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Misaki woke up early this morning because she had a lot of work to do as a student council president and she was not sure if she could finished all of this... she would probably have to stay late after school. As she opened the front door, she noticed a black limousine with a blonde guy outside of it.

Pssh not him, like I had time to handle him...

As she closed and locked the door, the blonde guy came close her and greeted her.

What was is he doing here? He sure has something to ask me otherwise he wouldn't be there.

"Hi Miskai-chan, what a wonderful morning! I was wondering… Would you like to go to a party with me tonight" Tora Igarashi, student president of Mykiakoba, asks to Misaki.

" My date kind cancelled on me, don't worry you're not my first choice..."

What the hell did he just asked her? Like she could owe him a favor after what he did the last time she saw him (the myakioba accident : when he tried to forced on her )

"Mmm let me think... of course not bastard! " And then she tried to walk away without being impolite.

" Ok, right now I'm probably the last guy you want to help, but i'm gonna pay you if you want" he says with a smile he wanted charming (not sure it worked on misaki, she was more in the mood to punched him)

"DO I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER?" shouted Misaki, really insulted "If you're ready to pay for this, pay for someone who is doing this as her job " she said as she walks more and more fast.

"But it's you I want! Ok you want the truth? I'm feeling really bad about last time, this is my way to apologize... and plus, this is a really prestigious party with lots of delicious food and I brought you this dress" he said while giving her a box with the dress in it

Misaki ignore the box fuming of rage

"Do you think i'm a poor girl who would go to a party just to eat properly" (the first part of what she said was true not sure about the second part)

"Of course not, but i think you cannot refuse this" he said while pulling out a check from his pocket with 5000 $ dollars written on it.

Another thing Misaki ignore. She stop to face him with her devil aura.

" Didn't you understand when I said I was not a hooker ! "

"I understood, that's why I addressed the check to Seika Highschool, you wouldn't refuse money to make Seika a better school right ? Even if it is a great school now thanks to you, Ayuzawa"

Rich bastards… always the same…

She could't ignore this, the school needed this money, but...

"I really can't tonight, I have a lot of council work to do, stuff you don't know because you pay someone to do it" she said while forcing a fake smile and trying to make him understand that normal person have to work hard.

"Well that's not a problem, I'm ready to pay the same guy to do it at your place, so a limousine will wait you at 8'pm be ready and wear that dress" Tora saids while giving the box and the cheque and going back to his limousine.

"Wh...What?... Wait ! " she saids but it was too late... the limousine was now far away

Damn... that guy ...

"Good'morning Prez ! So refreshing to see you early in the morning" Usui greeted, with a dazzling smile.

" Not so much for me... what are you doing here we don't have school until 2 hours" she said while sitting down on the chair and started the paper work.

" I just hoped to see you Ayuzawa" making her a wink "i dreamt all night of you so now I have to see you in reality because you know what they say: live your dreams ! I would LooOVee so much to live the dream I had about you kaichou..." usui said in a childish voice

Always saying stupid stuff that bastard…

But it's not like she disliked it. He was the only one able to make her mornings less boring.

" You perverted space alien! Don't you have anywhere else to go, I have a lot of work to do and you're disturbing me"

"Oh I'm disturbing you.. really?

Usui began to move closer to her "Is it in the sense that I affect you "

He leans over to face her, he pull her chair closer to him

"In a romantic way?"

The more he speaks, the more she blushed

"You're really red Ayuzawa, is it because you got turned on by me, because looking me in the way you do.. REALLY turns me on"

She was now in a tomato shade

God she smell good, usui thought.

He was always saying perverted stuff that she thought it was false but all he was saying is true. This girl knows how to make him messed up so he once came to the conclusion that, if he didn't say out loud what he thinks, who knows what he might do to her. The more he was with her, the more he didn't want leave her and stay by her side.

He brought his face closer to her and they both werent't able to tear their gaze away from each other.

(usui) It's no good I can't restrain myself anymore she is such...

(misaki) always doing perverted stuff to me... always troubling me ... damn that usui, but he's such...

Usui bent down and brushed her nose as his lips were getting closer to hers. Then, slowly and gently, he pressed his mouth against her. They knew that they couldn't go back anymore. Usui raised his right hand behind her neck as his left hand touched her cheek. The little kiss became strongers ones as strongers one became deep ones. She grabbed his tie to pull him down and kissed him with all her eager. Each one was fully aware of the consequences if someone found them in this position but they couldn't care less. They needed each other… They wanted each other…

As the passion grew up more and more, Usui lifted Misaki and laid her on the desk. She put both hands behind his neck clinging to his hair. He grabs her hips to bring her closer. As they kissed more and more passionately (at the limit of the violence) usui started to unbuttonned her shirt while she was doing the same with his. He saw her bra that hid her breast which he would never expected to be that big. He blushed a little but brought back his lips against her so that she can't see his little embarassment. He slid his fingers on her thights and slowly under her skirt. She touched his chest and slowly descended her fingers. He let out a moan and started to kiss lightly her neck while he was caressing her low back under her shirt with his right hand.

(usui) She's so delicate. It can turn out real bad but I just can't get enough of her... she's so ... desirable...

***Footsteps coming closer to the door***

"Crap" they said out loud. They hurried to buttoned their shirt and found a normal position: Misaki on her chair and Usui beside her ( He could have gone to the other side of the room like he usually does, but after what happened he can't do anything else but to stay as close as possible from her)

"OHAYOU Prez ...and Usui " Yukimura, vice-prez , yelled.

They replied, with deception in their voice

Geez, this Yukimura...

It was a morning where they couldn't back on what they did. But it's not like they regreted it. Without knowing what type of relation they have, they know this one important thing…

He was hers as she was his like it always did and always will.

At least, that's what they thought...

-Ayazuwa residence 7:30 pm-

Even if Tora said that someone would do her council work tonight, she can't help but stay a little longer after school and then she went directly for her dinner shift at Maid Latte. There weren't a lot of customer so Satsuki allowed her to quit earlier.

On the way home, She was surprised to not being followed by Usui. He has always been there after her shift because he didn't want that she goes alone to her house. So why he was not there? Is it because of what happened this morning?

Like I cared... he can do what he wants...

In fact, it was more than surprise she had, it was more like deception or sadness. She ignored the pain in her chest and went straight in her bedroom.

Half and hour left to prepare for the party. She opened the box that Tora give her this morning. She pulled out the dress and the high heels...

Like i could wear that! DO I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER!

It was a little black dress with a plunging neckline (but not too much). The high heels were not too high for a normal person but for Misaki it was definitely the type of shoes she would never wear.

That Igarashi.. well it's not like I have a choice.. I have nothing else to wear...

By the time she got changed, Suzuna entered her room

"Woahh, sis you look amazing! You sure have a prestigious event to attend! Let me fix your hair" she said with a monotone voice.

Suzuna curled the bottom of her hair and add a ribbon to pull her hair back. Misaki looked herself in the mirror and liked the result. (A normal person would have found AMAZING the result, she was really beautiful, the dress showed her long and thin legs and also a little of her breast)

I wonder if (Usui) sees me like what he would think... What am I saying? Like I could care what a perverted like him thinks...

Tora was standing outside of the limousine. He looked forward and was surprised to blush.

She is beautiful...

He hurried to say something to hide his emotions

"Well, that dress look fine on you, I definitely know how to make good choice" he said with a look he wanted perverted.

"Mmm" she said while entering in the black car.

The evening will be long

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