Bella Swan had the perfect life until she made a stupid mistake one night that caused her to go to jail for a year and a half. Edward Cullen is the nerdy boy she used to make fun before she went to jail, now a year and a half later Bella has to live with him and his family. AH, OOC


Hi, I'm Bella Swan
When people think of a perfect life they think of the perfect house, perfect family and friends, I don't think any of that exists. But what do I know right? I used to have the perfect life until that night when I decided to do something totally stupid. That stupid mistake got me here and some one's in a coma because of it.


"One more year darlings!" My best friend Jessica screams running up to me, Tanya, and Angela.

"Jr. year is going to be a year we'll never forget." I say grinning, thinking about all the things that will happen this year. Parties, boyfriends, scholar ships, the list goes on.

"The party tonight is the perfect way to start the year." Tanya says agreeing with me.

"My parents are leaving for Orgean in an hour so they'll be long gone by the time the party starts." I tell them checking my phone.

"Hey Swan! I got the stuff." Emmett Cullen says walking up to us, he's this really big muscular guy with black curly hair and dark green eyes, he also happens to be the son of the number one doctor and lawyer in the state, but that doesn't stop him from going to our parties. Mostly every kid from Forks High goes to our parties, there always the best, my dad is a big fan of beer so there's always plenty and Emmett always brings so extra just in case.

"Nice going Cullen, tell Rose she better be at my house before 5." Rosalie Hale is his girlfriend and one of my best friends. She has long blond hair and blue eyes, she models in ads for the local mall which I think is stupid. Rose is beautiful, she could model for the top modeling agentcy.

"Got it, see ya'lls at lunch." He says and turns and walks away.

"I'll talk to you guys later." I tell them and walk into my English class, I take a seat in the back next to the window.

" spit out your gum." orders, first day and my teacher already knows my name that's how you know you live in a small town. I live in Forks, Washington, the rainiest place in the continental US. Do to the rain there's clouds so we barely ever see the sun which causes everyone who lives here to be really pale. Most people lived here their whole lives loving the small town, me not so much, once have enough money I'm moving to California.

The bell rings when I get back to my seat and Mrs.L starts talking about what she'll be teaching us this year but gets interrupted by the door opening and someone walking in.

"Sorry I'm late." Edward Cullen, Emmett's brother, says handing the teacher a slip.

"He probably had his face in a book." I say and a couple people laugh, Edward just rolls his eyes. They might be brothers but Edward and Emmett are total opposites,

Emmett is the fun one and Edward, he's... not, he's always reading or studying or doing something educational which is probably the reason he's a loner. The only reason some girls try to talk to him is because he's hot, he has unruly penny colored hair and light emerald color eyes. After talking to him for about two minutes the girls just walk away, he might be hot but he's boring as hell.

"I rather have my face in a book then have to look at you." He shoots back taking a seat at the front of the class. When the teacher faces the bored I ball up my paper and throw it at his head, he turns in his seat slightly and raises his middle fingure at me.

At lunch I take a seat between Jacob and Embry, my two buddies, Jacob and I used to date but we're better as friends.

"Your brother is a jerk." I say to Emmett.

"Hey! What I do?" Jasper, Emmett's other brother, asks.

"Not you, the loner."

"Jerkward." Rosalie says and laughs.

"He's not that bad." Emmett says back defensively. The Cullen brothers get along, which I have no idea why, Emmett says that Edward is fun once you get to know him, I have no desire to get to know him. We've tried to invite him to a couple of our parties but he never comes, probably to busy hanging out with old ladies at the library.

"What'd he do?"Jasper asks.

"Called me ugly."


"He didn't say that exactly but he implied it, anyway enough about him, did you guys hear that The Offspring is playing in Seattle next Saturday?" For the rest of lunch we all talk about the concert and the party.

The music blares through the huge stereo system my mom bought a couple months ago. I know they know about the parties I throw but I think they decide to act like they don't, one reason is because right before they leave on a vacation my dad buys a lot of beer, my mom makes sure the house is clean before they leave, and they put away all the expensive stuff.

"Here ya go." Jake says handing me a plastic red cup.

After some more drinks and dancing a guy comes up to me. He has short blond hair and grey eyes, he has a sly smile, one that tells you you shouldn't trust the person who's wearing it but I'm to drunk to notice it.

"Hey you want to go somewhere with me?" He asks sitting down on the couch next to me.

"Sure." I try to get up but fall make and let out a little giggle. God I'm drunk.

Ten minutes later we pull up to the 24 hour mini store.

"Want to do something fun for me?" He says turning to face me after digging around in his pockets.

"Yes! Anything!" What? I can't help it! I'm drunk and he's hot.

"Keep your pants on babe." He rolls his eyes and reachs under his seat. He comes back up with a small hand gun in his hand. "I left my wallet at your house so I don't have money, I need you to go in there, get anything you want, go up to the cashier and demand for money. Oh yeah pull out the gun while you're doing that." I nod my head while he's talking so he knows that I get it but really I have no idea what he said. He hands me the gun and kisses my cheek then pushes me to the door.

I hide the gun in my jacket pocket, keeping my hand on it, my hand feels like it's burning. I walk through the small store, looking over the selves every now and then to see the cashier; she looks about 19, has brown hair that's flowing down her shoulders with red highlights, she's flipping through a magizine. She doesn't seem like she put up much of a fight.

I walk over to the counter and pull out the gun; now it's like a brick in my hand.

"Give me all your money!" I demand, my vocie shaking slightly, and point the gun at her.

One of the two people shout, "She has a gun!" Which scares the crap out of me and I press down my finger on the trigger.

There's a loud boom and a scream-my scream- and I look up to just see red before I pass out.

I wake up to beeping and a foreign room. The more concious I become I realize I'm in a hospital room, handcuffed to the stiff bed. The white walls and the clean smell gives me a headache.

"Good you're awake." I open my eyes to the source of the vocie and find Dr. Cullen checking my IV.

"What happened?" My vocie is horse and start chocking on my spit. So embarrassing.

"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell you so I'll go get the police officer." He says finshing up my check up then leaving.

Officer Jack, my dad's second in demand, walks through the door and gives me an apologetic smile. "Isabella Swan you're under arrest for attemped robbery and for shooting someone." I gasp and my head starts pounding as I start getting flashbacks of last night.

"I'm going to jail?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. The guy who put you up to it is also going to jail."

I swear I start to hyperventilate but since no doctors came in I think I just laid there having one inside my mind.

"Is she okay?" I ask squeezing my eyes together to try to get rid of the picture of the girl bleeding.

"Bree Tanner, she's in a coma. They were able to get her in time."

"I'm so sorry." I start freaking out, crying, shouting, everything. I would probably punch a wall if I was handcuffed to the damn bed.