yes," he answered while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Are you sure you aren't a lesbian?"

He laughed before answering. "Well Noah, I think you can answer that," he said as he turned toward me long enough to give me a sex smile.

"Ok you got me, but really baby, Sarah McLachan?"

"Yes, how do you even know who she is?"


"Mm hm," he replied as we parked in front of Chen's. "You coming in or do you want to wait in the car? I'll leave the keys in so you can listen to the music."

"I'm coming in."

We got the food plus some for us, and then headed to the garage. Burt was in a crumby mood so I just kinda kept to the shadows until it was time to go. Lucky for me we were only there for a couple minutes. Then we headed off to the Hummel/Hudson house. Kurt insisted that we do some homework while we ate. My grades have improved since we have been together. My mom is thrilled, if only she knew.

After food and work we settled in to watch some Angel. The watching didn't last too long though.

"C'mere Kurt," I growled at my boyfriend as I pulled him toward me. He crawled on top of me and we were kissing like our lives depended on it. "Mmmm baby, how long till people start getting home?"

Kurt looked at the clock, and then started working my shirt off my body. "Long enough."

It turned out that we had long enough to do it on the couch and his bed. So a while later we lay cuddled up all sticky, out of breath and satisfied in his bed. We just lay there for a while catching our breath.



"Well, my mom is gonna be out late tomorrow night and Sari is going to a friend's place after school. Wanna come over?"

"Damn Noah, today wasn't enough?"

"Hell no, was it enough for you?"

He squeezed me tight and peppered my chest with kisses. "You know I can never get enough of you."

"So is that a yes?"

"Mmm hmm," he murmured as he pulled himself up to kiss me on the mouth.

"Cool. So, uh, what do you think of that new kid?"



"I don't know, he seems ok, he should join glee, I think."

"Yeah, but ok? Come on, you don't think he's hot?"

"Wait, do you think he's hot?"

"Well, yeah, didn't you see his mouth?"

That earned me a punch in the chest.

"Oh come on baby, you know I love you."

"Yeah, but sometimes Noah you seriously lack tact." He smiled at me so I knew that he wasn't really pissed. "But I know what your thinking Noah, and the answer is no. Picking up a trick at a bar or even a guy who goes to a different school in the next town over is one thing. But I don't want to have to see him everyday after, and what if he ended up falling for one of us?"

"Yeah, yeah ok you got me," I finally gave in. "Come on let's shower before parental types get back."

The next day went by way too slowly. Sure Kurt and I had done it twice yesterday but like he said, we just can't get enough of each other. When the school day ended Kurt met me at my truck and we headed straight to my place. I convinced him to skip the homework and just go straight to making out.

"C'mere baby."

"No, you come here," he said as he pulled me to him, crashing his lips against mine.

"Damn baby," I moaned into his mouth as I pulled him up on top of me. We kissed until I just had to feel his skin. I sat us up so we could get our shirts off. I pulled him into a kiss while we were still sitting up. I was dimly aware of a sound outside the door as I started pushing my hands down his pants. That's when I heard a sharp intake of breath that wasn't coming from either of us.

"OMG, what are you doing?"

Kurt and I jumped apart to see my little sister Sari standing in the doorway.

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